The frequency control of numerical control lathe applies

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As the electron technology, computer technology, automata and detect automatically the high speed that waits for a technology develops, report comes in controlling a system, it can help lathe automation already, can raise treatment accuracy again, make numerical control system with respect to development consequently. One, the basic campaign that delays the lathe of characteristic metal cutting that uses a system is cutting motion, namely the opposite motion between workpiece and cutting tool, cutting moves by advocate motion and feed motion composition. In cutting motion, bear the sports of main cutting power says to give priority to motion. In lathe, advocate motion is workpiece motion. Of metallic cutting lathe advocate motion asks timing, and the limits of timing often bigger. Metallic cutting lathe advocate athletic timing. Be in commonly stay the case of machine next undertaking, be in cutting process do not undertake timing 2, advocate laden property of motion is current of lathe low paragraph fast, amount of permission the biggest feed is identical, laden torsion is identical also, belong to constant torsion area; And in high speed paragraph, the influence that because bear intensity of lathe bed machinery and vibration and cutting tool intensity,waits, rate is higher, amount of permission the biggest feed is smaller, laden torsion is smaller also, but cutting power keeps identical, belong to constant power division. The dividing line revolution of constant torsion area and constant power division calls computational revolution, express with ND. The regulation of size of computational rotate speed is as follows roughly: General provision, from lowest fast case, of the 1/3 with all progression most high speed regards computation as rotate speed. As cutting tool intensity and cutting technology rise, computational rate already rose greatly, normally the regulation is: With top rotate speed (1/4 ~ 1/2) regard computation as rotate speed: ND ≈ Nmax/ (2 ~ 4) 3, of lathe roughly construction and procrastinate move 1.

Have with the main part of lathe: ① head wears: Use at securing work, gear case hides inside, it is one of main transmission engine. ② rear push frame: Use at withstanding workpiece, it is the auxiliary part that fixed workpiece uses. ③ tool carrier, use at securing lathe tool. ④ lathe bed, use at finding a place for all components. 2.

Procrastinate use a system: Basically include the following two kinds of motion: ① advocate motion: The whirligig of workpiece gives priority to motion, drive what workpiece rotates to procrastinate use a system. ② feed system: Basically be the shift of tool carrier. 3.

Advocate the formation of torsion of athletic system block: Advocate the block torsion of athletic system is the block torsion that workpiece forms in cutting process, cutting power uses at cutting flake and be out of shape, direct ratio of reason cutting force at be being mixed by the material property of cutting cut area, cutting area is decided by cutting deepness and feed, and cutting torsion depends on the product of cutting force and workpiece circumgyrate radius, its size and following element concern: ① cutting deepness, ② feed is measured, the material of ③ workpiece is qualitative wait with the diameter. CNC Milling CNC Machining