Spot meter system is common the analytic measure of breakdown

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The article introduced the fundamental analysis measure of breakdown of spot meter system simply, the breakdown that introduced temperature to control meter system, pressure to control system of meter of position control of system of meter of meter system, flow control, fluid respectively analyses move. Current, as level of automation of company of petrifaction, steely, papermaking, food, medicine rise ceaselessly, the technical level that maintains staff to spot appearance raised taller requirement. Handle instrument malfunction time to shorten, make sure safe production raises economic benefits, the article publishs spot of a bit appearance to safeguard experience, defend personnel reference for appearance. One, the appearance of spot of fundamental analysis measure of breakdown of spot meter system measures parameter general component is temperature, pressure, discharge, fluid 4 big parameter. Those who show a basis to measure parameter is different, will analyse place of different spot instrument malfunction. 1. Before analysing spot instrument malfunction, circumstance of technology of the manufacturing process that should understand relevant meter system more lucidly, production reachs a condition, understand intention of the design program of meter system, design, the structure of meter system, characteristic, function and parameter requirement. 2. Before the analysis checks breakdown of spot meter system, the parameter change case that wants the negative charge that understands production to field work worker and raw material, examine the record curve of breakdown appearance, undertake integration analysis, in order to decide instrument malfunction reason is in. 3. If appearance records a curve to be a deadline (the wire that a bit change also does not have says deadline) , or record curve is wave motion so, become suddenly now linear; Breakdown is in probably meter system. Because at present recorder watch is all of DCS computer science department mostly, sensitivity is very tall, the response with the very can sensitive change of parameter comes out. Can change craft parameter artificially right now, treat curvilinear change condition. Be like indeclinable, concluding basically is meter system gave an issue; If have normal change, conclude meter system does not have big question basically. 4. When metabolic craft parameter, discovery records curvilinear happening mutation or jump the biggest or the smallest, right now breakdown often also is in meter system. 5. Breakdown appears it is normal that appearance records a curve to be behaved all the time before, curve of the record after occurrence wave motion becomes be without the rule or make the system is controlled hard, change even the hand the operation even incontrollable also, right now may craft operating system causes trouble. 6. When discovering DCS shows appearance is abnormal, can check the indicated value of same and intuitionistic appearance to the spot, if their difference is very big, probable it is meter system occurrence breakdown. Anyhow, when analysing reason of spot instrument malfunction, want special attention to be measured to control object and the characteristic change that dominate a powerful person or family, these all may be the causes that cause trouble of spot meter system. So, we should be mixed from spot meter system two respects consider craft operating system integratedly, anatomize, check reason place. 2, 4 measure parameter appearance to control systematic breakdown to analyse move greatly (one) when breakdown of system of temperature control meter analyses measure to analyse temperature to control meter system breakdown, should notice above all at 2 o'clock: This system appearance uses dynamoelectric appearance to measure more, the measurement of directive, control and this system appearance often lag is bigger. 1. The indicated value of temperature meter system becomes suddenly the biggest or the smallest, it is meter system breakdown commonly. Measure lag because of temperature meter system bigger, won't produce abrupt change. Right now breakdown reason is thermocouple, thermal resistance, compensation more lead breaks a string or change send implement amplifier malfunction is caused. 2. Directive of system of temperature control meter appears fast oscillation phenomenon, adjust to control parameter PID more undeserved cause. 3. Temperature controls meter system directive to appear to fluctuate adagio considerably, probable because craft operates change to cause,be, if technology operation does not have change at that time, probable the breakdown that is itself of appearance control system. 