Computer simulation technology applies mediumly in Zhan annulus process

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Annular rolling imitate technology is an advanced technique that at present metallic stuff becomes V-neck territory, this technology still is in in abroad be not public phase, home just also stays in the experiment of place of scientific research courtyard to study level, forginging the industry has not begun to apply extensively. The research of this technology, can shorten greatly cycle of research and development and investment, advantage of very outstanding research and development is had on the development in material, complex to high end product especially. The company carries the research of this task, master the computer simulation skill that metallic stuff shapes, it is difficult to be in a company the promotion in be out of shape the development of material and complex abnormity product is developed is applied, shorten thereby development is periodic, reduce investment of research and development, assure user product quality effectively. CNC Milling CNC Machining