A kind of object-oriented FMS emulates environmental implementation

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Developed a kind of visible FMS that is based on object-oriented frame to emulate an environment, can the real time of the FMS that imitate falls in different and initiative condition and decision-making regulation leaves real time runs a state, what put forward a kind to be based on object-oriented model is practical dead lock check calculates a standard, the lock can die to detect when solid reality reach call the police, what final statistical result can plan to spend regulation with tone for exercise is decision-making reach optimize provide a basis. Foreword FMS is a kind of complex high investment system, can be opposite in program design phase through emulating the static dynamic function of FMS undertakes be forecastinged adequately, so that discover systematic layout, configuration is reached as early as possible,attemper the problem that commands politic respect, can save FMS greatly to develop medium manpower, material resources and financial capacity. Because general FMS emulates a system,be more undertake on a computer [1] , its oversight a lot of actual conditions in actual production are like the problem of mutual news report between each substance, control problem to wait, cannot well imitate is true system. The emulation of FMS should well and truly imitate is true system, undertake analyse and be assessmented to the system, accomplish emulation phase and the nature that control systematic design phase to transfer additionally, but such general emulation the system is to be aimed at the FMS with specific some, because this lacks versatility and expansibility, the article combines the characteristic of FMS, use disperse incident to built a model to method, object-oriented technology is designed and realize the distributed emulation environment of a kind of FMS that is based on object-oriented frame, it is compositive the emulation of FMS, real time attempers, the function such as evaluation, control and monitoring, the emulation that can apply at FMS to control a system, design and run control actually. The composition of 1 FMS emulation environment and correlation we consult civil [the configures tectonic FMS basic position in 2] (show) 6 times like the graph, left is raw material entrance, right is finished product exit, there is 8 treatments facilities to be arranged by line form among, every treatment facilities has 4 entrances buffer and an exit buffer, workpiece guides car AGV automatically to be carried between each buffer by, one always accuses to the computer is controlled and show moving state of the system, 8 treatment facilities and a car part by simulation of a computer, 10 machines pass join of local area network. This emulation system implements with object-oriented method, graph the connection between the composition of the 1 object in expressing to emulate a system and object, always controlling the computer is face elephant and newsletter target composition by control and database object, decision-making object, regular library object, visible group; Machining equipment computer is by treatment equipment object, visible group faces elephant and newsletter target composition; AGV computer is by AGV object, visible interface object and newsletter target are comprised. Among them the static state that database object deposits a system and dynamic information, if machine method to express sheet and systematic equipment status to wait; Heuristic regulation is deposited in regular object, if attemper / allocate regulation and method regulation, database object and a general designation of regular library object are information object [3] . Control and decision-making object are read from inside information object take relevant data to carry out proper logistic algorithm, to treatment equipment and AGV send appropriate moving statement, monitor the condition that machines equipment and AGV changes the content of information object, undertake dying locking up detecting at the same time and call the police through visible interface object. Always accuse computer of the computer and treatment facilities, AGV to include newsletter target and visible interface boy or girl friend, newsletter target is the interface between each computer, make undertake information is exchanged between the computer, visible interface is used at coming true to seeming interactive show with animation. Graph the composition of object of 1 emulation system and its concern the system of disperse incident trends that 2 systems build model and analytic FMS is a model, systematic activity is put in a variety of relations such as collateral, collaboration, competition, because the model of this FMS should have the following capacity, can reflect the intercurrent character with complex FMS, have qualitative the capacity that has systems analysis with mensurable ground, be aimed at the characteristic of FMS, we use Petri network [4] undertakes building model and analysis to the system. Graph 2 with the graph the 3 Petri wire mould that are treatment facilities object and car object respectively, it described the trends of object interior to run the interface between circumstance and object, treatment facilities and car are ceaseless to always accuse state of computer report Report, always accuse computer basis the condition with current system and decision-making regulation, carry out proper algorithm to make decision-making, again the instruction (0Command) hair gives treatment equipment and car. Graph the design of 3 emulation programs and implementation emulate net of Petri of object of 3 AGV of plan of network of Petri of object of 2 treatment facilities originally the system is in Windows operation environment issues those who use implementation of Visual Basic language, because Petri network model described the dynamic action of object interior, can define according to Petri net kind attribute and operation [4] . 3.

The tectonic user of 1 workshop layout can decorate the layout of the workshop through needing to come, because screen area and computer stage count place to be restricted,we set have 8 treatment facilities at most, because use object-oriented method, treatment facilities is treatment facilities in the definition in the system kind, every different treatment facilities entity always machines equipment kind example, so the system has better versatility. The attribute such as the type of facilities of treatment of a number that the user can input treatment facilities through man-machine interface, position, place choosing and the kind that can have operating, the system produces the treatment facilities target that gives amount and kind by input information trends, these treatment facilities objects by to load (Load) arrives in the system, show visible user interface to go up at the same time, the user still can procrastinate through the mouse use the position that will change treatment facilities, such users can be added according to specific requirement, decrease or replace treatment facilities, undertake the emulation below different workshop layout. 3.

