WorkNC processes the application in process designing in mould automation

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Content summary: With the door before some car model inside board pull delay punch to be exemple, introduced WorkNC software NC programming plan, reach its to be in " unmanned post " the action of the CAM technology advantage in automation treatment and play. Point out WorkNC regards the CAM of a high end as software, the computation of its incomplete material semifinished product and prevent collision function, the implementation that is automatic treatment provided safeguard. CNC Machining craft was optimized on certain level at the same time, rose to machine efficiency and treatment security, make treatment precision promotes greatly. Foreword is in Euramerican, Japan to wait for a developed country, mould industry from 20 centuries 80 time begin development not to have technology of post automation CNC Machining, to the history that already had 20 one's remaining years at present, the technology is more mature. The scale of CNC Machining of pattern company automation of a few Japan already can achieve 50% above. Be in our country, start as a result of mould industry late, artificial fare is low, start in respect of automation CNC Machining late also. Nowadays, the rapid development of auto industry drove the progress of Chinese mould industry, company of a few patterns also begins pursuit and try " unmanned post " technology of automation CNC Machining, in an attempt to achieves little person to turn an operation, economic and many labour cost, reduce labor intensity, pass pursuit at the same time but the automation treatment of unmanned post, promote NC program quality and CNC Machining standard, let a mould machine quality of more reliable, efficient, objective taller. The 1 demand that covers a mould NC automation to process pair of orders 1.

Process designing of numerical control of technological process of 1 mould CNC Machining wants a foundation above all the precision of surface roughness of the geometrical appearance of the spare parts, surface, treatment, tigidity that considers a hardware at the same time, be out of shape and the element such as machine tool, cutting tool, clamping apparatus, choose reasonable technological process. 1.

Sex of the security that 2 automation machine the requirement automation of pair of NC programs to process pair of orders, dependability, craft and accuracy raised taller requirement. 1) the accuracy that should assure program itself above all, accomplish treatment to reach the designated position, do good simulation to emulate, avoid wrong happening. 2) the security that assures a program, dependability, the treatment with sound program is ordinal, maintain mental allowance even. Data of library of knife of combinative machine tool does good collision to detect, avoid collision to plunge into the happening of the phenomenon such as the knife. 3) craft sex should consider to machine efficiency, cutting tool to wear away to shake with the machine tool wait for an element. The F that chooses cutting tool circumstance and program to offer (R/min) , S (Mm/min) wait for setting parameter to must match with photograph of treatment machine tool. Want to design the NC program that satisfies afore-mentioned requirements, have excellent skill and rich experience besides process designing personnel outside, the assurance of the implementation that machines plan and order quality still needs advanced CAM software platform. Be like: To realize treatment of unmanned post automation, open thick craft traditionally to use face of edge of knife of head of bolo diameter ball to leave more thick, efficiency of treatment of this kind of craft is tall, but because penetration of a cutting tool measures big, semifinished product,be out of shape and mental allowance is inhomogenous wait for an element to accomplish machine tool bear very hard to be stabilized continuously. Additional, machine tool full load runs, uncertainty is tall, assure to machine quality and efficient requirement hard, do not suit unmanned post to machine. The process designing means that the process designing software of a few major provides, can contented " fastfood knife, light cutting " high speed treatment, order security assures on great rate, reduce the waste that carry a sword, assure unmanned post technology to wait for the requirement of the respect to machine tool, cutting tool, bear. The NC that 2 automation machine programming 2.

1Software of WorkNC software WorkNC is French Sescoi company those who face treatment manufacturing industry is full automatic change a CAM (CAM) software. A variety of data change interface, have the CAD module that is aimed at CAM technically, can complete fill of spare parts analysis, curved surface, attrib border line build the function such as the building with simple curved surface, very practical. WorkNC can produce good line taking a knife, at the same time it still has perfect pattern plate to transfer a function, powerful cutting tool method edits a function, leftover semifinished product is calculated, had prevented cut a function to wait, offerred for process designing personnel convenient. 2.

2 treatment craft comes true (use WorkNC software to come true) inside the door before be some model board pull delay punch. This spare parts antrum deep, structure is complex, repair grinding workload to reduce benchwork handiwork as far as possible, ask treatment precision is tall, attribute the part that machines harder. The material that should draw deep punch to use is HT300. Deep punch is pulled to be with this below exemple, the application of introductory WorkNC software in having post automation CNC Machining. The flow of WorkNC process designing is, to load workpiece, semifinished product reachs attrib border curve, look carefully at the validity that workpiece reads in, call treatment pattern plate, to necessary method choice right attrib border string reachs drive line and operation, build knife course. 2.


