With the whorl milling cutter that does not have leak vitta whorl at treatment

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Use tap with traditional engine definitely for solution or natural gas of oil of treatment of method of other thread machining is industrial the leak problem that manages whorl connect, emuge company design developed whorl of new integral hard alloy milling cutter and but milling cutter of whorl of type of dislocation razor blade. Among them, the whorl milling cutter that takes helix chamfer can be used at machining a diameter 0.

2 ″ of 125 ″ ~ (3 ~ 50mm) NPT/API whorl; Of not whole profile but milling cutter of whorl of dislocation razor blade can be used at machining a diameter 20 ″ of 1 ″ ~ (25 ~ 500mm) NPT/API whorl. These new whorl milling cutter expanded the size range of pipe bent of the Thread-Max of Emuge company and Threads-All series thread tool. Ground the milling cutter of whorl of integral hard alloy that make to use brand of imperceptible grain hard alloy and TiCN coating in order to improve cutting tool life, design of structure of much helix chamfer can eliminate treatment brace up quiver. Milling cutter design amends big cutting tool diameter and accurate whorl profile union to rise, enlarge milling in order to ensure thread machining precision is mixed sectional, can machine an API to run the big whorl length that whorl place needs thereby. Be used at machining awl whorl but milling cutter of whorl of dislocation razor blade uses cutter hub of hard steel of temper by dipping in water, knife handle type wears the Weldon type knife handle that make or the integral type that have measure of department of 3 kinds of lever for CNC CAT50 knife handle. Milling cutter is used inside cooling means, cooling fluid submits radiative form from point of bit cutting blade ejective, can optimize refrigeration and platoon bits effect, improve whorl quality and cutting tool life. Grind the material that makes bit to be imperceptible grain hard alloy character, can choose TiN or TiAlN coating. The design of the horn after the horn before bit is mixed makes its can bear bigger every tine cuts bits negative charge; The design of bit appearance can realize free cutting, reduce radial cutting pressure, assure thread machining precision. Every razor blade has blade of 4 usable cutting, can prolong bit service life. The high accuracy blade holder that machines accurately on the steeliness end panel of cutter hub can ensure the spirit of bit is certain. CNC Milling CNC Machining