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A kind of new transmission machine makes the accurate treatment of metallic spare parts rests in very close to each other the possibility is become in moving treatment. Benefit also because this is taller, it is the technology that uses Li Shile of course. Titanium metal serves as a kind of material, on manufacturing industry of more and more aviation be been in by application. Equipment and cutting tool are faced with the new challenge that how raises economic benefits of titanium metal cutting to pursue stuff of 1 titanium metal will be in Boeing 787 with the 14% ~ that plane weight holds on empty guest A350WB 20% , this is equivalent to at present the double graph of type of 2 Boeing 787 Dreamliner on metal of qualitative titanium of forge of cutting of alar bowstring support and make, the cutting rate of this kind of component is 95% graphs the 3 cutting angle change when cutting speed is Vc=75 M/min experiment. The experiment makes clear, the service life that cutting angle can improve cutting tool pursues A of 4 free angle is having decisive effect to wear extent. When cutting titanium metal, compare with old free angle photograph, small free angle can be brought more hopeful wear away condition, this and the tentative idea that exist generally pursue instead the 5 directional designs that adopt external forms of pair of cutting tool geometry, volume of unit time cutting can rise to 102cm3 from 25 Cm3, can raise the milepost with 300% new above from this new-style plane uses titanium metal increasingly, because this kind of material integrated very tall tigidity and wonderful anticorrosion character. But the field is used in the promotion of this kind of material, quantity of inferior unit time cutting still is a current bottleneck. On Hannuowei's IFW, through undertaking the design of specific aim to appearance of cutting tool geometry, volume of unit time cutting can rise 300% above. Titanium metal is leaving generation plane (like Boeing 787 or the proportion in the structural heft of empty guest A350WB) will exceed 15% , it is current about of the proportion on the plane double (graph 1) . The main reason of this kind of development depends on people be being strengthened increasingly to carbon fiber model plastic (the application of CFK) . For example, CFK is when combinative use aluminium alloy, can bring about because of electrochemistry voltage corrode. Combinative use CFK and titanium metal can make this kind of voltage is reduced remain original 1/5 only. This kind of character in view of titanium metal (be like very strong tigidity and inferior thermal conductivity) , it special agree with the application of aviation manufacturing industry. The application of large structural member still is in titanium metal at present in the program, to cutting exercise it is a challenge. For example the cutting rate of bowstring of the ala on plane of Boeing 787 Dreamliner is about 95%(graph 2) . Besides higher raw material cost, the inferior cutting quantity of titanium metal can cause longer handling time and higher component cost. If say the progress as science and technology, quantity of aluminous unit time cutting can be in 1996 to broke up during 2006 double much (from about if 2000cm3/min raised 7000cm3/min) , and the quantity of unit time cutting of titanium metal has only about 50cm3/min, still stay on a lower level. Because this is planted,metallic stuff is used increasingly to be on aircraft industry, because this need raises the unit time cutting of this kind of material substantially,measure. When undertaking to titanium metal thick milling works, often use HSS(high-speed steel) the milling cutter with qualitative material. Because this kind of cutting tool has very big flexibility, because this can achieve bigger feed. But the hear resistance with this kind of qualitative material is very low, because this can apply to inferior cutting speed only. Although hard metal cutting tool can achieve higher cutting rate, but the cutting tool external form that place of at this late hour designs just still suits to process aluminous simple product. Still have no up to now agree with the special cutting tool of metal of titanium of high speed milling. As a whole, be aimed at craft of this kind of cutting, use the sharp bit with free old point of view mostly. Here setting falls, through be being designed to the maximize of cutting tool appearance, can realize what unit cutting measures to rise. To this, IFW is being carried out at present " raise cutting of time of unit of titanium metal milling to measure through cutting tool research and development " task, this project is studied by industry foundation is aided financially, get the support of the numerous enterprise of aviation and tool industry. The target of this project is to should pass appropriative of metal of titanium of research and development macroscopical with appearance of microcosmic milling cutter, make the volume of unit time cutting of the knife handle milling cutter that contains cutting tool of completely hard metal rises at least 100% . Be aimed at the macroscopical geometry appearance of milling cutter, in cutting angle, free angle, helix angle and circular arc of point of a knife radius and razor blade are in milling cutter is circumferential those who go up is inhomogenous distributing wait for a respect, undertook study. Be aimed at the microcosmic geometry appearance of milling cutter, mix to edge passivation prop up horn to have observation. On the amount of unit time cutting that increases titanium metal milling, the element of a conditionality is very tall cutting tool wears away degree. Accordingly, should be opposite above all here the service life to cutting tool produces the cutting angle related geometrical appearance and free point of view the systematic research of the influence makes an introduction. Angle can bring about small cutting to wear away to be opposite to cutting angle and free angle greatly the research that cutting tool tatty affects, be in head of a milling cutter not film can undertake on dislocation razor blade. The cutting parameter in the tradition (Vc= 45m/min, fz=0.

