How does the intelligent household that is based on Ios prevent a system to devise plan

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Be based on the design of i OS platform and development technology, in the implementation in different compose network household of a kind of intelligence calls the police system, in order to solves intelligent home between two parties how to prevent a problem. In how should defend a system, information collects end by node of wireless sensor of e of e of B of Z i g (monitoring node) form with organizing means oneself, the real time information that can gather monitoring area will call the police information delivers a server. The mobile client end that is based on development of i OS technology can help an user adopt call the police accordingly to handle and operate measure. One, if graph 1 place is shown,overall program devises overall design plan, should call the police the system basically includes data of e of e of B of Z i g to collect end, call the police mobile client of OS of end, i carries administrative server 3 stature systems. Data collects end to pass string mouth and call the police administrative server carries photograph join, be in charge of gathering the monitoring information in living in an environment, adopt according to mechanism of hardware intelligence control call the police accordingly operation. End of i OS mobile client is in charge of calling the police of information push send and call the police the control of the operation, through WLAN / GPRS network and call the police administrative server carries photograph join. Call the police administrative server carries responsible transmit and processing information to collect what end sends to call the police information, and the operation information that answers mobile client end. Data is collected carry and call the police manage server end to do brief introducing only, the article is based on detailed introduction the mobile client of i OS to carry development. 2, systematic design and implementation 1, data of e of e of B of Z i g collects upright design and implementation data to collect a system to use Z i g - wireless node of B e e is collected and give out call the police information, the sensor outside using human body to heat up Shi Diangong (module of induction of HC-SR501 human body) human body of real time induction inbreaks information, use module of door magnetism switch (KTMC8) the passive open operation of inductive door or window. The characteristic of the advantage that this data collected plan to use e of e of B of Z i g not to have fixed infrastructure from group net and confluence of information of much source sensor, can assure the real time sex that domestic environment information feels and accuracy. 2, call the police administrative server carries design and implementation to call the police what administrative server uses is t of a of c of T o m 8. 0 server. t of a of c of T o m 8. The W e b that 0 server is a kind of free open source code applies a server, the systematic natural resources that when moving, takes up is small, expansibility is good, apply to small-sized applying to serve end. 3, i OS mobile client carries software design and implementation shift client is to be based on i OS mobile terminal undertakes developing, call the police the issuance of information can bear the weight of through the information such as character and image the step will come true. Considering other and adverse element, the load change of the network rate that does not stabilize like terminal unit and information processing, the intelligent household that i OS platform is based on in the article calls the police the system uses text information to push sent form to release call the police information. Terminal is received push after sending a message, remind an user to be able to be adopted in terminal call the police accordingly operation, if open the lamp, take a picture, dial a phone to wait. (1) the mobile operating system that OS of development platform i is development of company of You Ping fruit, the relevant and mobile equipment that main application object manufactures for malic company. This operating system is had the interface that uses easily simply, powerful function and exceed strong stability, the global smartphone quarter that h of c of e of T of m of o of C of l of e of n of a of p of d of l of r of o of W of r of a of t of n of the a that occupy K releases sells a report to show, 2015 the domain of mobile terminal unit of home of the 2nd quarter, i OS equipment was held 24. The portion of 4 % , achieve the history new tall, more and more shift carry an user to choose to use i OS device. Compare with photograph of platform of d of i of o of r of A n d , the mobile terminal unit that uses i OS system with view preferential for the principle, use less frame, assured the use with the most effective to hardware developer. In the meantime, i OS system has higher security, so the user with main good now system learns the advantage of this kind of equipment and relatively safe use environment. What the development that i OS mobile client carries uses is malic company offerred blame opens a source e of d of o of c of X of compositive development environment 6. 1 , what programming language uses is e of v of i of t of c of e of O b j - C. Intelligent household calls the police the early days of the program is debugged finish on simulator of e of d of X c o , later period test and debug finish on true machine. (2) design of framework of software main program enters shift to carry a program above all, the user needs to log onto corresponding account. Mobile end passes WLAN / GPRS is received in real time call the police manage what server end sends to call the police message, if have,call the police message, the user can call the police according to what differ the message is adopted call the police accordingly operation. If call the police currently,the operation already was finished, enter again receive push the position that sends a message. According to afore-mentioned means, the program is carried out circularly, graph 2 gave out flow chart of software main program. (3) advocate interfacial design is shown 3 times like the graph, mobile terminal uses a program advocate detail of setting of area of monitoring of bound biscuit draw together, scene, monitoring and other 4 functions module. 