Aerospace solders medium numeric imitate technology

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Solder imitate of numerical value of heating power process solders in aerospace be paid close attention to extensively in structural craft analysis, digitlize the development of production technology especially, it asks before real product put into production applied computer assists a technology to undertake forecast and be evaluatinged to its function and producibility, shorten thereby the design of the product and production cycle. Solder numeric simulative uses heating power process to be designed to optimizing a structure with workmanship, understanding solders the respect such as the substaintial rule of heating power process has main effect. Solder the process is one includes the complex course of a variety of hot action such as heating power coupling, thermal current coupling and hot metallurgy coupling. Solder hot action is perforative at whole solder in production process of the structure, solder the microstructure after hot process decided solder directly, stress, meet an emergency and be out of shape. Accordingly, accurate analysis solders hot process solders to guidance of craft make, solder contact microstructure analysis, solder leftover stress analysis and solder the port with be out of shape the analysis is had very principal. Wait when solder of arc of use general electrify or laser or electron beam high-energy bundle of method that flow when undertaking soldering, the heat source that uses high concentration heats, the around meeting generation that nods in action of heat source center solders lesserly bath, whole bath and hot influence area are distributinging to be not the temperature field of even big gradient, field of this kind of temperature to soldering production process of the structure is mixed use sex can produce very main effect. As the development of computer software and numeric imitate technology, soldering forecast in production process solder the feasibility of craft, and with solder the design of the product, development is as compositive as production implementation became a possibility. The occurrence that digitlization makes also asks to design personnel have the aid of to be finished at IT solder build a model, develop product and technology quickly, in order to reduce the effect of not harmonious in producing a course actually element. Through numerical value imitate can study solder guides the heat that have, force and metallurgy change, forecast solder be out of shape and the ability of leftover stress, conduce to a product developing personnel to choose the most appropriate solder the method forecasts weldability well and truly can. Will solder process of heating power imitate is compositive to products plan system, can reduce the time that needs to devoted production from products plan, reduce production cost, reduce repair, improve manufacturing efficiency. Solder the craft behavior that imitate of heating power numerical value can pledge to the product the quantity has main effect undertakes test and verify, will conduce to improve solder the design of the product, deepen to soldering the understanding of craft, choose optimized technology thereby. The temperature when numeric simulative considers to solder distributings, constituent change and solder leftover stress and be out of shape concern with hot process, because this wants those who get a high quality to solder,the structure must control these elements, and accurate ground is forecasted and control solders the metabolic process of temperature, microstructure and leftover stress, to soldering the control of quality is attached most importance to especially should. Current, solder imitate of process numerical value basically has the following sides: 1.

Solder the numeric imitate of temperature field, include to solder heat is conducted, phenomenon of electric arc physics, solder of bath conduct heat and pass qualitative behavior to wait. 2.

Welding stress and imitate of metabolic numerical value, include to solder meet an emergency of thermal stress of the transient state in the process and leftover stress meet an emergency. 3.

Solder chemical metallurgy and imitate of physical metallurgy process, include chemical element to transfer, caky, grain is grown, slant photograph of analyse, solid state changes, hot influence area is fragile change and hydrogen diffuses etc. 4.

Solder the numeric imitate of the mechanical behavior of contact and function, include to rupture, fatigue, mechanical inhomogenous sex, inhomogenous sex and organization, structure mixes geometry mechanical function. 5.

Solder the numeric imitate that quality evaluates, wait for all sorts of blemish like crackle, stoma judge make allowance for to forecast. 6.

