Dragon door MVR of 5 machining center

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What 3 water chestnut are versed in this machine tool undertakes again is wraparound it is speed fast and driving and strong. To come true driving and stable cutting, 3 water chestnut weigh labour to use the superexcellent band of high-power main shaft and structure of machine tool of the main shaft that prop up, ensured the stability of treatment. Power of main shaft of MVR series machine tool is different common, main shaft and inside join of buy type electric machinery, oscillatory small, rate is rapid; And returned a standard to provide head of right angle of high speed, high output; Tall rigid roller bearing is configured in front of ram main shaft, raised main shaft tigidity, cutting quality is high. Additional, this series still includes type of MVR GEAR DRIVE, main shaft torque amounts to 1747N.

M, main shaft rotate speed is top 4000r/min, main shaft outputs power 30kW, in addition cutting tool of corresponding still big diameter, can you use? 200mm milling and? 600mm bores hole the cutting tool reliable treatment that has big cutting depth. Rate of treatment of this machine tool is very high also, 3 water chestnut are versed in again through raising ATC (change a knife automatically) with AAC (exchange accessory head automatically) speed, simplified to exchange a movement, shortened the whole of cutting tool exchanges time. ATC knife is right knife speed 5 ± 1s, cut bits to be opposite 30s of the speed that cut bits; The accessory head of AAC exchanges time to be 30 ± 5s to accessory head, knife library uses crossbeam to accompany means, while the turning mechanism that passes air cylinder of use hydraulic pressure and main shaft shift are medium movement, shorten cutting tool exchanges time. Use as suitable as mechanical movement optimal feed orgnaization additionally, proper implementation high speed is changed, can hold manufacturing spot consequently real time circumstance, mechanical performance is high. MVR still carried heat to change a compensation and vibration control the control software that waits for 3 water chestnut to weigh labour to be developed alone. The basic structure that room temperature of a few considerations changes is designed, if use hot symmetrical structure, reflect in ram, saddle, in the machine tool noumenon such as pillar; If deploy crossbeam to heat up balance wainscot, be out of shape in order to control the construction that because of room temperature change causes; If deploy pillar to heat up balance wainscot, the W axis that prevents pillar front to enclothe is slip shield because the hot conductivity of around is different, and the warp of generation, tilt circumstance. Besides, still body produces system of refrigeration of caloric main shaft in machine tool interior now, and the heat that gets further improvement changes ATDC of position control technology (Advanced Thermal Displacement Compensation) . Among them MVR-FM large mould machines a machine tool, use at the high speed treatment of the mould, can obtain need not of polishing high quality. CNC Milling CNC Machining