1 . Monitoring area: Delete or add the monitoring to appointing a room; 2. Scene setting: Set different monitoring requirement to different monitoring area, include to leave home, come home and rest setting of condition of 3 kinds of monitoring. In addition, the user also can be added other define oneself call the police operation; 3. Monitoring detail: Show monitoring area picture with picture form, the user is based on this monitoring picture to be able to adopt a person to be operated to call the police; 4. Other: Offer shift to carry the relevant message of the program, if the user logins, wait for a function newlier about software, version. (4) call the police the message is pushed send a design this mobile client end message of use i OS is pushed send mechanism implementation to call the police of the message push send, this message is pushed sending a mechanism is to applying service of program APP, APP to carry (r of e of v of r of e of S of r of Y o u ) with APNS (r of e of S of n of o of i of t of a of c of i of f of i of t of o of N of h of s of u of P of e of l of A p p . The message is pushed if the graph is shown 4 times,send flow, push send flow function to explain as follows: 1 . Use a program (APP) through i OS system to t of a of c of i of f of i of t of o of N of h of s of u of P of e of l of A p p e of c of i of v of r of e of S of i o n (APNS server) register a message to push send a service and apply for D e v i ; 2. APNS server sends n of e of k of o of T of e of c of i of D e v APP; 3. APP sends n of e of k of o of T of e of c of i of D e v r of e of v of r of e of S of r of Y o u (APP serves end) ; 4. APP service end is sent to APNS server push send a message; 5. APNS server will be pushed send a message to send APP. Mobile end calls the police the message is pushed if the graph is shown 5 times,send clew the interface. (5) the user calls the police operation design user calls the police operation interface is shown 6 times like the graph, when mobile end equipment receives APNS server to send come push after sending a message, the user sends a message to be adopted in time according to pushing relevant call the police operation, if click " lamplight " pushbutton, realize the switch control function of pair of monitoring area lamplight. Click " take a picture " pushbutton, implementation takes a picture the function that records monitoring area. Click " call the police phone " pushbutton, implementation dials warning function. Afore-mentioned operations all carry implementation in i OS mobile client, the user is carried through operating shift, through calling the police administrative server carries transmit of information of will relevant operation to collect end to data, final data collects end to realize corresponding operation, achieve domestic environment intelligence to live in the purpose that how prevents. 3, systems analysis and the important segment that test software checks is program development, also be the key that safeguard application process runs normally at the same time. The program that the article develops is in respectively r of o of t of a of l of u of m of i of S of e of d of X c o (simulator of e of d of X c o ) with equipment of i OS true aircraft two platform had a test. Include delay time test and compatibility of i OS equipment to check two parts content. Delay time checks, include to inbreak call the police the message is pushed send delay time and how to defend operation delay time, here delay time includes the total of hardware delay time and software delay time. By the test statistical result is knowable, different delay time all achieved systematic requirement, if the graph is shown 7 times,delay time checks a result. The compatibility test of i OS equipment includes to should call the police systematic software is right the compatibility of type of mainstream of e of n of o of h of P of current home i , classics test, this mobile client end can compatible and current type of mainstream of e of n of o of i P h . If result of test of compatibility of i OS equipment expresses 1 place to show. The test with ceaseless course and improve, intelligent household calls the police systematic delay time and equipment compatibility all achieve a design to ask. The is based on i OS platform staff that the article designs epilogue inbreaks call the police system, intelligence of with a view to lives in the demand that how prevents, applicable at a variety of different setting, wait like family, storehouse, small-sized supermarket, individual shop. The advantage of wireless group net that combines node of e of e of B of Z i g , realized the agile cloth net of the different area that monitor. Face end of i OS mobile client to undertake developing, make the user of equipment of hold i OS can use this system, this will increase intelligence to live in the target user that how defends a system. Accordingly, the design of this system, the better demand that got used to intelligent household how to defend a system, got used to intelligence to live in the development direction of the industry. Did not come the characteristic of wireless network of e of e of B of g of i of Z of working general basis, optimize the function of i OS mobile terminal further, add more monitoring measure, help user gains more perfect use experience. CNC Milling CNC Machining