Machining is made in the application of automation technology

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Machining automation technology is domain of much discipline skill the project of technology intensive system of integrated across, with traditional machining technique distinction depends on: Rigid structure is simpler, rigid function stronger, performance is more superior. Contemporary machinery not only requirement structure novel, bulk small, weight is light, return claimed accuracy tall, stiffness is big, dynamic performance is better. Accordingly, automation technology makes medium application have very important sense in machinery, basically separate a side. One, the current practice that the compositive maneuver spending fortune of machining calculates compositive technology to undertake machining already became contemporary company, the computer is compositive making is comprise by the system of many mutual correlation, basically include: Subsystem of project technology information, administrative information subsystem, production automation subsystem, quality information subsystem. Coordinate carry of these systems to use each other, implemented the automation that machinery makes, improved manufacturing efficiency greatly, managing manpower capital, the intensive that promoted machining is changed. 2, the intelligence of machining changes intelligence to make a system is man-machine interface optimize and the relatively perfect management system that automation builds jointly, can produce the advantage that computer message manages adequately. What use in production process is modular method, thereby machinery is had reasonable flexible. Reflect security on one hand, save resource on the other hand, rational reclaims, accomplish free from contamination, raise mechanical design, analysis thereby, make, feedback, reclaim the efficiency that waits for process management, reflect adequately appropriate, reasonable, unified the treatment requirement that change. Intelligence makes a system can better applicable treatment requirement, accomplish production process optimize processing. 3, of machining fictitious change build what the model is a foundation with emulation technology with the system " fictitious make " , at 20 centuries 90 time initial stage puts forward, include graphics of technology of collateral project, multimedia, IT, artificial intelligence, contemporary mechanical workmanship, computer to wait, it is a kind of comprehensive system technology that comprises by a variety of discipline skills. Fictitious production technology uses emulation computer technology, IT to make the content in the process, person, information and the emulation that production process undertakes unifinication to machinery, discover machinery creates the problem that the likelihood in the process appears, discover a problem ahead of schedule, take step ahead of schedule, make sure one-time success leads the product, produce cost to decreasing thereby, shorten production reached safeguard action since the periodic, percent of pass that improves a product. 4, of machining change the inevitable requirement that be being made quickly is economic integration of instantly whole world quickly, different country distinguishs differently labour cooperates, act different role to produce final terminal product, but mutual between what carry a product again is fictitious change, intensive changes connection to be together, each unit must make quick response to the product, in order to satisfy the need of the user. What produce from single product so is compositive the intensive that turns production of different finally company is changed is the strong safeguard that machining changes quickly. Their rapid development level also reflected the development capacity of modern world plant and development level, it is the way that global economic integration develops more. 5, the green cleanness of machining changes green to produce is to point to with energy-saving, fall bad news, decrease corrupt for the target, it is a method in order to manage with the technology, executive industry produces whole process to pollute control, make the generation of contaminant measures a kind of when change the least comprehensive measure. Clean production includes clean the sources of energy and manufacturing course; Use the technology that pollutes free from contamination, less, new facility, managing the sources of energy reachs resource; Aggrandizement craft, equipment, raw material store carry management and the government that produce constituent course, reduce the relevant demand such as the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of stock and leak accident. Can make green the technology apply at the enterprise produce truly at present nevertheless, basically also center on the pillar industry such as car, home appliance. The place on put together is narrated, as the development of human society, confluence of industry across, course, area communication, resource is shared, progressively body reveals a society to develop the tendency of unifinication, as more and more close together as mechanical production industry ground contacts automation technology together, this among them IT, computer is compositive technology, contemporary the systematic technology such as administrative technique, high emulation technology, vacuum technique, biology technology, burgeoning course is more and more extensive use the thorough development that drove machining automation technology, accordingly we should seize opportunity, seek cooperative study, successive, with scientific and precise manner, excelsior spirit, explore innovation hard, technology of stimulative machining automation develops quickly. CNC Milling CNC Machining