PDM thanks the application of center of Xi Qing product in Si Lun shellfish

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Graph 1 Si Lun shellfish thanks Xiqingsheng to produce a center the oil field with Xie Shiquan the biggest ball serves Silunbei provider, headquarters sets those who be in the United States to rest the Paris of Si Duihe France, the company exceeds 80 thousand person in global employee, there are management activity and branch in 100 many countries, since holding water, be be a company with exploration and logging advocate business Wu, the company bought many 20 company since development of a few years, it is to be centered in oil field to serve a field for the most part, but also having a few is the company that attributes IT and network skill. The Silunbei that everybody knows thanks divine code once was its subordinate subsidiary. Introduce Si Lun shellfish to thank the circumstance of center of Xi Qing product next, its were March 2006 the business that the portion registers the total foreign capital at developing zone of Tianjin city Xi Qing economy, it is machinery of company of group of Chinese oil natural gas and Chinese oil head office equipment creates network company. Its predecessor is a preeminent civilian battalion company, go in home the pump that do not have report and industry of oil field whole set of equipment enjoy great reputation, silunbei withered to establish center of today's Xi Qing product on this foundation. Company existing staff evens more 200, personnel of more than 30 technology, in go to the pump that do not have report is designed and be made have rich experience. Conform for center of as other as the group product, center of product of headquarters requirement Xi Qing 2007 must want to finish PDM and ERP first half of the year the executive job of two old systems. Hold water in the center so at the beginning of, we are carried out with respect to what be PDM did much survey work. The company before buying also has perfect graph documentation to run a system, this system is to be on foundation of artificial government idea, the system of a kind of government that uses contemporary computer technology and implementation of general office software at the same time, but fall in new condition, the software system that the graph documentation that asks the center builds to be based on contemporary informatization to run thought base runs, already can the successful experience with original inheritance, what undertake notting have seaming with active ERP even is compositive. The group used PDM software successfully already inside global limits, but this system is the platform that is based on English software, for better propulsion this locality of the company changes a course, decide in Xi Qing the product uses the software platform of Chinese, such can the work efficiency that huge improves personnel of central technology research and development. Stem from above reason, home of our base oneself upon searchs a partner to provide system of Chinese PDM software. Pass company of software of PDM of much to home home make an on-the-spot investigation, pick the systematic supplier that gives two to fit central requirement quite. In type selecting process, circumstance of group of the dimensions of the situation that we are aimed at the headquarters of these two companies, company, service, module circumstance, intercurrent means, intercurrent amount, server is soft capacity of development of affinity of requirement of hardware requirement, terminal soft hardware, interface, group, client is evaluated to its, executive price, , and visited their a few software use a client. Passed comprehensive assessment, chose Aikesite finally the supplier of PDM software system of the company. The both sides end 2006 signed executive agreement. 2007 we started ERP and PDM software to implement a project at the same time on January 1. Graph in the process that view of technological process of government of 2 designs data carries out in the project, our group encountered the difficulty of a few respects: Time is pressing: Executive group must end all projects before June, include ERP, PDM and interface; To carrying out the control of cost, those who ask to achieve executive result inside budgetary limits is the biggest change; User base is different, each station staff cannot do big adjustment, in order to assure the stability of employee rank; Taller to accepting a demand, achieve automation, stable, efficient, reliable; Need overcomes the effect that Chinese platform brings, achieve with the center inside limits of group whole world unified; Workload of executive group staff is bigger, at the same time ERP of give attention to two or morethings, PDM, interface reachs the executive job of hardware. Graph view of technological process of government of 3 designs data is among item executive process, we undertook data is arranged, data guides, development of the line on Training Within Industry, system, interface, client is changed wait for each job, made sure ERP is formal on April 10, 2007 eventually on the line is successful, the line on PDM system is successful on May 24, the line on ERP and system of PDM synchronous interface is successful on June 4. This purpose is carried out satisfactorily, be based on what our both sides leads to support energetically, the member that bilateral project is comprised cooperates each other, mutual support, share personnel sweat and painstaking effort with all projects. From the line on May up to now, time of half an year of last a period of time, cooperating advisorily to fall, overcame be operated actually and use a few difficulty that go up, make our graph documentation managed a system to get reform and be deepeninged, the work efficiency of technical personnel got rising, graph documentation manages a system to be refined further, the technology is developed and management answered a respect to get in butt joint market and market very big rise. Incorporate is in a few the following respects: Form the working mode that examines and approve by flow system, leave out the measure that technical personnel awaits to examine and approve. The use of network countersign, improved the efficiency that countersign works. Electronic mail is used and of ECO conference hold regularly, ended the history that technical documentation distributes artificially. Original date is taken order system by the system automatic date place is replaced, put an end to phenomenon of heavy date, wrong number thoroughly. The system replaced the situation that BOM of manual work out expresses according to asking automatic join builds BOM. By the job the requirement is searched automatically in the system and show blueprint and BOM list, improved office efficiency. Systematic record is evaluated for employee outstanding achievement provided reliable basis. Synchronous interface system transmits data automatically to ERP system, technical Division got improvement with the working flow of other department. Now technical personnel can more dedicated the research and development at new product, of the innovation of new technology and professional knowledge groom. End management has been recorded in PDM now many pieces of 420 4581 pieces of structures of 13978 6213 a date, BOM, blueprint, ECO. The line on the success of PDM and use the condition was created in the informatization of other domain for this product center, also be the further improvement that engineering department works each designation direction, develop brought far-reaching effect for the center: Rose to manage efficiency to raise business management method and method to raise an enterprise to manufacture efficiency further, increase production value effectively, reduced each charge to carried out informatization management to lay a foundation further for the enterprise. Graph 4 to Ike this special acknowledgment believes us to just was on the road of central informatization stepped the first pace, next still a lot of jobs await us to finish. We will be mixed with ERP two systems are PDM forerunner, continue to build OA management system, the systematic management software such as SCM, CRM, PLM and BI is established on this foundation, or develop a few more deep-seated data to analyse software by oneself. Software of partial major technology also implements combinative ERP and PDM system and apply. In blending in Silunbei to thank global management information system with realizing the administrative informatization of product center finally to reach. CNC Milling CNC Machining