Alternant polish law

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Alternant polish law, cooperate craft of a few kinds of polish the floorboard of the whole polish technology that has alternately each other namely. It is commonly used go up to ask to polishing surface surface roughness tall polish works at much constituent alloy and craft. For example, in electropolishing some kind of alloy is made when, can making a surface form the overburden of proceed of a serious cloggy electropolishing sometimes, but had not achieved the to polishing surface surface roughness requirement on craft. This is with respect to need among electropolishing process, join a mechanical polish, with the overburden that forms in process of seasonable eliminate electropolishing, undertake electropolishing again next. This kind " electropolishing - mechanical polish - electropolishing " the whole polish technology that has alternately, it is an example of alternant polish craft. Alternant polish law, but alternant, also but alternant for many times. Also not craft of two kinds of polish undertakes be confined to alternant, when necessary, can use a variety of polishing craft to undertake polishing is machined alternately, till till polishing surface surface roughness achieves craft to ask. Ought to point out, the overburden that surface of the polish in afore-mentioned electropolishing processes forms, must not use the eliminate of mechanical polish law with polishing apparent effect, usable still and other lose sight of those who have polishing effect it seems that simpler method eliminate. Chemical dip washs a law is efficient and fast eliminate membrane method. For example, using phosphoric acid - vitriolic - in water mixture electrolyte, make to board shape molybdenum when undertaking electropolishing, make a surface can form cap rock of a blue purple class very quickly. This as electropolishing process add quickly into guild thick, make electroanalysis electric current is reduced quickly. Should electroanalysis the 1/3~1/5 that electric current reduces original mix electric current to be worth or more hour, it comes down with respect to can basic stability. Electropolishing process stops almost or lost at this moment. Take out the meeting after making an overburden of eliminate surface blue purple to see, the surface roughness of polishing surface returns requirement of short of craft, still need again polishing. But if not eliminate molybdenum makes a cap rock of exterior purple orange, can no more undertake electropolishing. This kind of purple film can use purify wet cloth group is wiped, usable also and alkalescent (if oxyhydrogen changes sodium) dip washs rare aqueous solution several minutes eliminate. CNC Milling CNC Machining