Machine of cut of ORION3015 laser numerical control

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3 annulus v sets Hubei have limited company exhibits a date W3-D024ORION to have advanced, whole is compositive the system of GE Fanuc numerical control that change and software package, it uses the stablest laser technology on the world to come the control that whole has in the round Laser Cutting is operated. The system of GE Fanuc numerical control of facilitating operation is OK good to process designing outline undertakes perfect repetition is machined, it is OK that although be in,high speed runs similarly hereinafter kind cut gives accurate point of view. The LVD CADMAN-L3D with powerful function leaves software of line process designing (option) , can shorten process designing time, make Laser Cutting is operated more streamline is changed, more reasonable. And all parameter, service is diagnosed reach a machine tool to start a process to be shown timelily on screen come. The CO2 laser that sheds high pressure quickly is activationed below 2MHz. Inferior activation frequency is OK more the efficiency of gas of earth play laser, reduce the pollution of circular gas, lengthened optics yuan the life of parts of an apparatus, reduced upkeep cost. Is solid rigid frame had about 10? 000? The weight of Kg, in cut big range different capable person pledges better stability can maintain when the material with ply. CNC Milling CNC Machining