The machine tool of tall flexibility is OK oneself get work

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Product service life shortens, the development trend that production lot decrescent and handling time shorten asks it is better to produce equipment to show get used to ability. System of a kind of tool can add outfit workpiece for machine tool equipment and undertake placing holding to workpiece. System of this kind of automation also can be handled large with heavy work. Machine tool and machining center are efficient a when automation works very main index is flexibility. Shorten in product service life, production lot decrescent and handling time shorten wait for development trend to fall, manufacturing facilities must show its adaptability: Move from the hand take odd treatment begins, through 3~10 the small lot production of workpiece, the production of the one lot of moderate size till thousands of workpiece, to this, equipment needs to win a kind of efficient processing technique program. When using AWS tool system, can pass automatic outfit support a function with clip, the company of semi-automatic or full automatic treatment exercise NC-Automation that realizes small lot, lot of moderate size and big batch goes a kind to be able to be the AWS that the machine tool adds outfit workpiece and clip holds work automatically for this development automatic tool system. According to company introduction, the tall agile automation that this kind of system applies to new facility already moves, also apply to groovy machining center mount an operation. Because this AWS system is a foundation with a variety of tools only, because this is OK well by compositive go up to all sorts of different machine tool equipment. Through using common 20mm columnar knife handle and Weldon or pincers blade holder, the automation flexibility that can ensure the equipment place that contains all sorts of different port needs. The basis makes manufacturer news, this kind of automation technology system that is similar to a robot is OK and very good all sorts of functions that use modern machine tool, the space that itself place needs is dinky. Usually, the investment pay back period of this kind of technology is in about 3~6 month. Through be aimed at the automata function of equipment of CNC machine tool, the operation personnel of turning machining center can come true to the hand is moved and add the function such as outfit workpiece and paratactic production automatically. Be affected to avoid to make the free of equipment of CNC machine tool epicene, can adopt handiwork to change to be held with clip to the workpiece of individual ponderosity. In addition, all sorts of cutting tool can be centered in knife library, accept clean, operation and label. The versatility of this tool system still reflects the characteristic that catchs claw to be able to move periphery dimension to be 500mm and the workpiece that weigh 60kg through installing a simple renovate in its to go up. Need to be able to activation through M instruction only workpiece packet and clip run unit, can simplify from this of the machine tool add what install and do not suffer a machine tool to dominate system and its type to restrict. The surveillance that holds device and memory to operating tool, clip is same also have the aid of at but respondent M instruction undertakes. The flexibility of AWS system still is made in Yu Jicao and clean tool can pass refrigeration already lubricant, oily or compress air undertake operating, also can use pressure bedspring to undertake operating. Operation tool can pass all sorts of different medium to undertake a part the hand is moved and be operated automatically partly, apply to the memory to workpiece already, also apply to the operation to workpiece. CNC Milling CNC Machining