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The technical concept that the article creates to the network, current situation and development trend and country " 15 " research target made brief introduction. One, technical overview network makes those who point to is: Face market opportunity, be aimed at some market need, internet of benefit in order to (INTERNET) the information freeway that is a mark, quickly constituent society makes resource, mix the resource of existing production facilities that is in different area dispersedly, intellective resource all sorts of core ability, press the principle with resource complementary advantage, quickly combination does not have enclosure into a kind, overstep dimensional bind, rely on electronic method connection, unified commanding manages entity -- network alliance enterprise, so that roll out the new product of high quality, low cost quickly. The action principal part of executive network production technology is network alliance, because this needs to research a series of issues related research and network alliance from the complete lifecycle of network alliance, the lifecycle of network alliance differentiates roughly by sequential for: Alliance of analyse of heavy constituent of the market analysis when facing market opportunity, resource, network establishs alliance of design, network carry out, alliance of network alliance operation, network is stopped. Inside cycle of network alliance whole life, the executive technology that involves covered the following aspects: Organize management and operation management technique; Resource recombines a technology; Network and communication technology; Information is transmitted, processing and changeover technology. Be being made as a result of network is to build the base in the information freeway that is a mark with Internet, must be built accordingly and perfect relevant law, code frame and environment of electronic business affairs, build a country to make resource website, form information to support an environment. 2, the current situation and trend of domestic and international development at the beginning of 90 time, american Caspian university (Lehigh University) after the current situation that studying and sums up American manufacturing industry and latent capacity, published those who have epoch-making sense " 21 centuries production company develops the strategy " report, put forward to make the new idea with dummy company adroitly. This one new philosophic theory produced tremendous echo. 1994, formulate of American energy department " the technology that implementation makes adroitly " (Technilogies Enabling Agile Manufacturing---TEAM) plan (1994 - 1999) , involve federally the 100 many units such as orgnaization, well-known company and university, published the politic program of this project and technical program in December 1995. American department of defense and science foundation aided financially 10 research units that face American industry 1995, made what be core content with dummy company with be being made adroitly jointly " the production of next generation " plan. Company of American current electric equipment published the structure of CAM net CAMNet and application in May 1996. It offers a variety of production to support a service through World-Wide-Web, its purpose is to build what make adroitly to prop up an environment. Institute of American international production enterprise was published 1997 " the United States - Russia is fictitious intranet " research report. This project is project of research of American national science foundation, the purpose is to develop to cross a state the prototype of fictitious intranet, make the United States makes a manufacturer can use the capacity of Russia manufacturing industry, tell from greater sense, the beautiful Russia that regards frame of global production foundation as one part is fictitious of the enterprise build what rise to realize the whole world to make with development to set an example action. Current, liverpudlian university is in England Europe in all body aids financially next building " British northwest is fictitious intranet " , this net aims the collaboration of medium and small businesses of area of northwest of support, stimulative England and development. In December 1998, european alliance was announced " the 5th frame plans (1998 - 2002) " , company of will fictitious network includes research the theme. The place on put together is narrated, IT is promoting manufacturing industry technology, of the organization change. Reflect the application that assists a technology in all sorts of computers, and industrial developed country uses long-range information network to will be located in different ground, the factory link that has different function rises, caused the change that produces an organization. The research strategy of our country should be the advanced experience that draws lessons from international to go up, the production industry that joins China is real, put forward to fit the manufacturing pattern of our country national condition, seek 21 centuries China to make the development way of the enterprise, is not simple ground dogs certain new idea of abroad. 1994, the development of foreign advanced technique posed group of our country academia, industry and nation of integrated branch take seriously, be attached most importance to to choose one of fields of science and technology of development surely by the country. In last few years, a lot of domestic a person with breadth of vision are special the research that puts forward to want to take the new student that fits Chinese national condition seriously to produce mode and administrative technique and application, but the arrangement that lacks a system. Pressing hope is in vast enterprise to produce mode and structure newly to recombine to the respect coachs somewhat and be offerred set an example. Vast enterprise already realised gradually, face the arrival of information age, company structure will produce change, use network to make mode will conduce to the competition ability that enhances a business. Ministry of science and technology in March 1999 will " network makes the application in accurate figuration and treatment domain consider to reach set an example " the task includes " 95 " national emphasis science and technology tackles key problem plan, this task is with the mould the industry is set an example. 3, " 15 " target and main research content 1. The target captures main and unit technology, build a country to create resource network, build demonstrative system of a batch of application, make resource to raise our country to make our country of the utilization rate of resource, implementation share, increase a business the response rate to the market, international competition ability that enhances our country manufacturing industry provides academic frame, system frame, executive method and measure and promotion application experience. 2. Main research content (1) cooperative relation theory studies. Include to suggest to evaluate the method of code of conduct of network alliance industry, build trustful mechanism and effective ground quickly to defend a method, the method of working party relation that establishs profit of network alliance company to share and accredit are corresponding the decision-making method of responsibility. (2) for network alliance of the center with the client the enterprise is built. Network alliance enterprise must be a center with the client, the plan that the product develops is a center with the client. (3) of website of national production natural resources build, this website should have: The information of the core ability such as fortune of business development capacity, equipment ability, technology, intellective resource and business experience, and the evaluation function to these core ability, make enterprise of countrywide manufacturing industry can visit this website, pass evaluation function, assist an enterprise to easier ground chooses and decide a partner, implementation establishs network alliance efficiently, apace answers the market. (4) build include to produce the network alliance lab that learns to grind inside, its task is the tool of concept of research and business of alliance of network of support of test and verify and method, include among them: The compositive method of the core ability such as existing to the enterprise technology, equipment and manpower; Information is transmitted, changeover and standardization problem; Guarantee system of the manufacturing plan of network alliance enterprise and control method, quality, cost accounting and hierarchy of control, incentive mechanism and supervisory mechanism. (5) the development of trustful representative system, the made medium that makes alliance of web sth resembling a net and bridge. (6) the risk of allied enterprise carries the network to study with accrual distributive method in all, the feasibility of partner operation mixes sex of cooperation of evaluation of in order to economic benefits. (7) the method that intellectual property protects and agreement, intangible assets evaluates a method to consider, use for the enterprise, simplify the procedure that establishs network alliance company. (8) mix in 5 industries 5 - 10 enterprises build applied demonstrative system. CNC Milling CNC Machining