AutoCAD 2007 has big buildup in three-dimensional respect

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Autodesk announced in the closest developer day 2007 version are in the test, this version code name is Postrio, look from the function, basically be the processing capacity that increased three-dimensional respect. Look Autodesk company or the three-dimensional function that think an Autocad chicken ribs this do better. Be like: 1.

Column changes the tool to resemble three-dimensional software to dominate a screen euqally, cent becomes a variety of control screen, like 2 dimension plot, three-dimensional generate etc. 2.

Dynamic UCS, can appoint a certain plane arbitrarily as working plane. 3.

Can found aleatoric awl body, corkscrewed yarn, can use corkscrewed yarn to create entity. 4.

2 dimension graph is visible pull three-dimensional. The height that can see the three-dimensional figure that should play through the mouse that is to say changes. 5.

The side that can choose aleatoric substance to go up does drawing in order to create entity. 6.

Increased to sweep sweep past a function, but drawing of edge random curve while undertake is out of shape, screwy processing. 7.

Increased lofting function, can undertake to different figure lofting is handled. (The substance that transfers to be formed to another appearance from an appearance or face) 8.

Slice(section) the command can use curved surface now as section face, dissection entity. 9.

What can turn the area into certain ply is hypostatic. 10.

2 dimension object, face, substance can be changed each other. 11.

Three-dimensional substance can undertake a few revise. But still not be parameter change. 12.

Setting illuminant, undertake general of apply colours to a drawing more simple and direct. 13.

Three-dimensional graph can make sectional plan, the planar line that also can make three-dimensional figure pursues (the appearance that hooks a picture to give current and three-dimensional view in plane namely) 14.

The file can be saved be R14 edition. 15.

Can be inputted and output DGN file format. CNC Milling CNC Machining