The individual plant that machines in the light of stainless steel gets good name YBM253

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Individual plant gets name of coating of CVD of characteristic of lens of report of scanning of YBG253 of YBG253 razor blade. Use exceed technology of coating of rice of fine grain accept advancedly, cooperate the gradient matrix of tall tenacity, performance is superior. Cutting deep, big feed greatly, excellent cutting performance is had in process of high speed cutting relatively. Coating exceeds fine alumina coating, the coating with wear-resisting more exceedingly good and special function handles a technology, coating and matrix union are firmer. Coating surface passes polishing processing, suit the treatment of agglutinant material more. Matrix gradient hard alloy, tenacity is better. Does applied domain machine characteristic: ? Beat of Xing Yong be angry washs Ъ of whistle of mother of  of  of talk in one's sleep of Gang of orangutan of Ji of coil of Xi   to need Gu of awake of  of Xi of Υ of condyle of ぃ  Xing washs) of equipment of power station of container of chemical industry of turbine of mould of? of commonplace of  of languid of Ga of ammonia of appropriate of Ze of source of Xi badge Piao. CNC Milling CNC Machining