Reality of DNC of net of couplet of numerical control machine tool and look into

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Summary: The article is brief introduced at present the current situation of DNC of network of machine tool of domestic numerical control, basic function asks, developed direction to make to its a few look into. One, the overview development as computer technology, use PRP(punched tape to read card punch before) undertake with CNC system NC program is inputted / the technology of output, as a result of punched tape save, management, capacity, dependability, put in the place with insufficient move, be being washed out gradually. A lot of CNC systems produce manufacturer to be able to offer computer NC program to serve a function at present, but the CNC system that is confined to oneself, mutual between not general. In the meantime, as the development of market economy and enterprise informatization, the amount of machine tool of company numerical control is increasing, and traditional stand-alone management pattern because technical measure efficiency of backward, production low, management and safeguard charge to hold high the need that waits for malpractice to already cannot get used to an enterprise to develop, used a variety of information management systems plus the user, be like ERP, PDM, CRM, CAD/CAPP/CAM, information still must consider to share between all sorts of systems, in order to avoid informatization Gu island, accordingly, use logarithm of technology of compositive type DNC to control device group undertake administrative imperative. Current, user of machine tool of broad numerical control had reached consensus to executing the management of DNC of network of numerical control machine tool, but what rate should be achieved in true executive course, obtain why to plant the effect is ambiguous still, in at present domain of DNC of network of machine tool of domestic numerical control still is existing the phenomenon of a few pass away the sham as the genuine, and the level that DNC develops at a high speed again, all sorts of new network structures, new and high technology is ceaseless emerge in large numbers, make user of machine tool of broad numerical control more easily dazzling, the article tries to make a compendious introduction here. 2, a few kinds of pattern of DNC of network of numerical control machine tool are current, DNC of network of numerical control machine tool uses interface of 3 kinds of networks commonly, namely: Be based on mode of serial communication RS-232C, aether network mode and mode of spot bus line, do one brief specification respectively below. 1. Pattern of serial communication RS-232C is current, existing through product of RS-232C mouth communication on DNC market two sort (include 3 kinds of constructions) product, take a machine tool to operate namely box and do not take a machine tool to handle a case two kinds, its structure explains as follows respectively: (1) takes a machine tool to operate box mode, if the graph shows 1 times: Type of graph of structure of network of graph 1 DNC joins means is the mode that 90 time metaphase appears this kind one, the time that at that time everybody uses stand-alone generally still to transmit this means is a kind of innovation, can say it was represented at that time the top level of product of our country DNC. MOXA C320Turbo gets stuck (or serial communication blocks other multichannel) it is to pass ISA (or PCI) the means that inserts card and computer connection, repass takes the 10 core cable of screen to receive communication module, every communication module takes 8 communication mouth, many OKer communication module cascade, most and OK 8, every computer can expand again 4 ISA (or PCI) insert card, a such computers can expand at most 256 RS-232 mouth. Be apart from between communication module and computer cannot too long, control in ten meters commonly. Of the program upload and download is to pass manipulator bed to operate what the case will come true (of course, numerical control end also undertakes uploading relevantly downloading operating even) . (2) new-style belt the machine tool operates box mode, if the graph shows 2 times: Type of graph of structure of network of graph 2 DNC 2 attentions, this graph and a of on one graph the biggest distinction are: The multichannel of MOXA strings together buccal server to turn into CN2516 (or other multichannel strings together buccal server) , it is a node on a sth resembling a net of local area network, come to those who be linked together manage the computer with NC program through HUB or switching equipment, such, the either that it can put in the workshop is secured locally, reduced a workshop to arrive greatly the wiring between computer room, need a reticle only can, additional, CN2516 is OK still its driver is installed on much station computer, at the same time surveillance controls much station computer, to the maintenance of the user the job also is brought convenient. (3) contemporary mode (do not take a machine tool to handle a case) , if the graph shows 3 times: Type of graph of structure of network of graph 3 DNC 3 this types are to going up to change on the foundation of one type and come, its take out the machine tool handles a case, join is simpler, just the same of other communication function, can do more by force even, more convenient. The product that at present major DNC manufacturer offers on the market all is based on this mode to fall. As a result of take out the machine tool handles a case, the communication information such as the file name that the program is sent and accepts an order is sent with respect to need by CNC, common practice is: Weave on CNC a special program (this program is not carried out truly, do not need to pay close attention to it to whether accord with syntactic regulation so) , include string of a few features to expression sends an order or receive an order among them, for instance: (A) the program requests % O1000 (/ GETXXXX) (the file name that passes below request of XXXX delegate need among them) M30 % authorized strength is good after this file, send this document the computer first, the analysis undertakes after the computer receives this document, if be instruction of request document download, generate a program to download alignment, await a machine tool to send after beginning next passing to dictate, issue request order pass. (B) when the program sends a program, need to join diagnostic character to go in original order only can, this represents the file name that you hope to be saved on the computer. For example: % O1000 (/ NAME XXXX) (the file name that XXXX delegate hopes to be saved on the computer) ... after M30 % current file uploads the computer to go up, if the computer analyses diagnostic character / NAME (the type of diagnostic character should be decided according to special requirement of the system, make motion only here) , save with respect to will current file ever since in the file that string place represents, if did not find diagnostic character,save " O1000.

