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This Zip   program compresses group included the Chinese character that accords with Chinese GB to tag font file: Grow Gbcbig of file of bodily form of big character of imitation Song-Dynasty-style typeface.

Shx, with the as high as Chinese character word proportion that adapts afresh proper on the west literal style Gbenor.

Shx, inclined body on the west literal style Gbeita.

Shx. These font had been included in edition of AutoCADR14 simplified Chinese and MDT2.

Edition of 0 simplified Chinese is medium. Use on the west the user of article edition, can obtain document of Chinese character font from here, processing accords with the Chinese character of GB to tag. These font files, also can use in the version before R14. The file copy after use method just presses solution simply searchs method to fall to the font of AutoCAD can! Hztxt.

Hzfs of   of font of Zip single-track imitation Song-Dynasty-style typeface.

Hzht of   of font of Zip   imitation Song-Dynasty-style typeface.

Hzkt of   of font of Zip   boldface.

Hzst of   of font of Zip   block letter.

Http://china of Zip   Song typeface body.


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