Be based on the efficiency that high speed machines and equipment type selecting

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High speed cutting (HighSpeedCutting) machine with high speed (HighSpeedMachining) respectively abbreviation HSC and HSM, it is a when will nearly 10 years rise abruptly quickly advanced production technology. Because technology of high speed cutting makes car, mould, plane, light industrial the productivity that waits for an industry with information rises significantly with production quantity, treatment craft and equipment change, accordingly as numerical control technology same, high speed cutting and high speed treatment already made manufacturing industry of 20 centuries machinery a far-reaching technical revolution. Current, the high speed machining center that gets used to HSC requirement and machine tool of numerical control of other high speed already were shown in the developed country popularize a trend. The origin of high speed cutting but restrospect to 20 centuries 20 time evening. Luo Meng of cutting physicist Sa (CarlSalomon) the doctor exceeds experiment of high speed imitate at undertaking 1929. Published famous freeboard in April 1931 fast cutting is academic, put forward hypothesis of high speed cutting. Sa Luomeng points out: Inside groovy cutting speed limits, cutting temperature rises as the accretion of cutting speed. To material of workpiece of avery kind of, put in limits of a speed, inside this speed limits, because cutting temperature is too high, any cutting tool cannot bear, cutting treatment is impossible to undertake. But, increase again when cutting speed, after exceeding this speed range, cutting temperature is reduced instead. In the meantime, cutting force also can drop substantially. According to his hypothesis, undertake in the high speed area that has fixed rate cutting is machined, can have lower cutting temperature and less cutting power, not only possibility undertakes exceeding high speed cutting with existing cutting tool, reduce cutting time substantially thereby, twice land improves the productivity of the machine tool, and still will bring to cutting process a series of good character. One. The efficiency that high speed machines 1.

The speed D that high speed treatment raised a product to machine to finish machining, from material purify speed character, high speed machines faster than common treatment fourfold above, general feed speed is in 3 meters when finish machining of machine tool of ordinary numerical control - 6 meters / minutely, and high speed machine tool is in 15 meters commonly - 60 meters / minutely, everybody knows general product machines greater part time to spend in finish machining, right high speed treatment adopted very small cutting rough machining deep, but the cutting inside time limits is measured or machine than machine tool of ordinary numerical control fast severalfold. 2.

The feed that because high speed treatment took minimum,high speed treatment can obtain the treatment surface K of high quality and cut deep, reason can acquire very high surface quality, sometimes OK even the working procedure of Xiu Guang of leave out benchwork, because of exterior quality rise leave out the time that the working procedure place such as Xiu Guang and ignition flower needs, it is again inside limits of speed of high speed treatment, cutting thermal drop is small, at the same time cutting force also can drop substantially, the product that makes machine won't machine precision because of cutting force and cutting temperature influence. 3.

Simplified to machine treatment of process convention milling to be able to be in only quenched ongoing travel, because quench,cause be out of shape must want nap of deal with labour or use report to machine final take shape. Can pass high speed treatment to finish now, leave out process designing of treatment of electrode material, electrode and treatment, and place of electric treatment process requires holding cost, and won't appear the case hardening that electric treatment brings about. Additional, because high speed machines cutting quantity to decrease, the cutting tool that can use smaller diameter undertakes machining to smaller round horn radius and mould detail, saved partial treatment or manual nap craft. The simplifies to produce cycle to shortening contribution that reduces the artificial time that repair light and craft can exceed high speed to machine the value that rate rises and produces even, the knife treatment that Qi establishs GRAND68A to once used 6 millimeter gives deepness 50mm diameter 0.

The little garden cylinder of 2mm, machine tool of ordinary numerical control cannot be accomplished. 4.

Make mould repair process becomes more convenient the mould often needs repair for many times in use process, in order to prolong service life, past basically is to rely on electric treatment to finish, if use high speed treatment to be able to complete this work quickly, and can use former NC program, need not weave afresh, and can accomplish do not have accurately by accident. 2. High speed machines forum of free space of AD/CAM of equipment type selecting- - use skill of installation of communication CAD/CAM/CAE software and the speed of requirement main shaft that decode high speed to machine pair of machine tools should achieve 15000 ~ 40000r/min; Feed speed should amount to 15 ~ 60m/min; Fast and floating rate amounts to 30-90m/min; Acceleration is 1g; The rigid structure of tall tigidity; Cooling and tall stability, tall stiffness, good high speed main shaft; Accurate heat compensates a system; The control system of capability of high speed processing (linear interpolation 5-20Microns or NURBS interpolation function) ; Have the control system of pretreatment ability. The acceleration of knife clip, cutting tool is less than 3g; The radial of cutting tool is jumpy be less than 0.

015mm; 1.

