Of industrial treatment facilities clean a technology

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Machine and make of the spare parts to the metal, department of almost all industry has strict quality level. Be opposite not only cutting or the treatment process itself that are not cutting have strict quality to set, and spend to the cleanness of the spare parts also have very high demand, because this is right,the spare parts undertakes storing, treatment and constructional fundamental condition. The impurity of the generation in production process and pollution can affect the quality of the spare parts, function and service life, increase production thereby cost and raise percent defective. In the meantime, whether can produce a high-definition clean is spent and the product of high quality also is industry competition advantage important sign. The spare parts is made is the upriver working procedure of the working procedure such as Fu of product spray paint, besmear and general assembly, because manufacturing part is more and more cabinet, more and more complex, this makes the spare parts cleans the job to make the important segment in product quality catenary. Contemporary industrial spare parts cleans technology and equipment solution to be opposite realized afore-mentioned requirement to make enormous contribution, the strategy that for current manufacturing industry implementation appreciation and quality assure created a condition, be helpful for abiding by environmental protection and the requirement that discharge control code, the goal that achieves an enterprise to optimize cost (graph 1) . The EcoCFlex of company of Rr Ecoclean of ü of graph 1 D cleans a system to be able to finish a variety of cleaning craft. Of forehead among it is efflux clear washing trough, the main method that can see at the back at present industrial spare parts cleans the method that high-pressured unit cleans is so called " wet and chemical craft " , although use liquid medium,undertake cleaning. Clean the effect to rise, use toward contact a few additional physical method. Now, choose medium of ability in swimming or solvent medium, use innovation, clean a system custom-builtly for the user, can have satisfied the requirement that all sorts of industry spare partses clean. Basically apply at present clean a method to gush drenchs clean, dip is washed, defatted, efflux cleans vapour, high pressure and ultrasonic are cleaned, dry-clean and air and vapour are cleaned etc. Spend to achieve formulary cleanness, often use in the combination in a system clean a method differently, be not even sometimes such cannot. In the light of given the task, to choose the method that clean correctly, general need considers the following factor: The type of contaminant and degree; The material of the spare parts is qualitative; The geometrical appearance of the spare parts; To the requirement of finishing quality and used pretreatment technology; Produce cycle and yield; The cleanness that needs to achieve spends grade and follow-up working procedure to be opposite the requirement that cleans a spare parts. To giving a part cleaning an operation is to be in " in machining a process " , accession between different process clean, what still serve as a spare parts is final clean, the requirement that spends to cleanness and require equipment and craft may have very big different. Nextpage chooses to clean craft and medium suitably to be in wet and chemical craft, the effect that clean basically depends on the solvency that cleans medium. What often use at present is Shui Jiqing lotion and dissolvent. When use dissolvent, can use hydrocarbon of the generation that be not bittern normally (NH) , chloric acting hydrocarbon (CHC) or polarity dissolvent. The efficiency that clean is main also be decided by cleans medium suitably at whether choosing, here is applicable " dissolve of same sex photograph " principle. Experience makes clear, choose to clean medium to will affect the stability of final quality, cost and craft badly erroneously. So, if use water radical to clean an agent to clean very smeary spare parts not only the life that can lower clear washing trough, raise finished cost, affect the quality of spare parts surface possibly still. But, water radical cleans an agent however most agree with the spare parts that cleans emulsion pollution. Gush drenchs clean the large part that basically is used at cleaning to have bigger even face. Cleaning medium is water radical normally, fall to undertake cleaning to spare parts surface in high velocity of flow or high pressure through system of a nozzle. Gush drenchs the quality that clean depends on the appearance of nozzle, distributing, and chosen pressure. To ensure of the spare parts clean the effect to agree, spare parts and nozzle often can move in cleaning a process. Gush drenchs clean machining commonly undertake among the process, also can use at directional clean, if clean a certain hole only. The spare parts of appearance of intricate to having geometry, be like blind aperture or groove, basically use immersion craft to clean. To improve the result that clean, the spare parts often undertakes in clear washing trough whirly or whirligig. The form that the spare parts moves and the structure that clean groove have very main effect to cleaning the effect. High-pressured shedding is cleaned, also say efflux is cleaned, combine application with immersion craft normally. Clean medium to wash groovy fluid face to flow into work area with high speed below in Qing Dynasty right now, the powerful current that cleans medium place generation and eddy current aux will be able to improve the result that clean and rinses quite. This kind of technology is special apply to clean blind aperture and screw. Should clean by abrade cream or polishing creams when contaminative spare parts, or when the spare parts that cleans aperture having blind and intricate geometry