Computer vision is soldering to apply mediumly

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Mix as electronic technology, computer technology, automata technology and information software technology introduces quickly solder domain, solder deliver a child produces automation, intelligence to change had become 21 centuries to solder the important way that the technology develops. Calculate machine vision with its information content big, precision is tall, detect range is big wait for a characteristic, soldering the domain got applied extensively, solder to come true operation automation provided strong measure. Camera of CCD of have the aid of, infra-red photograph like appearance, x smooth flaw detector, the image such as high speed camera passes the image processing technique that feeling equipment and intelligence change, a lot of robots and specific automatic welder also had particular visual function, they not only can the visual perception of imitate adroitness solderer knows capacity, and the limit that can surpass a person, the such as that finish: Get and handle strong arc to reach splatter the welding line image below interference, real time extraction solders bath feature parameter, forecast solder the job such as organization, structure and function, the special situation that implementation mankind works directly hard (wait like environment of nuclear radiation of underwater, space) solder automatically construction, ensure the stability of welding line quality and dependability. The vision in soldering passes sense is common include: With individual or a few photoelectricity receive unit (bag vinculum array) to detect one dimension vision passes the weak spot of package feeling; Machinery scans or the planar array of electrical scanning is become like type 2 dimension vision is passed feeling; Three-dimensional vision is passed feeling is the information that obtains to sensor of many low dimension normally undertake operation will come true be handlinged integratedly. Below the joint efforts of domestic and international researcher, computer vision applies extensively at welding line to dog, bath appearance and frit appear appearance of form of path of control, solder to detect wait for a domain with control, to solder production and process automation, intelligence is changed made important contribution. In view of solder the complexity of the process, advanced manufacturing industry to soldering the demand of higher administrative levels reachs the technology the user passes the performance/price ratio with feeling higher system to ask to new-style vision, sex of the complexity that still must solve a system currently and dependability, real time and accuracy, can accuse gender and intelligence to turn the issue that waits for a respect. Look at future, use newest computer vision theory, development solders robot vision passes feeling and control technology, development can identify target environment, dog accurately at any time orbit is adjusted solder the intelligence of parameter solders the robot has been become solder one of significant progress trends of the domain. Domestic and international a lot of researcher are soldering to robot vision system contact feature identifies, solder parameter is optimized, solder fire pose adjusts, solder method program, welding line dogs, the application that welding line frit shows the side such as control began fruitful research. Abroad solders famously robot manufacturer is like KUKA, GMF, motoman, the Adept robot that develops an equipment to new-style vision passes feeling system in succession. Compare with common robot, new-style robot has more more vast application domain, powerful function and more superior performance because of its, and be welcomed extensively by the market, double its price is common robot normally. Home also develops the product of special type robot that the intelligence that has a vision to conduct feeling function turns in succession. The solder deliver a child that the robot that has visual function has applied at the production of car, spaceflight and heavy-duty component to be used at boiler, conduit, large sphere is produced. Can foreknow, be in before long in the future, the intelligent robot that has visual function is sure to wait for a condition in deep water, deep space and nuclear radiation environment the solderer is replaced completely in abominable working circumstance, finish solder operation. CNC Milling CNC Machining