The management of general tool

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General tool is the measure that in pointing to machining, uses, cutting tool, grind razor blade of tool of an abrasive, hardware, diamond and its goods, hard alloy to wait. Standard and the management that strengthen general tool, those who conduce to company production managing is normal move, it is implementation those who improve level of management is industry technology progress, strong assure. The end that general tool manages is need of contented scientific research, production, assure product quality, improve manufacturing efficiency, reduce product cost. The administrative principle of 1 general tool should assure manufacturing success, use value engineering principle, the basis needs logical choice tool, the inventory that reduces a tool as far as possible and use up, quicken cash flow have enough to meet need, raise economic benefits. Should get used to the need that the tool changes. After our country joins WTO, market competition is more intense. To enhance the competition ability of enterprise and product, the use efficiency that must develop a tool adequately prolongs its service life. Should introduce incentive competition actively mechanism and " it is with the person this " technical economy manages a method. Should be helpful for using new technology, new technology, new data, stimulative tool technology progresses, do good pre-construction work to conform with international. The working program that 2 general tools run and control requirement purchase the regulations system of the policy of goods and materials that purchases personnel to answer to understand and abide by a country and enterprise, abide by professional morality, the attention raises individual politics theory accomplishment and business quality. Use modernization management to method and computer technology are developed and use tool government program, carry out " purchase surely rate of exchange, rate of exchange needs to make public " principle, the process that makes purchase a tool (inquiry, rate of exchange, price) lie from beginning to end can accuse state, avoid " camera bellows is operated " fraudulent action. Purchase personnel to should plan according to replenish onr's stock, inspect the importance of utility, it is good to have measure ground is arranged purchase, urge hand over a completed project to make, accomplish progress circumstance know fairly well, be in charge of a branch in time to report to superior. Condition of the model that stocks the general tool of pick up the goods of personnel proper motion to should check a tool seriously, norms, technology, quality proves (or certificate of approval) , the amount whether to accord with a requirement; Should deal with formalities of put in storage in time to factory hind (fill in put in storage is odd, with quality the proof turns over the member that the director needs check along with all the others, check) of sign after receiving sth. Outer purchase personnel to should be subject to direct, do not get do sth without authorization to act. After answering a factory, divide outside reporting the work to director leader, should concern regulation and times to sell poor travelling expenses and payment for goods by finance affairs. Right outer the business that purchases personnel to put forward or technical issue, director leader should give well and truly answer. Check and accept the general tool of every receiving of cargo for storage, uniform by check and accept personnel to be in charge of tearing open box to check and accept; If check and accept staff on business to go out, should appoint person specially assigned for a task to be in charge of. When tool receiving of cargo for storage, answer to have visual examination above all; The examination is packed whether to damage, if appear,come loose packet of attaint tool, should fast report to the leader, contact in time with door of Department of Transportation. Appear medicinal powder the bag lacks number or the tool damages, and belong to those who carry square responsibility, should supervise and urge in time door of Department of Transportation and connection of station goods station are solved. After visual examination is eligible, undertake checking by bill of the other side (breed, norms, amount, certificate of approval, without rustily, without be short of) rear but put in storage; If have accident, answer to be solved in time with connection of the other side. After all-purpose measure visual examination is eligible, should seasonable open the envelop sends metric branch to reinspect; Qualification is tasted get use certificate of approval to hand in a keeper to sign put in storage; Reject should contact the exchange, formalities that return money in time with the manufacturer. Build tear open box, send check, put in storage to hand over formalities and original table Zhang, so that check. Measure of oil seal receiving of cargo for storage (include to contain measure) after visual examination is eligible, hand in the open the envelop between oil seal, hand in metric branch to undertake reinspecting next, after opening be sent on a diplomatic mission to use certificate of approval, return seal again; Acceptable measure gets put in storage of the member that use certificate of approval hands in custodian, reject hands in concerned personnel to deal with the formalities that return money. The stock measure that every oil seal expires needs to undertake weighing sealing, when be being sealed again, answer to be put forward to seal a plan again by keeper and oil seal labour beforehand, stipulate by the plan date makes weighing formalities of put in storage is dealt with after sealing next. The period of efficacy of oil seal is half an year, every half an year selectives examination of the cutting tool inside the library 30% the left and right sides, appear in order to prevent rustily. After the tool with unqualified calibrating should be sealed in time again, hand in check and accept personnel to deal with retreat formalities of goods, exchange goods. Oil seal personnel should undertake strictly operating by oil seal operating rules, the quality of oil plants and grade should notice when oil seal, in order to assure oil seal quality. Popularize advanced anticorrosive and antirust technology energetically, improve the oil seal quality of the tool ceaselessly, in order to maintain the kilter of the tool. The science government that begins a tool hard surely works, hold to system of check of form of day of Qing Dynasty, month, loop, accomplish hard 