appearance, to the requirement that clean will be highest, can use ultrasonic to clean craft right now, ultrasonic aims spare parts surface directly with purify impurity, especially the impurity of stickiness. What vapour degreasing basically applies to surface of purify spare parts is smeary with grease. Cleaning medium is one kind takes the place of by blame bittern actually the vapour of hydrocarbon or composition of menstruum of bittern acting hydrocarbon, this kind of vapour has first-rate defatted property. Defatted craft often uses steam before all sorts of downstream working procedure, if be before agent of spray paint, coating, use bind,apply. Stem from environment and the reason that health protects, use steam defatted craft should preferential the plan that chooses closed circuit equipment, can reduce solvent vapour so to all round atmospheric is discharged. Use dry-clean (blowy) the law is OK low cost ground undertakes handling to the spare parts. Clean medium to compress air namely, compress air by rinsing equipment preparation, the loop after passing proper recuperation is used. This kind of method often is used at purify fragment impurity or dry spare parts. To the spare parts thoroughly dry it is the last pace in cleaning a process normally, also be crucial one step, can prevent corrode so, the spare parts of appearance of this intricate to having geometry is attached most importance to especially should. Use hot airing dry commonly or vacuum is dry, infrared ray is used below special situation dry. Except afore-mentioned clean craft beyond, still a few special technology are used at purify the pollution of special kind, satisfy special requirement. For example: Snow of carbon dioxide gush is cleaned, its clean medium to be comprised by liquid state carbon dioxide, the carbon dioxide snow that produces reachs mechanical integrated action through chemical, heating power, can well of shape of film of surface of purify spare parts or the impurity of solid state, do not have remain almost; Bolus of use ice of craft of dry ice eject serves as clean medium; Clean in plasma in, use different reaction gas purify the layer of organic contaminant. The industrial hardware rinsing equipment on the equipment market that scour and system divide configuration of single accent and much speech type, can serve as clean a line continuously (graph 2) . All equipment can combine application with the robot. Company of Rr Ecoclean of ü of graph 2 D is produced from small-sized sheet antrum rinsing equipment goes to what much antrum cleans a system all sorts of device, be an user any cleaning the working antrum that the problem offers system of corresponding solution single accent to one closes. Wait for the spare parts that clean to be put in tray or basket to send the job pitch. Working antrum fills clear lotion and full fluid, undertake cleaning continuously. Still can join proper antiseptic or passivator when necessary. If equipment is deployed a few additional clean a function, be cleaned like ultrasonic or high-pressured shedding is cleaned, can achieve the result that wants machine cleans better. Same, in close dry program also can be set in working antrum, if vacuum is dry. In the plan that optimizes further, clean medium the metropolis in cleaning a process to counteract fluid and platoon fluid process filters through bypass. Single accent system besides using Shui Jiqing to wash, in principle also can use solvent to undertake cleaning. Much antrum system has rich function, because it can clean a few kinds,processing process combination works together. In this kind of system, with car or pace the conveyor that take form will wait for the spare parts that clean to carry each dip washing trough in. A of this kind of system prominent dominant position is its Gao Tun says ability, because be in,different Qing Dynasty can clean a few batches of spare partses at the same time in washing trough. But, discharge the effect that produces to the environment considering solvent vapour, system of this kind of open mode does not apply to dissolve the form of a drug to clean, can use Yu Shuiji to clean only commonly. Belt conveyer system applies in gush to drench normally in filter cloth cleaning device, its structure should suit treat the geometrical external form that cleans a spare parts. The basis chooses intermittent form (graduation law) or continuous different deferent form, its particular application kind also each are not identical. The pace is entered continuous carrying a system is a kind of solution that can achieve Yan Ke to clean the task, this kind of plan applies at high-pressured shedding to clean normally as directional as high pressure in cleaning the technology that combines. In production of big batch car, often use this kind of plan to clean the component of engine and transmission system. Clean the task to be finished better, often choose a robot, below most circumstance, be called " the robot is unit " device is being cleaned through manipulator the spare parts conveys in the process. The robot can contain nozzle, spray gun or other tool (if be used at purify burr) , clean the job specificly in order to finish. To reduce power comsumption and the loss that reduce medium as far as possible, advanced wet and chemical clean a system to often use closed circuit design, make clean medium to pass inside system of buy type distill is used circularly. Closed circuit design brings a lot of advantages to the rinsing equipment of use dissolvent, through choosing technology program and the component configuration that choose high quality seriously, can be below the premise that accords with safe, health and environmental protection standard, make sure first-rate cleans quality, rise utilization rate of equipment and installations and reduce cost. Can optimize cost structure so, avoid the generation of inferior goods, increase the competitive capacity of the enterprise. CNC Milling CNC Machining