Be based on the analysis of advantage of switch power source that capacitance of high-pressured pottery and porcelain designs

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The preface is contemporary in power source technology, no matter be linear power source or switch power source, aluminium electroanalysises capacitance is indispensable crucial parts of an apparatus. However, in design of groovy inside the industry AC-DC power source, aluminium electroanalysises capacitance can bring condition of high low temperature to leave the question such as dependability difference, life weak point to power source. So, have a kind to be able to replace traditional aluminium to electroanalysis already capacitance, can you raise the parts of an apparatus of power source dependability and life again? The article is emphasized electroanalysis from capacitance of high-pressured pottery and porcelain and traditional aluminium the contrast of actor inferior position of capacitance undertakes discussing with the analysis. One, aluminium electroanalysises the converter of power source of design flaw AC-DC of capacitance, want to realize the commutation that communicates dc, a stability, flowing volts d.c. is formed to give oneself and power supply of exterior parts of an apparatus after needing to pass alternating voltage rectification filter wave above all. And electroanalysis because capacitance has the capacitance inside unit volume nominal capacity is big, large (can achieve farad level) , the price is low wait for an advantage, often make the crucial parts of an apparatus or appliance of wave of filter of the commutate in groovy switch power source. Electroanalysis capacitance is by aluminium cylinder does negative pole, contain inside liquid electrolyte, insert belt of a bent aluminium to do positive electrode to be made, electrolyte falls in the extreme condition such as high temperature and low temperature, fluid of very easy leakage and dry up, make its electric thereby attribute happening changes, bring about capacitance invalidation finally. Once aluminium electroanalysises capacitance invalidation, because of its severe reaction forms pressure, can release combustible, caustic gas, bring about invalidation of AC-DC module power source. Electroanalysis according to aluminium the physical structure of capacitance, can use a figure 1 in shows circuit is equivalent, among them CAK represents the ideal capacitance;Rp between two electrode is shunt resistance, the part of inductance of equivalent series connection that the;L of composition of series connection resistor that represented the;Rl of leakage current composition of capacitance to represent capacitance terminals and electrode share represented derivative line and joint. Aluminium electroanalysises the function of capacitance basically counts its intermediary qualitative share, namely portion of film of zincous metal oxidation. Outside removing the effect that suffers initiative craft, in working process, electrolyte also can be repaired ceaselessly and add thick this oxidation film, as film of zincous metal oxidation add ceaselessly thick, aluminium electroanalysises the capacitance value C in model of capacitance equivalent circuit can drop ceaselessly, ESR of resistor of equivalent series connection can increase ceaselessly, what at the same time cathode reaction arises is hydric the volatilization that quickened electrolyte again, these are to cause aluminium to electroanalysis the main factor that capacitance degrades. Consequently, although electroanalysis,capacitance is having the advantage that the capacitance of other type cannot replace, but still have in-house loss error of big, electrostatic capacity character of big, high low temperature differs big, leakage current wait for blemish. Reason is used electroanalysis the module of groovy AC-DC power source that capacitance designs is in the respect such as character of high low temperature, dependability, service life has clear inferior position. So, if be not used in design of AC-DC power source,electroanalysis capacitance, power source product will how? Without electroanalysis whether can the module of AC-DC power source of capacitance avoid afore-mentioned fatal flaw? A few days ago, jin Shengyang is replaced through using the circuit filling cereal of capacitance of high-pressured pottery and porcelain to design and optimize electroanalysis the basic function of capacitance, successful design gives what contented function asks to not have electroanalysis series of LN of module of capacitance AC-DC power source, because electroanalysis,solved AC-DC power source capacitance and brought product is large volume, life weak point, expensive the problem such as microtherm function difference. 