ANSYS is analysed to the method of 3 kinds of to load of missile empennage

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The choice of to load method is to use finite one of yuan of important step that undertake the project is analysed. Choose different to load method to will produce different analytic result, affect the effectiveness that analyses a result thereby. The choice of to load method, not only the effect that suffers attrib border condition, and closely related the geometrical appearance with analytic model. The article can help a reader learn how to choose to load method, make an analysis more agile and convenient, analytic result is more accurate and significant. Empennage is a on missile important part, it produces lift in the process that missile flies in order to overcome gravity, make sure missile has good maneuverability and stability, once realize the motor-driven of missile,fly. If empennage does not have enough strength, once invalidation happens in the process of the flight, missile can lose stability, happen to play a phenomenon. Because this studies the intensity of empennage,have important sense. Missile has at the load on empennage in the action in the flight: Air motive force and empennage are gravitational. Below the action of these load, meeting generation curves empennage, turn round etc be out of shape. Because the gravity of empennage oneself is opposite the ascendant force that at action its get on is very small, because this is in analytic process,normally oversight gravity makes used influence, assuming action enrages motivation at the sky of empennage ala face distributing equably, come at the concentrated force of centroid with action the circumstance getting power of imitate ala face. According to the principle austral holy dimension: In the action on the either fraction of the object a counterbalance is fastened, criterion the stress that this counterbalance fastens in the place inside the object to arise distributings only the around area that confine fastens action at this force, in the quite far office that leaves this area, this kind of influence is reduced quickly. According to the condition getting power of empennage, the displacement that we care alar tip to be in quite and the stress that alar root manages. To the missile that high speed flies, to get very good pneumatic external form, general empennage exhibits bowstring to compare very small, and get on alar face force is very inhomogenous, because this uses action to come at controlling the concentrated force of the heart,the meeting getting power of imitate ala face makes succeed in one's scheme calculates a result to follow to differ actually very big, cannot of face of real report ala suffer force and be out of shape circumstance. The article uses ANSYS software to used means of 3 kinds of to load to undertake an analysis to the circumstance getting power of empennage ala face, approach to load of to load of heart concentrated force, power of cent piece range and cent namely piece concentrated force to load. The displacement that tip extraction a wing is in and the Mises stress that alar root manages undertake comparative. One, problem description the article is with the empennage of some missile exemple undertake an analysis. This missile shares empennage of sincere of 6 whole type, empennage is sectional show semmetry hexagonal, interval solders 60 degrees playing a body to go up. Take to undertake an analysis here. Graph distributinging graph of the 1 load when be in horizontal condition for empennage. Graph distributinging graph of 1 empennage load right now action is in the pneumatic power on empennage is the greatest, the place in the graph shows every small numerical value that go up is the total pneumatic force on this are small area, the axis of directional edge Z of force is lost to. From this calculable the pneumatic power that gives action to go up in whole ala face, , if every small coordinate that press a heart is, because this is whole ala piece the coordinate that press a heart is: The article emphasizes the to load method that differs with 3 kinds to approach to load of to load of heart concentrated force, power of cent piece range and cent namely piece concentrated force to load, the result that explains different to load method reachs is different, even the difference is very big. The article is in to empennage only the circumstance below effect of strength of the biggest pneumatic undertakes static force is analysed, tip extraction a wing is in Z to displacement and the Mises stress that alar root manages undertake comparative. 2, finite yuan of analysis is finite yuan the method is whole disperse is unit, infinite freedom spends a question finite the method of a kind of numeric calculation that change. Its as the development of the computer rapid development rises. At present a lot of business are used finite yuan of software, wait like ANSYS, Nastran, Marc. This literary grace undertakes an analysis with ANSYS software. No matter which kinds of software follows the following move: (1) finite Yuan Jianmo: Build the physical model of the problem, choose unit according to wanting the problem of solution and physical model next, differentiate to physical model reseau, it is integral disperse unit. (2) seek solution: Be opposite above all finite yuan the model imposes border bound requirement, include force and displacement (in structural analysis) , seek solution next. (3) aftertreatment: Finite yuan means of a lot of aftertreatments is provided in software, use these methods to be able to beg a physical quantity that be interested, ask with the permissive value of material or project the value undertakes comparative, judge whether contented requirement thereby. 1.

Finite Yuan Jianmo is undertaking with ANSYS finite yuan when the analysis, the stand or fall that unit type opts affects the precision of computational result and validity directly. Compare normally as a result of actual model complex, because this is undertaking finite yuan when the analysis, undertake simplifying appropriately to its on the foundation that assures model validity normally. Because this empennage edge is exhibited to ply change is even, metabolic ratio has 2 only.

