Numerical control machine tool stops for long machine the note when switching on the mobile phone

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Do good care and maintenance to be able to make the machine tool machines precision to maintain groove, extend use fixed number of year, adopt to numerical control machine tool switch on the mobile phone correctly debug means, before new challenge, can show give a good working state, improve manufacturing efficiency and treatment result. Numerical control machine tool stops of machine maintain sort of numerical control machine tool is much, machine tool of of all kinds numerical control because its function, what the structure reachs a system is different, each have different character. The content of its care and maintenance and regulation also have distinguishing feature each, specific should reach according to machine tool sort, model use a case actually, consult requirement of machine tool operation instruction handbook, formulate and build maintain necessarily system. Points of a few common and general care and maintenance are below. 1, the machine tool is clean: the workpiece inside the machine tool, treat, scrap clear clean, the scrap inside machine of exterior platoon bit clears clean; Exterior Ban gold is wiped clean, electronic-controlled screen pack of box air conditioning, oily cold machine is cleaned clean. 2, antirust processing: Clear workbench wipe clean, wipe on antirust oil; Machine tool whole journey is slow fast run lubricant line course one hour; Whether does cutting fluid need to change, preferential processing has been done antirust, cutting juice is added again when the machine tool begins to need the work. 3, those who do good workshop is total cut off the power, cut off the gas, stop feed flow: Run axis of Y of numerical control machine tool among, z axis is answered 0, close go switch of machine tool total phone and transformer enter source of line switch, gas to wait. 4, waterproof and moistureproof: It is good to close box of good electric equipment to do defend. 5, the machine tool prevents rat processing: The machine tool has done the processing that prevent rat likewise, in case mice snap electrical wiring. Of numerical control machine tool switch on the mobile phone debugging numerical control machine tool is the Electromechanical unifinication equipment with very high content of a kind of technology, adopt right kind to switch on the mobile phone debugging is very crucial, this decided numerical control machine tool greatly whether the service life that develops regular economic benefits and itself. The examination before switching on the mobile phone: Check environment of machine tool periphery, electric equipment box has without wait for unusual appearance into water, oil is tasted degenerative. Switch on the mobile phone stage by stage: Must detect before switch on the mobile phone the power source voltage of good machine tool, 10min voltage must be made an appointment with in open of battery main switch after stability, the mains switch of ability open machine tool, reopen opens the other mains switch inside electric box, whether examination voltage is short of photograph and too low, leaving power supply of open machine tool without unusual situation, observe have as good as constant phenomenon, have without flat. Switch on the mobile phone without call the police below the circumstance, do not carry out any movements, let 30min of electrify of electric equipment component. Slow fast shift: The examination has experience of have nothing to do with, with machine tool of shift of handwheel whole journey, notice to have as good as constant phenomenon, carry out origin to return to measure again. The machine tool adjusts: Long automatic slow fast moving machine tool, and low speed rotates main shaft. The breakdown fan breakdown that numerical control machine tool often appears: The fan in the machine tool can rise to come loose for core equipment the hot, action that drop in temperature, prevent equipment overheat damage effectively. When long holiday ends, ” of strike of “ of regular meeting of classics of machine tool fan, as a result of,this is smeary cause. Stop when the machine tool after machine, the fan of machine tool interior also can stop subsequently turn. Right now, inside the machine tool smeary in the bearing that can shed fan, the circuit that causes fan short-circuits breakdown, the fan when reopen machine calls the police or be to cannot be started. Stop the time of machine to grow more, this kind of risk is bigger also. Weather strip breakdown: Indispensable ground should use weather strip in machine tool hydraulic pressure and buy of gas press fitting, the purpose is the airtight sex that assures device, maintain its normal pressure supply. Weather strip belongs to rubber products commonly, incidental ageing, during growing a holiday especially, the machine tool is long-term not actuate, hydraulic pressure does not flow, cause weather strip sclerosis more easily so, bring about oil of machine tool leakage, hydraulic pressure installs the pressure inadequacy that buy offers to wait for a problem. Oil path jams: Because the machine tool stops for a long time,the reason that oil path jams is machine, oil path is splanchnic content is ceaseless deposit be caused by. Oil path jams the lubricant system that can create a machine tool malfunctions, and lubricant system breakdown is met again ecbolic and a lot of otherer serious problem. According to statistic, in the machine tool in all sorts of common breakdown, having 40% above is concerned with lubricant breakdown. Switch of machine tool journey malfunctions: Switch of machine tool journey is the main unit of limits of journey of machinery of reference axis of demarcate machine tool, overwhelm when mechanical athletic component when the drive disk assembly of journey switch, movement of its interior contact, put through, commutation or disjunction control circuit, achieve the control requirement to circuit. Journey switch interior contains commonly bedspring, do not switch on the mobile phone for long, because suffer force deformation for a long time,can cause spring, cannot again restorable, bedspring loses action, whole journey switch also dies card and invalidation. Driver, power source, advocate board wait for circuit board breakdown: In numerical control machine tool, the action of circuit board need not wordy. Circuit board has much electric capacity, be illogical for long report, these capacitance are met ageing, make the capacity is reduced, cause damage of machine tool circuit. Additional, the main reason of circuit board breakdown still has need not meet for long make circuit board long-term be in heart lukewarm status, produce condenser water, short circuit is brought about when switching on the mobile phone. Machine tool batteries malfunctions: System of ordinary numerical control deserves to have battery, those who want an attention is, the batteries that says here is not the power source of whole platform equipment, it is the device of certain component power supply however. For example, systematic batteries, use those who save systematic parameter namely; Absolutely position coder uses cell, it is to be used remember at 0 o'clock of the position. Even if is in when switching on the mobile phone, the n in these batteries also can produce serpentine to break. Do not switch on the mobile phone for long, make batteries does not have report easily, bring about machine tool data to lose. Of breakdown of numerical control machine tool avoid   1, longer to using time machine tool, should not close as far as possible between long holiday machine, can stop urgently pat. 2, fan of regular examination system, if was infected with overmuch smeary, should undertake changing or clear, use time exceeds 3a must undertake changing. 3, the force of hydraulic pressure oil pressure in examining hydraulic pressure system regularly, fluid reach hydraulic pressure impurity, make sure oil path is expedite. 4, fixed switch giving Cheng, knife arm bedspring, the bedspring of hydraulic pressure a powerful person parts of an apparatus or appliance that carries bedspring undertakes cleaning or lubricate. 5, be infected with smeary circumstance according to drive equipment, undertake cleaning regularly. 6, change for the machine tool regularly systematic batteries, change for ark of machine tool electric equipment desiccative, close in long holiday especially before machine, cannot forget this one pace more. 7, after long holiday ends, before switching on the mobile phone afresh, want pair of machine tools individually circuit board undertakes artificial warm-up, can use hair dryer machine to heat a few minutes to every circuit board, have bit of temperature a little can. The automation rate of numerical control machine tool is very high, have high accuracy, efficient the characteristic with tall adaptability, but the accident of the fault rate of the on any account that its run efficiency, equipment, service life, also use correctly of user of be decided by greatly with safeguard. Good working environment, good use and the person that safeguard, will lengthen time between failures greatly not only, improve productivity, and wear away those who reduce mechanical part, avoid needless error, reduce the burden of maintenance technician greatly. CNC Milling CNC Machining