4. Temperature controls the breakdown of systematic itself to analyse move: Whether does signal of input of examination control valve change, input signal is indeclinable, control valve movement, diaphragm of head of control valve film leaked; Whether does signal of input of positioner of examination control valve change, input signal is indeclinable, output signal changes, positioner has trouble; Examination positioner inputs signal to have change, check adjuster output to have again invariant, if adjuster input is indeclinable, output changes, it is the breakdown of adjuster itself right now. (2) breakdown of system of pressure control meter analyses move 1. Directive of appearance of pressure control system appears when fast oscillation is fluctuant, check technology operation to have above all invariant, most of this kind of change is craft operation and adjuster PID parameter are whole calm bad to cause. 2. Pressure controls systematic appearance to indicate occurrence deadline, technology operation changed pressure directive is indeclinable still, minor failure appears in pressure to survey a system in, check above all measure bring press tracheal system to whether have the appearance that block up, do not block up, examination pressure changes send implement output system has invariant, have change, breakdown goes out to survey demonstrative system in controller. (3) breakdown of system of flow control meter analyses move 1. Indicated value of system of flow control meter is achieved most hour, check spot measuring instrument above all, if normal, criterion breakdown is showing appearance. Indicate when spot measuring instrument the smallest also, check control valve to leave degree, if control valve leaves,spend for 0, often arrive for control valve between adjuster breakdown. Indicate when spot measuring instrument the smallest, control valve leaves it is normal to spend, breakdown cause is probable it is systematic pressure pipeline of insufficient, system jams, pump do not go up crystallization of quantity, medium, operation is undeserved wait for a reason to cause. If the breakdown of appearance respect, the reason has: Orifice plate difference presses flowmeter may be to be being pressed bring press conduit to block up; Difference pressing changes send implement pressing room leakage; Mechanical flowmeter is gear gets stuck dead or screen pack is blocked up wait. 2. Indicated value of system of flow control meter is achieved the biggest when, criterion measuring instrument often also can be indicated the biggest. Right now but the hand moves remote control control valve to leave big or close small, if discharge can fall,come down to operate a reason to cause for craft commonly. If shed value of a quantity not to fall, the reason that is meter system is caused, the control valve that examines system of flow control meter whether movement; Examination appearance is measured bring it is normal to control a system; Examination appearance signal is deferent the system is regular. 3. Wave motion of indicated value of system of flow control meter is more frequent, can change control to be moved in one's hand, if wave motion is reduced, the reason that is appearance respect or it is appearance control parameter PID is improper, if fluctuate still frequent, it is reason of technology operation respect is caused. (4) breakdown of system of meter of fluid position control analyses move 1. Indicated value of system of meter of fluid position control changes the biggest or most hour, it is normal to can check measuring instrument to look first, if the directive is normal, change hand of instead of fluid position control remote control fluid, see fluid metabolic circumstance. Like fluid can stabilize the limits with be in certain, criterion breakdown is in system of fluid position control; If do not live firmly fluid, it is the trouble that machining complex causes commonly, want to search an account from craft respect. 2. Directive of appearance of position control of the poor fluid that press type and spot read type to indicate appearance directive to be opposite continuously when going up, it is normal to check the spot to read type to indicate appearance continuously above all, if the directive is normal, examination difference presses type fluid the negative pressure of appearance guides press a canal to seal fluid to whether have leakage; If have leakage, new fill seals fluid, zero dot; Without leakage, the negative migratory quantity that may be appearance is incorrect, readjust is migratory it is normal that the quantity makes appearance is indicated. 3. When change of indicated value of system of meter of fluid position control is fluctuant and frequent, want to analyse fluid face to control the capacity bulk of the object above all, will analyse the reason of breakdown, the capacity is instrument malfunction is caused commonly greatly. Look hidebound should analyse craft to operate a circumstance to whether have change above all, if have change probable it is craft the wave motion that cause is frequent. If do not have change,the likelihood is instrument malfunction is caused. Above is the spot only the spot breakdown analysis that 4 big parameter control appearance alone, real spot still has a few complex control return, if cluster form,the control, control that divide Cheng, programme controll, interlocking control is waited a moment. The analysis of these breakdown is more sophisticated, want concrete analysis. CNC Milling CNC Machining