On 03mm) , the geometrical appearance of cutting wedge can be ignorred to influence of cutting tool tatty. All cutting tool show dinky free face to wear away. The biggest wear extent is the VB=30µm after a cutting measures Vw= 470cm3. Variable of cutting angle G falls in the higher rate of Vc=75m/min, the service life that shows older cutting point of view to be able to lengthen cutting tool (graph 3) . When adopting lesser cutting point of view, because mechanical load is bigger, because this is in,bit brim produces splash easily. This kind of splash can cause the inchoate malfunction of cutting tool. If cutting point of view is older, when achieving G=14 ° and G=20 ° , criterion of cutting tool wear away to be able to change delay. The cutting tool of G=20 can appear likewise bit brim splash, because ° of wedge horn B=58 is,this is lesser. to cutting angle can bring lesser working force on one hand, bit can get only lesser load; Can make lesser wedge point of view however on the other hand, cause not stable mechanical cut. In addition, it is when cutting rate is higher, the craft quantity of heat that produces cannot go up adequately to be discharged from edge, cutting tool can get thereby very big hot load. The cutting tool that takes point of view of G=14 ° cutting can reach best eclectic level, namely cutting force is small, cutting tool brim is stable, its wear away condition is achieved optimal. Free angle is small wear away condition beautiful besides cutting angle, free angle A also is cutting tool a of macroscopical geometry appearance critical factor. The cutting parameter that using a convention (when Vc=45m/min) undertakes milling to titanium metal, all experiments free angle show lesser wear awaying trace width, these wearing away basically is those who wear away to be brought about with big splash (graph 4) . Free angle is small (the cutting tool of A=6) is shown wear away goodly state. This and the tentative idea posture that must adopt old free point of view what think extensively when machining titanium alloy are violated. The test that to wearing away bit has shows REM bit brim has lesser abrasion, but abrasion is by demarcate in splash limits. As a whole, this won't bring about the inchoate malfunction of cutting tool. If raise cutting rate to Vc=75m/min, cutting tool can be when the free angle of A=15 ° and A=18 ° because of bit brim splash meeting measures next malfunction in very low cutting. It is A=6 ° when free angle only when, just show a kind to be mixed constantly wear away inferiorly. The free angle of 14 ° comes to the A=12 ~ that when this each should compare aluminous treatment apparently by the data of angle, uses normally smally. Special geometry appearance can reduce the appearance of cutting tool geometry that wears away to be machined technically in the light of titanium alloy mill to design what can reduce cutting tool apparently to wear away. When undertaking mill chamfer to TiAl6V4, use small free angle to combine relatively old cutting point of view, can achieve lesser cutting tool to wear away. And old free point of view (if be used at the cutting tool of aluminous treatment) the inchoate splash that can bring about bit brim. If the cutting point of view of the choice is too old, add cutting force to be able to increase, thereby the mechanical bear of cutting tool also can increase apparently, this also can bring about the splash of bit brim. Accordingly, use at the cutting tool that titanium metal machines in the design, need pays attention to the stability of bit brim. Pass those who improve cutting tool to wear away state, cutting tool can be used at the treatment condition of very high cutting rate and very tall feed, the cutting that still can achieve Vw>400cm3 is measured. This result is OK and great the cutting amount that increases unit time, improve treatment efficiency. The result of the research that shows here and turn to coming back angle, razor blade is inhomogenous the result that distributings to wait with cut brim passivation together, in the design program that blended in milling cutter of type of handle of completely hard to a kind of 16mm metal. Use this kind of cutting tool, volume of unit time cutting can rise 102cm3 from 25cm3, this was equivalent to raising 300% above. "Raise cutting of time of unit of titanium metal milling to measure through cutting tool research and development " the commitment that the task received industry study foundation. Regard industry as the partner, airbus Deutschland GmbH, Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH, Rolls-Royce Ltd.


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