NC " in (alphabetical O is added before program name namely) . 2. Although mode of spot bus line applies in system of DNC of numerical control workshop at present most extensive is RS-232 serial communication interface, but compare a long time when equipment of CNC of connective of DNC lead plane, existing to connect a line the issue with much, complex communication, and serial interface dependability poor, rate is low, be based on these problems, force people to seek better solution. Spot bus line (Field Bus) it is to apply in industrial spot, control is turned in personal computer the system that communication of number of two-way and serial much node implements between equipment, it is on international 20 centuries 90 time develop the new technology that rise flourishingly. Its application formed new-style network system of compositive type distributinging control. It can satisfy a process to control automation and the need of production automation at the same time. Because spot bus line is based on digital communication, because this is in,the spot and control can have much more variable and two-way news report between the room. To solve data a large number of high speed are transmitted, the problem such as distance of real time sex, communication, development high speed turns technology of data news report and bus line of many use spot (Field Bus) become must. Future 10 years compositive system will be Field Bus times. Spot bus line used three-layer network structure -- physical layer, data link layer and applied layer, its architecture is shown 4 times like the graph. At present spot bus line already had a lot of sort, application is more have CAN(Controller Area Network) , LON (Local Operating Network) , Profibus. The application of spot bus line in DNC explains with means of CAN bus line only below  . Graph the architecture of 4 spots bus line regards network of industrial spot pilot as the system, dependability and real time sex are the mainest demand, CAN bus line has a lot of original characteristics in this respect: It is contented dependability requirement above all, CAN bus line used desired result of circular busyness complementary, frame to detect, affirm signal makes mistake detect, bus line monitoring, a few kinds of mistakes such as fill detect and error correction measure, obtained very high reliability thereby, pile up on average by accident rate be less than 10-13; Next, CAN used a distinctive arbitral technology, than CSMA/CD net (IEEE802.

3) with your card net (IEEEE802.

