Assemble the deliberate of bore

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Summary: ? Guan of Ba of dark blue of  of the small box that slaughter principle columns of a hall protects Xin of  Ping  to live ⒔ ass stays in grave of barium of analyse of Yan of ヂ of protruding of  quantity compose ひ occupies new moon of condyle of white ammonia crock to treat Ba core handsome? keyword: Assemble drilling equipment technology 1 overview is in mechanical production industry, the bore when assembling is a necessary process. Generally speaking, should machine the spare parts thoroughly when machining come out, do not keep process. But, treatment of aperture of travel of the reentry after assembling component or whole platform machine sometimes is more convenient. If the aperture of crankshaft is worn on engine airframe and connecting rod, after must holding made of baked clay lid to airframe or connecting rod, undertake Kong Jia is versed in again. When what Kong Ying should be being assembled, make after all, this is big negotiable problem. The classification that the 2 aperture when assembling machine 2.

1 sell Kong Wei to ensure the relative position of two spare partses, use peg fixed position mostly on machinery. General component cylinder sells peg and conic sell two kinds, conic sell aperture to be made when assemble. Peg cooperates cheek by jowl with Kong Ying, in order to make sure reliable ground locates between two spare partses. The awl between the component with higher demand of fixed position precision is sold with aperture, want to examine osculatory case with Tu Se law, the 70% ~ that osculatory area asks to reach whole area commonly 80% . So, conic bore with a reamer is gotten again after selling Kong Bi to must be assembled together in two workpiece, just can make sure the contact is good. For example, the gearshift handle of all sorts of mechanical gearshift orgnaizations, small axis and dialing the awl between lever to sell aperture is namely, if pursue,1 is shown. The awl between lathe bed of pillar of modular machine tool, side and center base sells aperture, also must assemble get bore with a reamer. Graph 1 awl sells aperture give typical examples getting boring kind of clamping apparatus auger, boring mould bases (board) as specific as clip between, all ask exact location sells aperture between clamping apparatus of modular machine tool and center base. To achieve its precision asks, use two kinds of methods commonly. It is to be when spare parts treatment, machine the position that sells aperture enough and accurate, positional precision can be achieved namely after the spare parts is assembled, right now fixed position is sold use cylinder to sell. These sell aperture to be finished in boring machine of coordinate boring machine or other nicety commonly. Should lack accurate equipment or accurate installation negative charge is overweight when cannot assuming this job, can use the 2nd kind of method, when be being assembled namely, the relative position that detect and adjusts good component, secure with bolt first, get bore with a reamer to sell aperture next, right now fixed position is sold use conic annul. Want to undertake examining adjustment with this kind of method, should do a few inspection man to provide, if examine the club. This method is inferior to in economic benefits and manufacturing efficiency respect former. 2.

Aperture of 2 a junction of the edges of two sheets of paper is secured to make two component accurate, but get sometimes dimensional limitation, reason is made in two juncture place sell aperture or whorl aperture, load peg or bolt next, this peg or bolt common call a junction of the edges of two sheets of paper peg or bolt, if pursue 2, the graph is shown 3 times. These aperture are made when assemble, must use cylinder to sell. Because peg suffers vibration hind Yi Song to move, onetime capital is used between fixed component; And bolt suffers vibration hind to become loose not easily, use on athletic component, secure like what be used at gear and lining, if pursue,3 are shown. Graph aperture of 2 a junction of the edges of two sheets of paper and peg pursue aperture of 3 a junction of the edges of two sheets of paper and bolt 2.

Component of 3 Huo aperture is being assembled after adjusting, with the shallow aperture that whorl secures, common weighs a nest, get this kind of aperture to call Huo aperture, common says to delimit nest. Huo aperture is versed in foreword undertakes when assemble normally, if pursue,4 are shown. The gear of a pair of clench the teeth in gear-box, sometimes one has been secured, and its axial position is adjusted by before one when another should be being assembled, secure again after two gear clench the teeth is good. Below this kind of circumstance, must delimit on the axis nest, secure with bolt. The graph shows the gear that moves to can be on the axis 5 times to be held off with back-up ring, make do not make axial shift. Secure with bolt between back-up ring and axis, should delimit on the axis beforehand nest. Graph 1 in locate dish of nest that go up use at handle fixed position, have two normally or 3, when assembling, also make. Graph 4 Huo Kong Tu 5 Huo aperture 2.

Two component use 4 whorl opening many bolt are secured together, the screw position alignment error that be restricted because of process capability place or processes is too big, cause two spare partses cannot be secured or two components cannot be adjusted when achieving its position precision, should be in another to go up by a hole that has made beforehand underline, press line bore next, attack whorl. Such aperture wants to be made when assemble, but encounter rarely commonly, because of bolt and aperture due 0.

The clearance of 5 ~ 1mm, the fixed screw between reason spare parts adds man-hour to assure by the factory commonly, when assembling, make few. Connection dimension chain is too only long between the component or when accumulative total error just is being assembled too greatly, make. Right now, design personnel avoid by all means is economic time should not assemble constructional Kongding to be made to assemble (assemble the Kong Ke that make not to tag positional dimension) . The 3 characteristics that assemble bore, equipment and tooling 3.

