Su Ershou's METAPLAS

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The property of coating of Mpower of Mpower coating cutting tool 1.

Microscopical hardness: 3550 ± 350HV2.

Typical coating ply: 2 ~ 7µm3.

Top job temperature: 1, 150 ℃ 4.

Coating structure: Careful and columnar to structure of accept rice crystal, accept rice / multilayer coating 5.

Color: Cupreous color is used " microalloy coating " the technology shows lubricious Mpower in application is " microalloy coating " the first product of series. The excellent performance in high-powered cutting and high speed cutting makes its make the first selection plan that the mould makes, especially the circumstance of those difficult treatment -- this is to point to not only by the tall hardness of treatment material (60HRC or taller) , and point to especially although hardness is medium,wait to those, when the tool that has taller carbide content however or plastic mould steel undertake high accuracy is machined. Its surface often needs to have after these finish machining be been in by treatment material very good bright and clean degree. The state amid such as carbide type, content, hardness and crystal dimension is having very main effect. Mpower is special agree with the high-powered cutting of the following material and high speed cutting: Those who have different carbide content is cold make tool steel, hardness is controlled in 57 ~ 63HRC about; Heat makes tool steel, hardness reachs corresponding hot intensity in 40 ~ 54HRC about special needle is developed to plastic extruding and Injection Mold Tooling and have much better the rolled steel that corrosion resistance can reach polishing function, the micromechanism that hardness is attributed to his to be designed in the light of specific application circumstance for left and right sides of 45 ~ 58HRC normally and applied temperature rise to 1, some photograph stability still are provided when 150 ℃ , mpower satisfied those to innovate user and die manufacturer to ask to what function and productivity rise greatly. Need basis application condition to undertake to coating subtle adjustment can promote his the final performance of coating product significantly only. Mpower obtained first-rate coating solution to create advantage for the mould manufacturing industry of rapid development. Patent AEGO(electric arc enhances glow discharge) craft ensured Mpower coating and the optimal adhesion between material of all wide application tool. To achieve first-rate solution, the design of the setting that still can pass pair of craft parameter and velar layer texture will adjust the remains of coating presses stress. Same, use MetaPLAS-DOMINO engineering technology, still can pass in deposit of surface of material of pottery and porcelain Mpower coating is offerred for material of pottery and porcelain fight wear away the function is hand-in-hand one pace improves material performance. Be designed completely as a result of the micromechanism of Mpower coating according to using a situation, its coating cutting tool is undertaking hard tall carbide showed remarkable low conglutinate trend and Gao Kang to corrode ability when steel and cutting of material of difficult wrought alloy. CNC Milling CNC Machining