Special broach designs aluminium alloy new thinking

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Recently, gao Zheng type rolled out hill to apply to aluminium alloy to machine Feedmax N chamfer of application broach, enlarged the applied limits of broach further, the rapid development of manufacturing industry of the aerospace that help strength. Feedmax broach uses distinctive N chamfer design and DLC kind diamond film technology, it is being gotten when cutting low silicon aluminium alloy, showed unsurpassed performance, special apply to treatment of aerospace industry aluminium alloy. N chamfer broach is in promote treatment efficiency considerably while, still can maintain good precision in whole lifecycle. The N chamfer M chamfer that shows some high to apply to aerospace to process application unlike hill slightly with T chamfer model. N chamfer can come true maintain quantity of heat to drop lowermost limit, in order to reach the mass of good cutting tool life and aperture, reflect in the following character: ● cutting blade is repaired grind. Process these agglutinant data, need very sharp cutting blade. This is hill tall why to use along whole cutting blade only 0.

01 ~ 0.

02mm point writes the account that grind; ● is conic advocate hind horn. Stem from same reason, advocate hind horny design increases from 10 ° of the standard for 12 ° , in order to reduce the contact with workpiece material; ● first flank is narrow. This kind of distinctive N chamfer design, its first flank is narrower than common broach 40% , the aperture in reducing cutting process thereby and the clash that produce between broach are hot, the adhesion of the tumour that accumulate bits that with preventing quantity of heat exorbitant place produces is on broach first flank, can make the quality of aperture and precision get assuring adequately; ● pours awl (the horn after axial) . Pour awl (the horn after axial) for 0.

5mm/100mm, it is 2 times of standard hole size, this also can decrease auger cut with the direct contact between aperture surface; ● DLC film. This is not the diamond film on groovy meaning. It is film of a kind of low attrition, its purpose depends on increasing the capacity that discharge bits, this is the key that gains a success. Main good point is to have " not adhesion " characteristic, this very serious to capturing a lot of aluminium alloy material are for treatment problem, increased platoon bits capacity already, also improved the craft problem that solves hard before in treatment of bore of aluminium alloy material; ● optimizes the chamfer that discharge bits. Offerring good platoon bit is very important, to realize this demand, the chamfer that discharge bits is designed more widely deeper, can none eduction of suffocate suffocate ground is manier cut bits. CNC Milling CNC Machining