4) has taller real time sex; In addition transmission rate of CAN bus line can amount to 1Mbps, remote transmit can amount to 10km, interface is simple, installation is convenient, systematic cost is low. Transmission medium can be double skeining thread, coaxial cable or optical fiber. The develop of CAN bus line attacks the structure is shown 5 times like the graph. The develop of bus line of graph 5 CAN fills structure 3. Mode of local area network uses the rapid development of technology and network technology as the computer, the function of numerical control system also got huge rises, from this, be in in last few years in, appeared again in DNC domain type of a kind of new-style DNC of network of numerical control machine tool---Be based on the DNC of aether network. As a result of ceaseless development of the technology, network and the ceaseless development that open a concept, open sex of the technology is agreed to agree with by everybody, each write a manufacturer of numerical control system to invest interface of development DNC communication in succession on the world, provide the options of DNC network interface that accords with MAP standard and communication software, the 0I that is like FANUC (MB) the numerical control system of above all has options of DNC network interface, provided development interface library, business of tripartite development is OK undertake 2 times developing on the foundation here, can form the true DNC with powerful function from this, can have overall control to numerical control machine tool. Used means of communication of local area network to improve the efficiency that NC program manages greatly, in the meantime, the pattern of local area network that has network news report through TCP/IP communication agreement is about to make way of a kind of all-pervading, its system joins plan institute shows as follows: Graph means of 6 net of region of tie of kind of bus line of scene of picture of construction of system of DNC of type of local area network can Sunday run joins a variety of spot equipment, but the special agreement that spot bus line must have him, must adopt corresponding development tool and development platform, the price is higher, and different manufacturer accomplishs each other operation hard between different equipment. 3, basic function of DNC of network of numerical control machine tool actually, DNC of network of numerical control machine tool uses what network structure is not the most important, the key is DNC system can provide what kind of service to the user, the user can achieve how old beneficial result from which. Will look by the definition of DNC itself, the role that its act in manufacturing site place also expands change ceaselessly, by to equipment " direct figure is controlled " evolve " distributed number is controlled " , the basic function of DNC basically induces as follows: 1. Communication function: Of NC program two-way transmit: Equipment of all numerical control carries out couplet net to focus management, use a network to have NC program (include machine tool parameter, knife filling file, grand program) two-way transmit, the huge memory that implements NC program thereby, compositive turn management. Client / server structure: machine tool of every numerical control the definition is a client to carry equipment, the communication port that uses oneself of numerical control system (be like RS - 232, aether network, spot bus line) , communication function, what jockey can undertake counting occupying in end of numerical control machine tool is two-way transmit and the full operation that visit management server carries data, the operation that server end carries to numerical control requests to undertake relevant processing automatically and need not intervene artificially. Group control and distance: Only station computer manages numerical control machine tool group; Communication distance can achieve a few kilometers. The concurrent operation of DNC network: Assure equipment of all numerical control that join a network to be able to undertake in same hour the communication of type is transmitted erupting simultaneously. DNC online treatment: Complete client carries the DNC online treatment of means, can make sure add of such as breakpoint is passed, the subprogram is called wait for a function to all can carry implementation in numerical control by jockey. Seesaw pattern incident answers a mechanism: Each operation that numerical control carries is due the message feedbacks, namely no matter whether the operation is correct, jockey can obtain clew information document in end of numerical control equipment. Data shares: Let jockey can visit equipment of other numerical control or information of fictitious machine tool in equipment of this locality numerical control, the move of convenient spare parts is machined. Support grows file name: NC program name realizes long file name to manage on WINDOWS platform, change automatically with program name when the program is transmitted. Newsletter journal: Record worker is all correspondence course, undertake classified inquiring to the information of the record. Information collects: The grand program variable that carries a machine tool outputs a function, the real time that realizes a machine tool to process information is collected, can collect telephone exchange bed to use efficiency, spare parts to machine service life of man-hour, cutting tool to wait for information in real time. Platform of network news report: Use DNC communication network to send information of treatment task, cutting tool, craft information and treatment achievement report to wait, what produce information in order to come true is preliminary and compositive. 2. Control a function: In common RS-232C the network mode of serial communication mouth falls, DNC cannot accomplish logarithm to accuse the real time of the machine tool to control, use aether net formula only generally speaking DNC or use ability of DNC of type of spot bus line to be able to achieve this goal, its basically control a function to be as follows: Surveillance of condition of CNC of the IP address of CNC of net of couplet of setting of CNC network setting, port address machines condition: Treatment is medium, free, call the police, position of network of breakdown information couplet: Information of position of online, off line: History of speed of odd and absolutely position, relative position, mechanical position, mobile quantity, feed records: Call the police long-range control of CNC of personal details of historical record, operation shows all sorts of machine tool parameter install all sorts of machine tool parameter to show NC program all sorts of information: Be like memory size, the choice NC program such as Cheng ordinal: The choice is current machine program, search aleatoric NC program to edit NC program: The NC program in editing CNC system deletes NC program: The NC program in deleting CNC system directly is cleared call the police the history records restoration of system of cleared operation personal details: Pass long-range CNC restoration to start remotely: Pause remotely through starting treatment remotely: Machine through long-range time-out 4, technology of network of DNC of machine tool of numerical control of direction of development of DNC of network of numerical control machine tool will be on the foundation of individual technology, use technology of computer network communication, the height that realizes information is compositive, develop to CIMS direction. The point that DNC network will grow henceforth is as follows: Technology of news report of 1) new-style network: Discuss above no less than in that way, technology of new-style network news report has two kinds, namely aether network and means of spot bus line, to manufacturer of numerical control system, develop to open mode system, be about to confluence of technology of PC personal computer arrives in numerical control system, applied interface MS-WINDOWS is changed, make full use of the software natural resources with huge MS-WINDOWS of operating system of mainstream of PC personal computer, make communication of net of couplet of numerical control system more convenient. At present more and more CNC manufacturer offerred aether network interface and port of spot bus line for its CNC. System of open mode numerical control has two kinds of kind: PC-CNC: In function of CNC of the confluence on the foundation of PC personal computer. CNC-PC: In the function of personal computer of PC of CNC system confluence. Technology of 2) wireless communication: Use wireless communication technology, the communication between implementation computer and numerical control machine tool is wireless change, in order to reduce spot construction, shorten time limit for a project. Index of wireless Modem technology is shown as follows: Take RS-232C interface 2.

4GHZ, need not handle frequency application. High speed (119Kbps) , high reliability. Effective communication is apart from 100 ~ 200m. 3) the height of information is compositive: Gather more complete machine tool information, for the workshop manufacturing management provides first-hand information. Intelligence analyses collection information. Undertake to equipment real time is controlled. With ERP, PDM, the system such as MES is not had truly seam coupling. 5, the mode of a few kinds of DNC that introduces above summary, come nearly 10 years the author ever had much experimentation, development, some mode already fashioned mature product. If undeserved place criticizes point out mistakes so that they can be corrected please,above place narrates content. Anyhow, be in our country, DNC of network of numerical control machine tool passes the development that comes more than 10 years, experienced hard and tortuous development path, the time that grows ceaselessly in new and high technology nowadays obtained great progress, but, fall besides the mode that is based on RS-232C to string together buccal communication at present appeared outside product of a few finite outstanding DNC, just made below sth resembling a net of local area network and means of spot bus line a few discuss finitely, had not appeared into ripe product, still need broad colleague make persistent efforts, make larger contribution for our country manufacturing industry! Wish the flower of DNC of network of numerical control machine tool is opened aglitter heartily! CNC Milling CNC Machining