Be based on the clamping apparatus of aperture of bore with a reamer of Pro/E top-down to design

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The graph is shown 1 times to simplify structural air cylinder is built, this spare parts is a on engine of some unit L4R01 derv very important part, craft asks first two F 45mm aperture of highlight of the white in graph of boring bore with a reamer, follow-up treatment working procedure needs to serve as two fixed position to sell aperture to prepare with its, must design the fixture that place of aperture of a bore with a reamer that offer boring uses first for this, its are oriented cover internal diameter and cutting tool diameter cooperate relation, oriented those who cover external diameter and pattern plate cooperate a relation to ask etc very tall, if use " bottom-up " devise a method, design respectively complete each parts, hard to avoid appears when assemble assemble a face to cooperate undesirable phenomenon, perhaps say, once the aperture when the F 45mm on the product is adjusted somewhat, rather relevant directing covers the aperture that reachs pattern plate to go up to need new scale. On the other hand, the diesel engine that this unit has greatly small different type 100 a variety of, the span that two fixed position sell aperture and aperture each are not identical, but their clamping apparatus structure is very similar, if repeat size one by one the scale of different spare parts, can take up design personnel designs time in great quantities. At this moment, should use " top-down " design method, after a whole clamping apparatus design is finished, through revising among them a few parameter, with respect to the design that can complete clamping apparatus of another similar structure. 1.

The design of three-dimensional design top-down of clamping apparatus of aperture of bore with a reamer of lid of L4R01 air cylinder is method of a kind of design, also be a kind of government tool to process of whole products plan. (1) top-down design, design above all most the product structure that carries a layer on the head, the compositive frame of the integral appearance that is like a product or each spare parts; In delivering this product structure every component or part through regular method next; Finally, on the foundation that delivers the product structure that come down from top layer again, the design of the spare parts that finish. If the graph is shown 2 times, in the design process of this clamping apparatus, fall in the package module of Pro/E above all, the deflection tool pushbutton in choosing Pro/E according to the over all dimension of air cylinder body, the integral external form that designs system of its clamping apparatus, cooperate face and bolt opening position, in delivering this model each spare parts models next, get final spare parts model. Pass below " use border " pushbutton, it is in order to place particular external form fiducial, found the appearance of pattern plate, the attrib border position of certain measure 190mm and 740mm and clamping apparatus style are consistent, pass deflection tool pushbutton, it is in order to insult group of crock of Kong Bian of on body two F 45mm fiducial, unilateral deflection 10mm, the boring on affirmatory pattern plate directs the position of 2 F 65H7 mixes an aperture size (see a picture 3) . With same method, below the package module of Pro/E, "Insert " → " component " → " found new part " , use rotate the feature founds guide-post bushing, pass " use border " pushbutton, it is with the arris edge of on pattern plate 2 F 65H7 aperture fiducial, found the appearance of guide-post bushing, the wall of guide-post bushing is large after deciding, can decide inside the dimension of aperture; Again with guide-post bushing inside hole size is fiducial the fixed position that establishs need of place of man-hour of the Kong Jia on lid of workpiece air cylinder respectively sells the external diameter measure with inlet valve reamer. When undertaking top-down is designed, rock-bottom hardware data is controlled by the structure that carries a layer on the head, need the surface that cooperates each other especially, its appearance can gain accurate control. In above design process, the dimension of overall length overall height of clamping apparatus body is built the control of dimension of overall length overall height by air cylinder; Dimension of beam overall of pattern plate overall length is placed the control of dimension of beam overall of specific overall length, the size position of on pattern plate 2 F 65H7 aperture is enraged the control of position of size of on cylinder body 2 F 45mm hole; The external diameter size that guide-post bushing and pattern plate cooperate is controlled the F 65H7 on pattern plate by the size of aperture; Fixed position is sold and the external diameter of reamer all suffers inside guide-post bushing the control of aperture. Such if change the gas cylinder body of a kind of model, when need designs a fixture of new aperture of bore with a reamer, as long as will above dimension of the over all dimension of the air cylinder body in this clamping apparatus and the bulk that two fixed position sell aperture, position is revised, the second birth management in clicking Pro/E implement pushbutton, choice " file " → " save carbon " , define the name of a new clamping apparatus, a new clamping apparatus is founded with respect to such apace finished, saved the design time that designs staff greatly, improved work efficiency. Through a series of Pro/E three-dimensional model, this integral position that covers clamping apparatus has been finished, if pursue,4 are shown. (2) top-down design is a kind of government tool to process of whole products plan, in initiative design carrying a layer on the head, the whole structure framework that established a product and assemble a relation. Retrospective component refines a process in, differentiate the product gradually for package, package is again fine melt into spare parts. In this process, earlier structural frame not only deliver a spare parts to design information downward, at the same time the catalog of all spare partses establishs whole still product, from above can see the constituent concern between each spare parts is reached clearly assemble a relation. Top-down designs the one big characteristic that is seesaw pattern picture, this Pro/E is done particularly wonderful, the method is varied, but in the final analysis, it is to consult certain spare parts or some a few parts will found related to its other each accessary spare partses. Next the job is a basis already the design that some product whole layout undertake refining, in direct 3 are designed on covered flange edge all the bolt aperture of cloth, again with this 3 all the bolt Kongwei of cloth is fiducial, corresponding whorl aperture is founded on pattern plate, the positional volume of the connection aperture of such guide-post bushing and pattern plate is restricted each other. Same method, the bolt aperture that as specific as clip link establishs on preexistence pattern plate and conic fixed position sell aperture, it is with its again fiducial, corresponding whorl Konghe fixed position is founded to sell aperture on clamping apparatus body. The bolt with very corresponding installation and conic fixed position are founded to sell on package, complete the three-dimensional design of clamping apparatus already basically so far, if pursue,as a result 5 are shown. Nextpage     2.