2 databases and decision-making and regular design and implementation VB provided a variety of meanses that visit a database, we use Data to accuse visit a boy or girl friend with data (DAO) and (RemoteData) accuses with long-range data object (RDO) visits a database. Put when resource competes when the system, always accuse the computer to must adopt decision-making regulation [5] is made decision-making to treatment equipment and car send a statement, this system can adopt the regulation with new definition kind example joins new target. 3.

Check of 3 dead locks calculates the complexity that the law runs as a result of FMS, describe moving condition of the system well and truly very hard beforehand, the research that although be opposite at present,so the dead lock problem of FMS made a lot of academic fields [6-7] , but in can be being used at effective system rarely, the article was based on object-oriented model to use practical real time to detect the algorithm of dead lock, use at the system to dead lock detects and call the police. Resource object of the system can be divided for bumper object and blame bumper object, treatment facilities object and AGV object point to in object of this bumper of systematic Central Africa, every treatment facilities has 4 entrances buffer and an exit buffer, so bumper object belongs to resource object is the attribute that machines equipment at the same time. Because workpiece object is when service of application resource object,the dead lock in FMS is, form what await circularly and cause, through checking the property value of workpiece object and resource object, can differentiate FMS to whether send life and death to lock up a phenomenon, concrete move is as follows: The busy idle of all bumper that 1) checks object of each treatment facilities indicates, if object of all treatment facilities has disengaged bumper, do not have dead lock, exit; 2) defines two gather S_BUSY1 and S_BUSY2; 3) examines the busy idle mark of all resource object, join all busy resource objects the resource gather S_BUSY1 that is in busy condition; Ф of S_BUSY2 = of 4) buy gather; 5) chooses one resource target from inside S_BUSY1, its Checked attribute is buy True, next target resource targets that define this work according to the workpiece object that machines on its, judge this target object to whether belong to gather S_BUSY1, except, turn next, if, join this resource object gather S_BUSY2; 6) inspects the Checked property of all resource objects in S_BUSY1, whether has been judgement checked entirely, if turn next, turn otherwise 5) ; 7) judges S_BUSY2 to whether be Ф , if, do not have dead lock, exit, otherwise, whether is judgement S_BUSY2 equal to S_BUSY1, if be equal to, turn next, if be equal to, exist to be locked up to death; A) is like the resource gross in S_BUSY2 to be equal to gross of systematic natural resources, lock up to death for overall situation; B) otherwise, for local dead lock; 8) endows with gather S_BUSY2 at S_BUSY1, turn 4) . 3.

The implementation of 4 communication this system accuses an implementation through Winsock the interface between each computers and communication, winsock accuses can sign up for an agreement through user data article (UDP) or transmission control agreement (TCP) undertakes data is exchanged, because this system needs reliable link, so this system uses TCP agreement, always accuse the computer to pass " examine listens " (the Listen method of Winsock) designation port establishs link. Winsock is used to accuse between each computer SetData and GetData method are sent and obtain data. The trends that object interior described not only in Petri network model runs a condition, and defined the interface between the object, from this we can define the computer between the data format of communication, machine equipment to send the data that always controls the computer to be 6 string for example (the 4) that be like a graph. Graph 4 machine tools to the data pattern that always charges the computer to send 3.

This system uses 5 man-machine interface and animation interface the visible function with powerful VB, designed friendly man-machine interface, show through the interface can choose and changing condition of supervisory system of systematic parameter, real time, animation the system moves state, indication Gantetu and emulation statistic result. Treatment facilities computer showed workpiece machines parameter, treatment to equipment machines a process and accuse a three-dimensional and dynamic picture that calls 3D MAX to show the treatment process of different treatment type in real time through ActiveMovie, the picture is vivid and clear. Always accuse the computer to show systematic layout and trends run a state, graph 5 in moving to be in always accuse computer interface. Graph 5 in moving always accuse computer interface to 4 emulation results can choose through the interface and change systematic parameter, in order to get the system is in number of different position, different work, different static state attempers result and different real time are decision-making and regular the statistical result below, what statistical result can plan to spend regulation with tone for exercise is decision-making reach optimize provide a basis, graph 6 showed a picture 6 layout press the utilization rate of each machine tool that application serves first and 9 work process below first-in first-out regulation first and alignment of input of each machine tool to queue up mediumly to await a circumstance. Can see a machine tool from statistical result 2 before have the time that queues up to await longer, and identical machine tool 6 await a circumstance without workpiece however, appear in same time area likely it is thus clear that, workpiece contention machine tool 2 be like a machine tool of deal out of task of a few treatment 6, shorten probably machine total time. Graph 5 summary adjust 6 statistic result at present the research that FMS builds model and analytic method is very much, in academic research, did to the system very big simplify and abstract, but actual condition is far the case that assumes than theoretical analysis is complex much, undertake in FMS is designed and coming true half physics copy is indispensable really, but the influence as a result of each respect element, practice always lags behind at theory far, our job is aimed at this kind of circumstance just about and undertake, we developed a kind of FMS that is based on object-oriented frame to emulate an environment, the versatility with be had better and but expansibility, can imitate is in number of different position, different work, different static state attempers result and different real time are decision-making and regular the moving circumstance of the FMS below, can detect in real time dead lock state, what final statistical result can plan to spend regulation with tone for exercise is decision-making reach optimize provide a basis. CNC Milling CNC Machining