Aperture of the bore when the 1 characteristic that assembles bore assembles, bore with a reamer, Huo aperture and the characteristic that whorl Kong Jia is versed in are: Work is great, device is small, assemble used bore device and tooling cabinet and agile, facilitate carry and adjust. The motivation of equipment is lesser, the physical power that consumes a person is great, manufacturing efficiency is low. Assemble bore to want to undertake in machine interior sometimes (if delimit the) such as the nest, cut bits to enter machine interior easily, did not clear again, cause the loss when parts moves. By this token, the more or less representing a company level that assembles bore. Should decrease as far as possible assemble aperture, its measure is the treatment precision that raises a part. Fixed when with whorl Kong Ke is being machined, make, some round taper hole also can change columnar aperture, make when treatment, locate convertibly with the component that delimits the nest locates means, need not delimit nest. Specific for, general bolt and whorl have 0 between aperture.

The clearance of 5 ~ 1mm, when the concerned error accumulative total that the spare parts machines is not more than this numerical value, whorl hole can be made when treatment. Sell to fixed position for, two cylinder sell pitch precision to should achieve ± 0. 01mm, a cylinder sells the pitch precision that sells with a lozenge to should achieve ± 0.

05mm, criterion the positional precision between two components can assure. Additional, to indispensable assembly bore should narrow as far as possible its diameter. Bore of ordinary hand electric drill had better be under 8mm, other if all-purpose shift is radial drilling machine, small-sized table drilling machine, special drilling machine, bore diameter should be under 16mm. Specific place needs to get the Kong Shi with bigger diameter when assemble really, can use for many times get cut method, get alveolus first namely, reaming of reoccupy old bit. 3.

The 2 equipment that assemble bore and tooling 3.


The equipment that the 1 equipment that assembles bore assembles bore has drilling machine of door of drilling machine of electric drill of all-purpose and mobile radial drilling machine, hand, small-sized table, special dragon and special drilling machine to wait. All-purpose and mobile radial drilling machine is adjustable much, rigid difference, feed does not have link oriented device, bore is easy deflective, bore quality is poor. Power of this drilling machine is greater, bore diameter can amount to 20mm. Motive force of hand electric drill is small, can drill the hole under 8mm only. Bore is easy askew or get into horn mouth, bore quality is accordingly poorer. Small-sized table drilling machine is fixed assembling workbench to go up, cannot move, use at the bore of small part. Get the action that type drilling machine can stand up when alveolus. Motive force of this drilling machine is small, cannot drill large hole. The dragon door drilling machine on assembly line is the machine that goes up according to assembly line or component design make (graph 6) . This drilling machine secures the place that needs in assembly line place to go up, give machine or component booked place bore. Because the machine tool cannot move, reason can be used at large quantities of quantities to produce only. It does not have 3 times certainly auger cut a head, the basis needs sometimes two sides has, have at the same time only even sometimes. The opening that when some machines assemble drilling machine of 6 dragon door, the graph needs to get very ground of press close to or wall, it is OK to appeared consequently the special drilling machine of ground of press close to and wall, if pursue,7 are shown. Because the motherboard below is very thin, slippery body dimension is lesser, so broach axes can drop inferior position, flank also can stand by wall to come bore. For the left and right sides two sides can stand by wall, this drilling machine is reason of double axis. Because drilling machine volume is minor, weight is light, often back down because of feed muscularity when feed. Additional, because tigidity is poor, the aperture precision that gets is not tall also. Graph the special machine tool of ground of 7 press close to and wall 3.


The tooling that the 2 tooling that assemble bore assemble bore is basic it is the jig that bore uses, the jig that it and machining use is different. This jig cent is two kinds: The jig that is used at small-sized component and use at large part or overall jig. The jig that is used at small-sized component and general jig are more approximate, namely workpiece locates on jig the bore after clamp; Different is in bore of the fixed position on jig is not a workpiece, fixed position clamp goes up in jig jointly after a few outfit are together however, next again bore. Graph the 8 gearshift handle that are gear-box, small axis and the jig that bore with a reamer gets to sell aperture after dialing lever to be installed 3 times together. After 3 load jig, the fixed position on need jig is sold and fixed position face gives fixed position, also locate each other between the spare parts. If small axis has handle and the effect of the fixed position that move staff, handle and the action that move lever to also remove small axis axial to locate. Because taper hole of bore with a reamer wants after bore, use so change guide-post bushing quickly, so that guide-post bushing gets off when aperture of bore with a reamer. Because cutting power is not great, so this jig need not be secured on the machine tool. Graph 8 get bore with a reamer to sell Kong Yongzuan model to be used at large part or overall jig and general jig to differ, because of the component big and jig is small, not be so component or overall in clamp of the fixed position on jig, however jig is in component or overall on fixed position clamp, next again bore. Because component or overall weight are greater, enough overcomes cutting force, reason need not be secured again. Graph the 9 jig that get aperture of whorl of a junction of the edges of two sheets of paper to use on large part to install. This whorl aperture ought to take an in part each on two spare partses by blueprint, but differ because of two material, its intensity and hardness are different also. The diameter of bore is smaller, broach tigidity is very weak, material of deflection of the broach when bore is qualitative weak part at the same time. To make up for this one deviation, the axes of jig guide-post bushing should deflection material is qualitative hard part at the same time 0.

5mm left and right sides. Graph 9 get aperture of whorl of a junction of the edges of two sheets of paper to use jig CNC Milling CNC Machining