Grinder operating rules

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Applicable type: 1, tap grinder: Grinder of S725D, 4M2, whorl: SA7312, silk 7520, y7520W, silk (all-purpose) 7520, MM582. 3, inside whorl grinder: SB7620. 4, worm grinder: MATRX. 5, optical curve grinder: 395-M6, tall essence of life is universal outside garden grinder: MG1420B, MG1431, MG1432. 7, gear grinder: Y7131 (5831) , y7132, y7232, y7431, y7432, y7150YA7063A, y73100, 5 П 84, 5892A, MAAG-HSS60BC, ZSTZ800. 8, hob blade grinder: AGW30A, HSF-33A, MB-10. One, carry out seriously " accurate machine tool is general operating rules " concerned regulation. 2, carry out seriously undermentioned about high spirit grinder current regulation: 1, the working temperature that has workshop of constant temperature equipment should be stabilized in ± of 20 ° С inside the limits of 2 ° С , temperature short of or should quit machine tool job more than. 2, installation new emery wheel must make: (1) microscope new emery wheel, if have crackle, scar,ban use. (2) new emery wheel divides special situation outside, should admit through two commonly static balancing really, before be being installed namely one, after mount main shaft is amended with diamond, tear open fall to be balanced again. (3) new emery wheel divides special situation outside, when installation, should be in emery wheel and flange dish a line into 0.

The paper with 5~2 thick millimeter is filled up. Flange dish bolt should screw equably by the regulation. But not excessive impaction, lest crush emery wheel. (4) before new emery wheel is used. Answer to have spin test on emery wheel testing stand, test rapidity should exceed emery wheel to allow the 30%~50% of working rate. 3, make seriously before the job: (1) check emery wheel and arenaceous wheelhouse to answer in good condition without burst apart, installation is correct, close solid is reliable. The machine tool that overspreads without emery wheel prohibits march. (2) by workpiece tine is counted or pitch deserves to change hang annulus when, should maintain between two gear 0.


The clearance of clench the teeth of 15 millimeter, tooth flank cleanness, lubricant and good. 4, make seriously in the job: (1) before starting emery wheel every time, should open hydraulic pressure stop cut down to be put in " to quit " position, timing handle advocate in lowest fast position, emery wheel fast feed handle is put in regressive position, workpiece head is worn reach rear push frame to forbid to be opposite emery wheel. (2) when starting emery wheel every time, should start lube pump first or static press oil pump of the system that offer oil, wait for grinding spindle lubricant and normal or static after pressing pressure to achieve design regulation to be worth grinding spindle float to rise, ability starts emery wheel circumgyrate. (3) the feed when just beginning grinding wants small, cutting speed wants some slower, prevent emery wheel because of cold short burst. (4) after emery wheel is introduced quickly, forbid motor-driven feed, must not enter bolo. The hand moves feed smooth and slow in order to protect security. (5) when grinding spindle temperature is like С of more than 60 ° , must jockey instantly, after waiting for temperature to return to normal, work again. 3, carry out seriously undermentioned about high spirit grinder special provision: (one) Y7520W, MM582, silk (all-purpose) 7520, silk 7520 whorl grinder: Emery wheel linear velocity can be as high as 60 meters / second. But only the linear velocity of high speed emery wheel just allows to be more than 35 meters / second. Accordingly, emery wheel manufacturer must understand to produce before installing new emery wheel the highest and safe linear velocity of this emery wheel, the emery wheel linear velocity that is a regulation together reachs diameter of leather belt annulus with emery wheel size directly relevant, need content to fasten an attention, lest produce risk,must not make a mistake. (2) SA7312 whorl grinder: The workbench when the shovel is ground is returned quickly, must make bottom of fall back on of horizontal feed handgrip the shovel grinds lever and cam come away first, next again hold tight pushbutton, grind lever batter emery wheel in order to avoid a shovel. (3) MATRIX worm grinder: In the work that processes on this machine tool the essence that must be course rough machining is ground, grant to leave essence of life to grind a quantity to must not be more than 0.


127 millimeter. (4) AGW-30A hob grinder: 1, the feed of correction emery wheel must not exceed 0.

0016 inches (0.

04 millimeter) , lest damage golden steel stone. 2, when square emery wheel wears journey of move back and forth, beard attention: Exceed 25 inches when workpiece spiral lead (635 millimeter, should make sure the smallest journey is 23/4 inch (about 70 millimeter) , lead is reached in 25 inches the following when, the smallest journey is 4 inches (100 millimeter) . 3, the actuating pressure of hydraulic pressure of emery wheel wearing should be in 115~140 pound / inch 2 (make an appointment with 8-10 atmosphere) inside limits, short of does not get start. (5) grinder of HSF-33A hob tooth form: 1, the speed of the speed of the machine tool and cam, because of 4 fast roll handle is in different position and can get twice increases (electric machinery rotate speed from 1599 turn / cent is added 3000 turn / cent) . Accordingly, want special attention: Do not park of third of hand of 4 fast drive likelihood of excess load locally. 2, when grinding bull hob, should screw the impaction screw that allocates type clutch a little a bit, grind in order to increase clutch piece attrition force, lest produce graduation error, attaint workpiece reachs emery wheel. (6) MG1420B, MG1431, MG1432 high accuracy is all-purpose cylindrical grinder: 1, before undertaking exceeding grinding of essence of life, answer to run machine tool sky for some time, after making departmental portion temperature is in the machine tool to heat up a balance, undertake grinding works exceeding essence of life again. 2, make inside fast handgrip should wear emery wheel to be locked up dead when round grinding, lest touch carelessly,cause an accident. (7) gear grinder: 1, the close solid case that begins to be versed in workpiece should be checked to go up in arbor before mixing and emery wheel enter case of work roller seating space, lest produce an accident. 2, stroke of commutation wheelhead slide carriage forbids in the job. Forbid to change thick, essence grinds handle. Prohibit speed change of abrupt bypass the immediate leadership, should by arrive slow to chase advance gradually quickly to go. CNC Milling CNC Machining