Sensor of displacement of Sony company length reachs working principle

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Feet of laser of laser feet TM is grating interference feet, use at detecting advocate the change with the reflection phasic beam of light that feet displacement causes. In reading head, polarized light of classics of semiconductor laser light beam is prismatic implement cent becomes 2 bundles of light, enter next advocate quarter feet namely a diffractive fine grating, as a result of the diffraction of grating, beam of light generates interference each other. The change of black and white change that interference stripe causes becomes telegraphic name, have count, get thereby advocate the displacement quantity of feet. Dinky optical camera lens does not suffer the effect that illuminant wavelengh changes, also not the effect that acceptor acceptor feet is measuring the displacement on the other direction beyond direction, because this measures precision tall, sensor is very stable, although air flows, the metabolic circumstance of temperature, atmosphere also is such. The bulk in using diffractive grating as a result of laser feet is holographic, diffractive efficiency is tall, its are to get sine report signal as a result, cycle is 0.

1379 μ M, letter a confusion of voices is compared admirable. Receiver (detector) unit undertakes electric fractionize to signal (inside insert) , its are primitive signal reached world highest resolution, the resolution that produces displacement signal namely from 0.

1 μ M rose 0.

07nm. Magnetism feet  by magnetism advocate feet and composition of magnetic induction head, can detect with high accuracy and high resolution linear position and circumgyrate angle size. Advocate feet is by the diameter 1.

The iron magnetism alloy of 2mm and 2mm is marvellous (lever) or above record span of reticle of graduation having magnetism for 0.

The hard magnetic data of 2mm takes composition. Use special record magnetic head and laser to measure machine, can make graduation reticle is accomplished very accurate. Magnetic flux induction measures a head to detect advocate the magnetization mode on feet, get correspondence the signal at displacement, by detect 0 what the head gets.

The imitate of 2mm pitch measures signal, pass electric fractionize, change signal of amount to word, in order to be used at measure and be being controlled, resolution amounts to 1 μ M or 0.

1 μ M. Feet of high accuracy magnetism its characteristic is to have a special magnetic coating medium and the magnetoresistive that by Sony patent mode arranges (MR) component, magnetism bar advocate the material that the magnetic coating medium of feet is new development and other of a variety of Sony magnetism technologies integrated. The collection magnetism that its microscopical and magnetic grain outputs can contented short wavelengh, high can ask. The check with the sensor high accuracy, can stable mode that uses photoetching technology to be made gives signal, produce accurate signal reading. This primitive sensor mode assured high quality, stability get signal, satisfied more the requirement of high accuracy. Support Sony has interpolation technology only, tall answer speed, tall inside the signal processing technology of interpolation and signal compensation function and interpolation electron circuitry, the system obtained the interpolation of high accuracy. Grating feet  by advocate feet and the rear sight composition that have different score cycle, between park illuminant and photoelectricity converter, in order to produces Mo Er stripe. Rear sight grating causes Mo Er stripe to be in in the displacement on length direction fore-and-aft shift, the change of Mo Er stripe is detected by electric current by photoelectricity converter come out, turn a number into signal via enlarge and electric fractionize, its resolution prep above advocate the score span of feet, in order to be used at measure and be being controlled. The number engraves feet  to be comprised by banding and magnetic material and reading head, used cell of Sony proprietary magnetoresistive (the magnetoresistive of iron magnetism is filmy) the high output signal that can produce the generation when very little change to stabilize in magnetic flux. Produce signal fractionize and signal of word of change amount to, resolution is higher than recording magnetism graduation, use at measure and be being controlled. CNC Milling CNC Machining