86% , and the proportion of the long wide way of alar face and ply direction is very large, because this can choose unit of Shell93 construction housing. Shell93 unit is unit of 3-D8 node housing, there are 6 freedoms to spend on every node. Nextpage 2.

Method of 3 kinds of to load compares pair of specific issues those who simplify to include pair of geometry form not only simplify, return those who include attrib border requirement to simplify. Missile is in flight process, action is moved in the gas on alar face force is very complex, simplify its normally in traditional design for action the concentrated force at pressing a heart. Bring about a structure to slant so at ponderosity, very adverse to reducing the inert quality of spacecraft. Should exhibit bowstring to compare Xiaoshi particularly, press a heart to be apart from alar root and alar tip very close, the method of to load of the concentrated force that press a heart causes very big error necessarily, it is a mistake even. As finite yuan of technical development, the computer is OK the attrib border condition with very complex imitate, can solve in what the problem gives out inside shorter time, reduced computational cycle greatly, raised computational precision. With respect to 3 kinds of to load the method has trade off study below. Method 1: Press to load of heart concentrated force. Undertake to alar face map reseau differentiates above all, the command Node that offers with ANSYS next takes out center of alar face pressure to handle node order, bring to bear on in this node place concentrated force, alar root place restrains X, y, the translation of Z direction and roll, seek solution. Method 2: Divide a range power to load. Above all, the circumstance that distributings alar face according to the load that give out uses coordinate plane to divide small, undertake map reseau differentiates next, become the force amount to that gives out in the title the intensity of pressure on every face, bring to bear on to every small area respectively scale load, bring to bear on to alar root place tie, seek solution. Method 3: Divide a concentrated force to load. Above all, undertake to alar face map reseau differentiates, take out a picture with Node command next 1 in every small pressure center handles node order, bring to bear on the force that gives out in the title to go up to these node, bring to bear on to alar root place tie, seek solution. ANSYS software provided rich aftertreatment means: Unit of cloud atlas law, list law, definition expresses a law to wait, also can examine the result information on some method through defining way in addition. The method that the article uses list law and definition method to above the result of method of 3 kinds of to load had trade off study. Express the 1 comparison that is the means of 3 kinds of to load that list law gets result. By the watch 1 knowable, 1 gotten the biggest displacement is in the method place of tip of the wing on the line that press a heart, the greatest stress is in the place that press a heart, the biggest displacement and stress are latter two kinds of methods are old, and the position is different. Method 2 with the method 3 gotten results are close to very much, the biggest displacement estimates deviation 2.

98% , and deviation of value of the greatest stress has 1 only.

89% , the position that and the biggest displacement is mixed the greatest stress appears is very adjacent also, the biggest displacement appears in alar tip to be in, and the greatest stress appears in alar root to be in, following real test case is consistent. The method that uses ANSYS to offer defines a method, define two way: Alar tip is in (Y=35mm is in) He Yigen is in (Y=0mm is in) . The displacement that handles alar end and the stress that alar root manages part map arrives on these two method. Graph the comparison of Z of place of the 2 tips that it is an ala to displacement result. Graph stress of 3 Mises of place of the root that it is an ala compare a result. (to demonstrate a method clearly 2 with the method the difference of 3, in alar root difference of two upright stress maintains changeless circumstance to fall, will other numeric difference magnified 10 times) . Graph Z of place of 2 wings tip compares result graph to pursue to displacement stress of Mises of place of 3 alas root pursues as a result quite by the graph 2 with the graph 3 knowable, the displacement of the 1 alar tip that with its two kinds of his methods receive mixes the method distributinging photograph ratio fastens the stress of alar root very big, and method 2 with the method 3 gotten displacement values and stress are worth special be identical. 3, conclusion above makes clear as a result quite: (1) although to load method is simple,control standard of to load of heart concentrated force, but the position that its cannot react real danger is nodded as a result and the greatest stress value, cannot reflect a structure correctly suffer force and be out of shape circumstance. (2) theoretic tell, to load of power of cent piece range is right empennage load distributings to be like imitate recently, but this kind of method is more complex in be operated actually. (3) the result that the result that to load of cent piece concentrated force gets follows law of to load of power of cent piece range to get is very adjacent, and this is planted the method is operated very simple. When undertaking an analysis to arc ala especially, when because be in,scale load bringing to bear on in ANSYS, force and to load face are perpendicular, to load of power of cent piece range will be more difficult; Concentrated force to load can have a definition to the direction of force, because this is more agile convenient. Accordingly, the proposal chooses to load of cent piece concentrated force when real to load. CNC Milling CNC Machining