High speed main shaft is current, high speed machine tool uses electric main shaft generally, because do not have intermediate transmission link, common says " inside main shaft of report Tibetan type " , electric main shaft is component of a kind of intelligence function, not only rotate speed tall, power is great, still the machine tool such as a series of main shaft temperature rise and vibration runs the function of parameter. The admirable substantial that decides function of electric main shaft is in bearing, the bearing that electric main shaft uses basically has scroll bearing, fluid static press bearing and bearing of magnetism in suspension. At present home basically applies bearing of scroll of pottery and porcelain, the electric main shaft that the bearing that STA company uses German GMN firm produces is the product with a good performance, its rotate precision and stiffness are quite tall. Often use CYTEC at present, italian FAEMAT, the electric main shaft of the manufacturer such as Swiss IBAG. Domestic user should pay attention to the parameter of main shaft commonly when buying a machine tool, main shaft has rotate speed, power, torque commonly 3 basic and important parameter, cannot seeking high rotate speed, high power blindly is good, should the size according to the machine tool, feed speed, NC controls systematic whole to undertake collocation, if your machine tool main shaft 60 thousand turn / minutely, feed speed just 6 meters / minutely, can talk to go up how high speed machine tool. The high speed of main shaft rotates the heat with cutting much generation, falling without sudden shift, heat in metal cutting conducts work in great quantities, cause product heat to change model, cannot change to the easy heat such as aluminium model material treatment, this is just like the shift on the candle that our finger ignites in, if the rate that moves when our finger is quite rapid, do not feel finger will be painful from beginning to end. General rotate speed is fast, below the circumstance like power, torque will be small, torque became small to purify of the cutting inside the time of treatment the quantity has very big effect, should have amount of the purify inside same time so, power must big, the electric main shaft of high-power is quite expensive, to the first time buying high speed machine tool is not very good choice. Main shaft rotate speed should be picked when we buy high speed machine tool about 16000-30000 turns / minutely advisable, power 10KW-20KW, m of · of M-20N of torsional 5N · . High speed main shaft still has important is cutting tool interface, should choose HSK interface, medium-sized machine tool is common HSK-40E, HSK-50E, big machine tool uses HSKA63BT and interface of other cutting tool commonly at present on the market very inaccessible 20 thousand turn the parameter of above is characteristic. 2.

Machine tool structure and feed system to answer the feed speed of minutely 15-60m/min, still must need a good feed system so. At present machine tool of high speed of introduction of a lot of articles uses linear electric machinery as transmission, linear electric machinery is a kind of admirable transmission, the price is very expensive, use capacity is not much, total transmission system must tall acceleration, tall conductibility, 0 clearance, lever of use ball silk must have quadrature of high DN cost, big Luo, tall acceleration, good cooling system. Qi establishs GRAND680B to use air conditioning cooling water to undertake to filar lever, bearing strict temperature rise is controlled, realize 30 meters of feed, temperature rise control is in 30 ℃ , make filar lever bearing runs in great quantities life.

The structure of high speed machine tool uses structure of dragon door type commonly, mi Hanna is cast-iron, special case structure and increase the design that help style, make machine stage is had exceed strong tigidity, when taking care of cutting truly fight twist force and admirable ability suction shock.

Make the machine tool can acquire first-rate carrying capacity.

Use construction of double wall type to prop up crossbeam, crossbeam is propped up in wall type on can undertake fast feed moves, the beam that double wall type props up asks to introduce double dynamic drive on two sides wall, the synchronous sex of both sides feed should assure when double drive.

Because use construction of dragon door type to realize high speed more easily than pillar type,move and the structure is simple, a few small-sized machining center also construction of type of door of make it dragon.

The lathe bed of high speed machine tool and workbench must have move high, Jing Gang is spent and fight brace up the precision with sexual good; maintains sexual; better heatproof be out of shape ability.

On material, high-powered machining center applies high strenth to carbonado closely mostly (Mehanna) is cast-iron.

In the meantime, the polymer concrete that was used at accurate machine tool only in the past, marble has begun to be used at high-powered machining center.

The oscillatory function of the lathe bed that whole of marble polymer concrete casts and cast-iron material are compared, its resonance peak value is little much, and resonance frequency moves ahead slightly.

System of high speed feed is one of crucial parts of machine tool of high speed numerical control.

As the ceaseless development of high speed processing technique and machine tool of high speed numerical control, taller and taller to the requirement of system of feed of high speed machine tool.

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Controller of CNC of high speed system is due short interpolation time, short servo answers time, ability of great lead program pretreatment, deserve to have software of high speed high accuracy, make a present of is handled before, speed exceeds pre-treatment, big program code transmits rate or network function, high-grade system is due function of accept rice interpolation, NURBS interpolation function, NURBS is interpolation of curved surface curve, make treatment code shorter, line is pliabler, the product is more bright and clean degree of precision is taller, but this function should be not had certainly when buying a machine tool, should the basis applies make choice of actually. Above is the scanty proposal to machine tool of high speed of your choose and buy only. When buying high speed machine tool, you still should have rich product to machine experience, rich CAD/CAM experience. CNC Milling CNC Machining