4 qualitative (platoon, frame, ) of layer, case, 4 change (put 55 change, deposit seriation, custodial standardization, safe sanitation to often change) , 4 Qing Dynasty () of Zhang Qing Dynasty, content Qing Dynasty, capital Qing Dynasty, quality Qing Dynasty, three-phase accord with () of Zhang, content, card. Should check seriously when tool put in storage breed, norms, amount, precision, certificate of approval whether conform to, via checking rear can sign go up a put in storage. To buying a tool newly tear open box, open the envelop, send check, put in storage and financial settle accounts to wait should accord with formalities, accomplish tool of put in storage 5 Qing Dynasty (Zhang Qing Dynasty, content Qing Dynasty, formalities Qing Dynasty, settle accounts Qing Dynasty and) of quality state Qing Dynasty. Get those who use general tool using is with deploying norm, have enough to meet need norm is mixed use up norm to be a basis, according to limitation of financial pilot capital, collect in order to old change new measure, do not need to sign up for a plan commonly, but following case should sign up for a plan to general tool library: Manufacturing task grow in quantity of big, breed or orgnaization are fluctuant, original tool decides the person that have not enough to go round, end of the year the newspaper after check increases tool plan newly the 2nd year. Taste trial-produce newly or taste production newly to need to get used tool, should sign up for first quarter ahead of schedule taste tool plan newly. Be badly in need of temporarily, and this unit did not get used commonly used tool in the past, should shift to an earlier date a monthly magazine plans temporarily. When every each unit adds personnel and equipment newly to need to increase a tool, press by transfer order of type of work and sheet of machine tool allocate and transfer provide norm, be in charge of be being dealt with to general tool library by tool room get with formalities. Get when using a tool, should hold to " discard as useless get new " , namely by the tool member fill in " general tool receives taxation form " quadruplication, by tool stage Zhang, after discarding as useless by the member that set inspect of time classics ability, deal with to general tool library get with formalities. The tool that every gets from general tool library, all should reach certificate of approval of put in storage to wait to breed, norms, amount, accessory have present check the amount, when if decide,cannot be being used, answer to be in charge of handling by general tool library. Extend the member that the basis plans examines and approve a tool to get taxation form to send knock off to provide, if expect not complete, norms does not reach sheet completely,amount nots agree with etc, the keeper has authority to be not sent. Check makings sheet and objective answer when hair knock off is provided whether conform to, prevent accident, eliminate profit and loss; Get storeroom must not be entered when using a tool, get used tool to answer strict young canvass is right. Sheet of the tool that get a reply should fill in seriously monovalent, amount, amount, by sign after receiving sth of approve of total library keeper. The ark that lays a tool, frame, layer, case and ground should keep neat, forbidden fireworks. Repair, long grind repair Fan Nengxiu answer used tool, by tool room keeper seasonable deliver is undertaken repairing about the branch, send when repairing, should fill in entrust sheet, resumptive when should register sign after receiving sth. Cannot the tool that repair uses, approve of room of classics ability inspect is rear can discard as useless. Long grind long grind a branch to should begin all-purpose measure actively to repair grind, cutting tool blade is ground, emery wheel changes make and diamond solders wait for the job. Use unit from tool branch general library place gets all-purpose measure to answer certificate of approval of put in storage (or eligible certificate) exchange use certificate of approval and give the label is rear can use. Fan Zaisheng produces all-purpose measure that uses on the line, the cycle that must regulate by system sending check sends check in time, deliver precision in order to ensure, unqualified measure should send in time repair or discard as useless. All-purpose measure is used normally after wearing away, hold metric branch to issue by the tool room of use unit " measure repairs sheet " or carry " labour, quantity, cutting tool sends long entrust sheet " send a quantity to repair a branch to repair. Blade of cutting tool cutting wears away after becoming blunt, can fill in by room of use unit tool " labour, quantity, cutting tool sends long entrust sheet " , send directly long grind a branch to undertake blade is ground. Every is needed to change by the emery wheel that general library supplies tool section when making, put forward by room of use unit tool, make via after general library agrees, can granting to change; But by instead of standard emery wheel nonstandard when emery wheel, tool room must fill in " labour, quantity, cutting tool sends long entrust sheet " . When the area that did not show 2/5 to the diamond tool that using, use unit should send solder in time, fill in by tool room " labour, quantity, cutting tool sends long entrust sheet " , carry what diamond card sends a tool the department to solder, both sides should make original record. Every is belonged to be not normal attaint (fall, touch, be short of, rustily etc) the tool needs to send when repairing, after be being signed via careful of room of inspect of tool branch ability above all, repair an unit to just can be received (diamond solders every time wear away the person that exceed 50 above also lists) here. Discard as useless of general tool discard as useless. Hold tool stage Zhang by room of use unit tool and fill in " general tool receives taxation form " quadruplication, after examine and verify of room of inspect of ability of classics tool branch discards as useless, change to general library get. Of all-purpose measure discard as useless. Every belongs to measure of normal use tatty, uniform discard as useless by what repair workshop section to sign via tool section volume sheet is dealt with; To be not the measure that damages normally, write workshop section self-criticism via the quantity, affirm cannot mender, just can deal with discard as useless, the concerned regulation that sends supervisory room of tool branch technology to compensate for a system by the tool is dealt with discard as useless. CNC Milling CNC Machining