XH716 machining center answers reference point to call the police breakdown processing

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In the process that machining center of a XH716 winds reference point in the machine tool, appear suddenly call the police, content is: ① 500, 501, 502+X, - X, + Y, - Y, + Z, - Z exceeds Cheng to call the police; ② 1039 be short of photograph or under-voltage; 1035 main shaft of ③ are loose broach mistake; ④ overheat of 2004 electric box. Check above all 1039 call the police, it is normal to measure manostat power source with avometer, add up to machine tool mains switch, examination input power supply is normal also, remove this trouble. Observe position of each axis inactive again, all be in the working journey of the machine tool, eliminate to transcend Cheng trouble. Observe electric ark finally air adjustment machine, the job is regular, temperature is 28 ℃ , nonexistent overheat problem. Because breakdown appears in answering reference point process, nonexistent loose broach, also nonexistent this breakdown. Observation machine tool, discovery operates face plate not to have any directives, do not act well by any pushbutton, examination circumstance is analysed above union, the problem should appear it is on I/O board. Short receive switch of electric cupboard door (if not short receive, advocate mains switch cannot send electrify) , new power transmission, discover indicator light of I/O board power source is not bright, measure, have + input of 24V power source. Close report, tear open I/O board, the examination discovers fuse fusing, change new fuse, disconnect the input of I/O board outputs line, i/O board job is regular. Reexamination input outputs jumper + when 24V power supply cord, discover right short circuit, can lock up from this cause fusing of I/O board fuse for exterior signal short circuit surely. Right finally + progressively platoon checks 24V line, discovery has worn-out appearance for line of switch of X axis journey, wrap up afresh after fixed processing, + 24V line is normal, jumper of new link good machine tool, power transmission, all calling the police disappear, machine tool job is regular. Sum up from this, appear suddenly when the machine tool when many irrelvant alarm signal, when the examination from the common share such as machine tool power source, I/O board is checked, often can find breakdown place very quickly, remove trouble, work for maintenance managing and many time. CNC Milling CNC Machining