Of semifinished product of WorkNC of plan of 1 rough machining build have cast semifinished product, rectangular semifinished product, compound model the means such as semifinished product and CAD model, compound model semifinished product is applied to cast-iron or cast steel the intermediate condition that sets forging tool steel. This workpiece is cast, introduce cast semifinished product, make the cutting tool way that waits for a high level to cut, if pursue,3 are shown. The layer split of WorkNC is wide open thick function with 2 very powerful, can fall the likelihood that interferes collision almost for 0. Only such, ability comes true to be machined without post in opening thick process. Program every cutting 1mm, cutting tool method is by arrive high low, assured the security of the program already so, semifinished product surplus avoids on the can oldest rate again inhomogenous the change that causes machine tool load. At the same time because cutting force is small, protected a machine tool effectively also. Reflect the dominant position on automation, handlers needs to change and adjust feed rate of bear at any time as the machine tool no longer. 2.


2 in the means taking a knife that the treatment in treatment and finish machining plan and finish machining use close commonly. WorkNC has plan of a variety of finish machining craft, be like: Finish machining of 3D edge face, wait for the expensive precision work such as expensive precision work and maximize, umbriferous finish machining and maximize umbriferous finish machining, can apply neatly according to the need of real work. This model antrum is complex, even place and the cutting position that establish a wall to be in cutting tool are abhorrent. The cutting dot of even place cutting tool is near the dot of point of a knife of ball head knife, and the side edge that place establishing a wall is knife of the head that use a ball is in cutting, same rotate speed side edge nods around linear velocity to want than point of a knife a lot of taller. Accordingly this in the program that treatment and finish machining use even area and sidewall punish to leave. Even area uses the umbriferous precision work of WorkNC, from R arc tangent place draws border, use parallel to be machined at direction of axis of coordinate axis X, use rotate speed 4 500 R/min, feed 4 000 Mm/min. And area establishing a wall uses the drive line that manages extraction from R arc, finish machining of face of use 3D edge, use rotate speed 3 500 R/min, feed 4 000 Mm/min, cutting tool method by arrive high low, an one layer treatment comes down. 2.


3 clear root plan because of automation CNC Machining carry out, clear root plan is used leave clear root of surplus short-hilted broadsword to cooperate much Dao Qinggen to use. Because the penknife is opposite shorter, rise and fall big model face, often cutting tool machines the place that be less than, the cutter track contrail that this needs a darker place differentiates alone come out. In WorkNC software, introduced cutting tool collision to detect function, its function installs an interface. Specific flow is as follows: The first pace: Computation is the shortest safe knife is long. Computation of pitch on need is the shortest the cutting tool way with safe long knife, and collision of dot choosing cutting tool detects pushbutton, choose in executive mode " calculate only recommended safe knife is long " , input effective knife in parameter set the parameter such as long, hilt and curved surface obligate. Pass computation, if effective knife is brought up to use this knife to grow data at recommended safe Dao Changze, otherwise, have the 2nd situation. The 2nd pace: Effective knife grows according to to break up a program. Choice " store respectively collision and without collision part " , computation generates respective cutter track contrail. Without collision the part can carry out automation treatment, collision part needs to change long knife or treatment of machine tool tune. 2.


4 outline machine the outline program that plan creates with WorkNC to be able to realize three-dimensional layer to cut, and but the parameter according to set, control different cutting tool each cutting quantity, realize automation treatment below the premise that assures safety thereby. The outline layer that WorkNC place does cuts way of program cutting tool. 2.

3 treatment process emulates the whole process that emulation imitate function can watch to cutting is machined, detect the craft parameter of the setting is reasonable, whether is the spare parts interfered in CNC Machining process, whether is treatment cut too etc, it is a crucial link in to program process. The emulation module that WorkNC interior offers is more perfect, cent is imitate of advance gradually type and 3D imitate. Imitate of advance gradually type is used rise not to need to make semifinished product, the process that needs to will include machine tool and cutting tool parameter only is opened, imitate of route of executive knife rail can. 3D imitate needs to build quadrate semifinished product, emulation rate is some slower, but emulation result is more direct. Set scale into 1:1 when 3D imitate, if have,machine exterior quality problem, basically can foretell ahead of schedule. It is certain that 3 conclusions use WorkNC software process designing CNC Machining craft was optimized on degree, rose to machine efficiency, assured to machine security and make treatment precision promotes greatly, especially the computation of incomplete material semifinished product and prevent collision function to go up, the implementation that is automatic treatment provided safeguard. As CAM technology and CNC Machining level rise, increase of labour cost ceaselessly, the automation processing technique that goes after little person to change and platoon produce means to will make the development trend of mould industry gradually. CNC Milling CNC Machining