2, without electroanalysis the advantage of capacitance product and electroanalysis capacitance photograph is compared, capacitance of pottery and porcelain has extremely low ESR and ESL, can reduce the attaint risk; that causes because of parasitism parameter at the same time, because the electrolyte of capacitance of pottery and porcelain is below the limit conditions such as high low temperature,volatilize not easily, caky, the capacity is relatively stable, can retain the electric character of capacitance for long, raised the function of high low temperature of power source product and the dependability that use for a long time greatly thereby. Series of LN of efficient, environmental protection uses 1) the circuit that fill cereal undertakes designing, use electric capacity of high-pressured pottery and porcelain perfect replace aluminium to electroanalysis capacitance, increased what rectification is in charge of to guide current flow angle, make input voltaic weaveform to become more adjacent from aiguille pulse sine wave, the power element that increases power supply substantially thereby (show) 1 times like the watch, improve the changeover efficiency of power source, more benefit at environmental protection energy-saving, reduce total harmonic significantly lack fidelity. If the graph shows 1 times: Old plan electroanalysises to use in the following and all watch the product of capacitance, new plan electroanalysises to use the circuit that fill cereal to not have the new product 2) of capacitance the itself of promotion power source of product life is parts of an apparatus of a power, the power loss when working normally sends out through hot form exterior, diode of parts of an apparatus of its in-house transformer, switch, commutate is calorific parts of an apparatus. Outside removing in-house factor, major power source needs to apply in higher environmental temperature, these meet those who bring about electrolyte to volatilize, reduce electroanalysis the service life of capacitance. Capacitance of pottery and porcelain uses the material of pottery and porcelain with the stablest character to serve as medium, especially capacitance of a kind of pottery and porcelain (NOP) can come true - the working environment temperature of ℃ of 55 ℃ ~+125, size variation does not exceed ± 30ppm/ ℃ . When capacitance temperature changes, look value is very stable, have temperature to compensate a function namely, apply to a requirement to allow a value to be inside temperature span stability and the circuitry that tall Q is worth and the; in all sorts of syntonic circuitry 2 / 3 kinds of pottery and porcelain (X7R) comes true - inside the working temperature limits of ℃ of 55 ℃ ~+125, the change with the biggest capacity is ± 15% . Electroanalysis from the medium of capacitance of high-pressured pottery and porcelain and aluminium the character of the electrolyte medium itself of capacitance can see, capacitance of pottery and porcelain can bear stricter environmental requirement, having important sense to the design of the life of power source product, dependability, can the service life that land of very old rate improves power source product and dependability. Jin Shengyang is not had electroanalysis series of LN of module of capacitance AC-DC power source writes cereal circuit through using, use capacitance of high-pressured pottery and porcelain to replace aluminium successfully to electroanalysis capacitance, can avoid effectively to electroanalysis because of,poor problem; shuns the function of high low temperature that capacitance causes because of in-house electrolyte of electrolyte volatilize bring about capacitance to allow a value to drop, power source product life reduces problem; to because of,can avoid even of electrolyte acuteness erupt or the safety that leakage fluid causes. The character of high low temperature with stable 3) is current, most convention electroanalysises the rated job temperature of capacitance is 105 ℃ , but because electroanalysis,capacitance issues electrolyte in high temperature condition easy volatilize, power source itself is calorific bigger wait for a reason, convention is used electroanalysis the AC-DC power source of capacitance can work to fall in the ambient conditions of 70 ℃ only. Want to raise the working environment temperature of power source, must use the price costlier, volume is larger electroanalysis capacitance, or the application that with falling frontal means realizes condition of high low temperature to fall, product of power source of in relief groovy AC-DC rises to be in what environment of high low temperature falls to fall with gold below if frontal requirement pursues 3: Series of Jin Shengyang LN can change in cost, bulk high temperature of the implementation below not big case works, can contented - 40 ℃ issue forehead of extremelying He Jiang to ask to 70 ℃ condition, applicable is in environmental temperature is higher / inferior, and taller to the dependability of power source product, service life circumstance, wait for an industry like street lamp control, LED. Characteristic Jin Shengyang of 4) tall EMC is not had electroanalysis product of capacitance LN series, mature to different application circumstance, different design asks, undertook upgrading in the round optimizing to the EMC function of the product. Design through PCB in module interior, use the means implementation such as wave of multistage EMC filter to be in defend without any periphery the EMI below the circumstance of parts of an apparatus satisfies CLSS B, prevent surge ability to amount to 4 class. 3, sum up Jin Shengyang to not have electroanalysis the power source of AC-DC of successful development proof of series of LN of module of capacitance AC-DC power source also can be not used in the design electroanalysis capacitance. Electroanalysis through using the circuit filling cereal of capacitance of high-pressured pottery and porcelain to the design is replaced and be optimized the basic function of capacitance, can perfect because electroanalysis,solve power source module capacitance itself is inherent blemish and poor, dependability needs the property of high low temperature of generation, service life is brief wait for a problem. CNC Milling CNC Machining