Special solder the numeric analysis of the process, if resistance welding, laser beam welding, electron beam solder, diffusion welding, pottery and porcelain and metal join,wait. Solder the numeric imitate method with heating power commonly used process has calculus of finite differences, finite law and yuan of border yuan law. The computational analysis software that already had many maturity at present can be offerred solder process analysis is chosen. The linear that these software can have the problem such as 2 dimension, three-dimensional report, magnetism, heat and force and nonlinear finite yuan of analysis, and have differentiate automatically finite yuan of reseau and the around that arrange what computation makes as a result automatically to form visible graph handle a function. Accordingly, the person that apply already need not oneself make up patternmaking to draft software from the beginning, can use commercial software, add development on 2 times when necessary, can get the result of need namely. Nevertheless, also must be opposite before numeric imitate preparation of the concerned fundamental theory, method that build a model, initiative condition and attrib border condition, data and the principle that seek solution have comprehensive knowledge, ability gets accurate imitate result. Soldering in imitate of process numerical value, to soldering temperature field is mixed the imitate amount of field of stress meet an emergency is maximum, start earlier also, accumulated experience is richer also, certain application received in actual production. Graph 1 solder the imitate of bath temperature field is right field of welding stress meet an emergency and solder other phenomenon has the process simulative foundation, this solders with respect to need basis craft circumstance and compose of numeric simulative requirement build heat source model. The main goal that builds heat source model is to search accord with solder accordingly the thermal current shape of a distribution below parameter condition, make simulative bath (see a picture 1) the conform to of welding line weld junction of attrib border line and experimental observation. Nextpage welding stress and be out of shape with solder the plasticity of the generation in the process is out of shape about, usually, produce plasticity metabolic section ambitious the area that fuses at the metal. As a result of mechanical and flabby, bring about welding stress to reach be out of shape to soldering happen inside the bath in the process conduct heat conduct qualitative process report is not sensitive, because of this mechanical to soldering analysis character, solder the position that a lot of complex heat that produce within bath in hot process transmit a phenomenon to all be in opposite secondary, such, can use the theory of solid heat conduction that is based on Fu Lixie law to beg solution to solder temperature field, the character of tall tepid physics that can consider to change material will simplify model and not plan the complex hot transmission process such as the convection in bath. In corresponding hot input the condition falls, want border of area of bath of simulative of place of heat source model only (Fusion Zone Boundary, FZB) with conform to of weld junction of actual welding line, can think this kinds solder heat source model is reasonable, this one criterion the definition is bath border criterion. Solder with what bath border is criterion the requirement that temperature field imitate can satisfy analyse of solder relay credit completely (see a picture 2) . Graph 2 electron beam solder result of imitate of temperature field numerical value solders be out of shape the plasticity of workpiece interior is out of shape and conduct heat happen in same space territory and time-domain, but because be out of shape with conduct heat both belongs to different physical sex to be inscribed questioningly, respectively by play plasticity problem and transient state heat to conduct problem description, because quantity of this its correspondence field uses couplet hard,establish the methodological analysis that seeks solution. Generally speaking, play plasticity finite yuan of concerned field amount that the law uses method of addition to divide a work stage by stage (wait like speed field, stress field and field of meet an emergency) , and temperature field differs minute of format with time progressively integral gets. Can part in some instantaneous so computation is out of shape and temperature, pass the connection between both, their mutual impact action considers to go in, solder in order to achieve the coupling of heating power process is analysed (see a picture 3) . Graph 3 bridge harden compose solders be out of shape although imitate result solders the numeric imitate result of temperature field and leftover stress meet an emergency had a few to apply actually, but because solder the complexity of the process, a large number of concerning solder the achievement of numeric imitate research of the process and actual application still have bigger difference, and there are many problems to remain to solve in imitate, existing to the problem that can have solved precision not tall or expend big question, accordingly, need begins research further on imitate technology, the test technology that also should continue to develop result of imitate of numerical value of test and verify at the same time. Numeric simulative applies in production of profit of aerospace structure seed and collateral project, analysis of weldability numerical value has tremendous development latent capacity. In European airbus in the production of 340 planes, of the wainscot of aluminium alloy envelope of plane airframe fore-and-aft strengthen costal region to use it is OK to stimulate beam of light to solder reduce the weight of 20% . Soldering main challenge is to maintain be out of shape lowly (especially transverse be out of shape) and reduce leftover stress (especially fore-and-aft pull stress) . The change that should consider contact type, solder the arrange inflict such as the ordinal, cooling condition, mode that hold clip and fore-and-aft preload carry on one's shoulder is achieved low be out of shape and leftover stress, decide these measure and its possible combination, need is used solder technology of imitate of heating power numerical value. Nextpage pursues 340 planes design the 4 design process airbuses that support by numeric analysis the process can differentiate a series of the job (see a picture 4) , the numeric imitate of process has main effect in designing a process (see a picture 5) . The graph is shown 6 times solder for support the numeric imitate that the process studies. Graph the workmanship in 5 designs process defines a plan the welder that 6 numeric analysises support art development is analysed with the project, the welder that production of automation of control of numeric imitate, computer is a foundation art will get be used extensively, make solder to transform to the craft that is based on physical model from the craft with be based on experience, solder deliver a child produces craft to will be built on closer scientific basis. The core of this kind of change is the imitate that is a foundation with comprehensive intellectual system, IT will have main effect; These knowledge include to solder the data of the respect such as function, craft, material and application. Solder the physical base model with full-scale technology will be covered solder the whole life of the product is periodic. Numeric imitate solders in aerospace structural integrality assess and life are forecasted, the respect such as scathing rehabilitate also will produce main effect. CNC Milling CNC Machining