Leinishao shows the technical actual strength that measures an expert in CIMT2007

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Leinishao (Reinshaw) go up at CIMT 2007, show product of many latest technology. Among them interferometer of a light-duty laser measures systematic XL-80 to measure with calibration demand development to exceed nicety only, can be satisfied easily and surpass level of real industry standard. Introduce according to Chris Luhman of manager of technology of area of this company far east, XL-80 can offer the measurement with the biggest 4m/s speed and 50kHz record rate, it has a money already relatively not only model more cabinet, can carry conveniently, at the same time its accuracy also is able to rise further, systematic accuracy can be amounted to losing 0.

5ppm (linear mode) the resolution with 1 accept rice. Chris Luhman still introduced a new economy model semi-automatic measure a RTP20, its can measure machine user to offer economy for coordinate model, of introductory class " motor-driven " measure function. RTP20 hand is moved measure " automatic " fixed position function is reached through innovation method, the positional lever photograph that it uses coordinate to measure the motion of machine to control the axle sleeve that measures a bottom and machine stage to go up " joint " , the commutation that measures seat place through measuring the motion of machine to finish and lock are decided / the function that solve a lock. Chris Luhman expresses, established Leinishao in Feburary from last year (Shanghai) after trade limited company, this trading company still is expanding in China ceaselessly at present the branch of each region market, in technical support, maintenance, and machine parts or tools kept in reserve changes wait for a respect this locality that main aggrandizement faces China changes a service. CNC Milling CNC Machining