The structural characteristic of clamping apparatus and working process graph show the 2 dimension structure to should cover clamping apparatus 6 times to pursue. This clamping apparatus has 3 characteristics: (1) increase between the interface of lid of workpiece air cylinder and clamping apparatus body designed 3 bearing, the whole surface contact laying a foundation that prevented workpiece and clamping apparatus system so, reduced the grinding area when clamping apparatus body is machined, on the other hand, in the process holding clip that uses this clamping apparatus, also reduced jockey to urge the operation power that work place needs. (2) innovation of this clamping apparatus designed package of guide-post bushing of type of a kind of scroll (7) seeing a picture, replaced the stationary guide-post bushing in vintage clamping apparatus. This unit used the stationary guide-post bushing of red copper material in the past, because machine,wear away in the process faster, average every use day or measure of one two days of aperture inside its with respect to out of tolerance, change with respect to need a new guide-post bushing, because the wastage of this guide-post bushing is special big. Innovation designs scroll type guide-post bushing now, cent is inside, outer lane, and inside, edge axial uses fluctuation two rounds between outer lane needle roller is arranged cheek by jowl, steel ball is used between the flange that inside and outside encircles, inside, the material of outer lane all is changed for 20Cr steel, cementite 0.

6 ~ 0.

8mm, quench hardness 58 ~ 63HRC, on the other hand, inner ring coordinates a relation with what H7/f6 uses between reamer, in use process, inner ring besides the effect that has to direct, if clearance slants hour, also can follow to rotate together as reamer, and outer lane is fixed go up in pattern plate, complete scroll is between circle of inside and outside, avoided the aperture inside guide-post bushing and reamer so between squash forcibly slip, reduced attrition force greatly, reduced wear extent, present guide-post bushing uses two months to also do not need to change, for the company managing the cost of brushstroke clamping apparatus. (3) the impaction package that if the graph is shown 8 times,part of impaction of this clamping apparatus adopts, pressing plate uses 45 steel, move qualitative hardness 28 ~ 32HRC, the head of pressing plate quenchs hardness 40 ~ 45HRC, the length that pressing plate head extends should ensure can impaction workpiece while do not collide pattern plate; Return spring uses 65Mn, 45HRC of ~ of 40 of heat treatment hardness, adjust the length of 6 wants bolt proper, too long too short metropolis affects clamp result. The working process of clamping apparatus: Clamping apparatus places the workbench in vertical boring machine to go up first, workpiece air cylinder the lid is moved first put 6 to the graph to show bearing extend partial length to go up, advance the proper place below pattern plate again, the hand is moved insert a graph 6 in shows two work location is sold 5, rotate with spanner the pressing plate that impaction controls two side, pull out again two work location is sold 5, choose clamping apparatus proper place, aperture of scroll guide-post bushing aims the boring machine main shaft that has installed good reamer, with respect to the treatment that can have opening of bore with a reamer, the structure of reamer is shown 9 times like the graph. 3.

The article basically discussed epilogue to have the method of design of top-down clamping apparatus in Pro/E, make the design parameter of relevant spare parts in clamping apparatus realizes top-down ground to deliver in the spare parts, return the fast design that can realize similar structure clamping apparatus, rose to design the work efficiency of personnel greatly, for the company managing cost. CNC Milling CNC Machining