Gear industry checks instrument domain development to remain to strengthen

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Current, instrument of test of industry of our country gear and equipment very lack, the quality of gear case assembly that causes our country to produce per year many 2000 from this lacks reliable test data. To change component of industry of our country gear thoroughly the backward state of immanent quality, must take seriously and strengthen the development that tests instrument and equipment. Current, there is 300 gears manufacturer to have an instrument only about inside industry of our country gear the metric room of basic form a complete set, add up to has 3 coordinate measuring instrument about many 200, these instruments are imported from abroad mostly. Of all kinds (mechanical, photoelectricity, numerical control) gear measures an instrument more than 1000, among them gear measures a center more than 30, the company such as M of & of the MAAG that the manufactory of these instruments has abroad, Klingelnberg, Hofler, CarlMahr, M, the circularity appearance that still has the company such as TaylorHobsom, CarlMahr, Zeiss, SIP, measure chief instrument, optical dividing head, surface roughness appearance, measuring projector, 10 thousand labour to show wait for of all kinds measuring instrument implement more than 500. The others makes an appointment with 200 gear manufacturer to rarely nicety measures an instrument, outside be versed in the factory is provided besides all-purpose quantity partly, measure an instrument without. In measuring an instrument, among them assembly test instrument, worm wheel pays examination appearance more than about 10, gear-box assembly testing stand and whole nation of drive axle testing stand do not exceed 50. A lot of factories do not have noise appearance, twist the necessary instrument such as Zhen Yi. Must mix to product part, component in gear production process the requirement quality of assembly undertakes detect strictly and be controllinged, consequently advanced and applicable measurement technology and instrument are essential condition. Without giving thought to,be in inside of all kinds machinery plant positive drive be abstain or outside buy, all should equip gear, whorl, spline measures an instrument, otherwise uncontrollable drive production quality. Current, gear, whorl, spline measures the institute of tool of instrument home Chengdu, nicety that breath out a quantity to measure appearance to be able to satisfy a requirement basically the factory. Even if gear measures cutting tool of center, gear to measure center, gear deputy with worm wheel the home such as measuring instrument of guide screw of trends of deputy examination appearance, laser also can offer money. But the user that asks to the technology very tall and financial capacity is ample, also can consider to introduce foreign gear to measure a center. The drive such as gear, worm, screw must have precision the cast-iron, aluminium alloy with very tall, complex structure or solder casing bearing, these casing have a large number of narrow opening to fasten peaceful face to need to measure dimension precision and mutual position precision. Accordingly every gear plant should deploy the 3 coordinate measuring instrument of different specifications, precision. To improve the product quality of industry of our country gear further, enhance industry competition ability, answer to deploy corresponding of all kinds nicety to check an instrument as soon as possible. In a few years of henceforth, our country is large and medium-sized gear enterprise should deploy 3 coordinate to measure machine, gear to measure the center with center and other and accurate measuring instrument and whole form a complete set metric room, small business also should deploy necessary nicety to measure an instrument, assure the quality of product of our country gear thereby. CNC Milling CNC Machining