Agile gear milling

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The InvoMilling gear that Shanteweikekeleman uses makes a technology -- need a milling cutter only, of mount standard but dislocation razor blade, in can producing a gear inside limits of a modulus to be machined in gear milling normally the gear of specific gear modulus and hob are one to one correspondence. Want efficient and the has different modulus gear wheel of the small lot in economic ground production is a kind of grim challenge. To answer this one challenge, shanteweikekeleman developed InvoMilling cutting tool and be in patent application technology. InvoMilling technology is used namely muti_function the machine tool deserves to go up but dislocation razor blade, have the treatment of straight gear and helical gear. In use belt hard alloy but the disc milling cutter of dislocation razor blade machines a series of modulus norms (for example modulus 4 ~ 8) when gear, have very big flexibility. Nicklas Bylund of engineer of advanced research and development points out Shanteweikekeleman, another advantage of InvoMilling cutting tool is to need a few very few outfit to get stuck only (optimal is outfit card) can machine give a complete part, improved quality thereby and reduced cost. The 5 axes mill that this can produce device of unifinication positive drive and independent gear wheel through using / lathe comes true. Cutting tool can be used at producing modulus to be 2 ~ the gear of 16, but great majority application is to be inside a lesser limits. Bylund says: "We are beginning to produce modulus to be 3 ~ again the gear of 8. " InvoMilling basically is used at in the trial-produce treatment of the gear of small lot and production, and hob, especially the hob of hard alloy razor blade, productivity is tall, suit the production of bigger batch. The reasonable amount that can process a spare parts depends on the complex degree of the spare parts, for example keyway, aperture, whorl and device of unifinication positive drive. "You may lose in gear cutting cycle, can pass completely all things are finished to get redeeming thereby in holding clip. " Bylund says. For example, when those who use straight gear of the tine outside InvoMilling technology milling is alveolar, first axial milling a groove, next, cut in milling cutter do turn twice a bit when cutting finally workpiece. Use this kind of technology, the surface that supports to tine from tine root is bright and clean degree can achieve 2 μ M Rz, and can produce a gear wheel that accords with DIN 6 class. As similar as gear hobbing, after InvoMilling, before essence of life is ground, gear needs to have heat treatment. Besides milling cutter and accurate much task machine tool, the user still needs to use software to implement this technology. Bylund points out, after the support that gets Shanteweikekeleman, de Maji / dark essence machine (DMG/Mori Seiki) the company has introduced InvoMilling its Mori-AP software, this kind of software can regard an input as the quantity with general gear parameter, create the program of cutting teeth of a cogwheel. The method that Shanteweikekeleman has allowed manufacturer of a machine tool to use InvoMilling (dry type is machined) , in 5 axes mill / on car machine tool, gear cutting undertakes on NT series machine tool for example. CNC Milling CNC Machining