The basic knowledge of boring machine clamping apparatus

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1, by which a few bodies is boring machine clamping apparatus comprised? Answer: A whole boring machine clamping apparatus, should have unit of body, tabulator, clamp by clip, contain lever of the oriented bracket that leads component and sleeve, boring to wait for body composition. 2, what does workpiece have in the commonly used fixed position form on boring machine clamping apparatus? Try narrate its characteristic. Answer: The fixed position form with commonly used on boring machine clamping apparatus workpiece is useful and columnar aperture, outside face of shape of columnar face, planar, V and sell with cylinder with V form slideway face, cylinder sells the associated fixed position that is the same as planar, vertical plane to wait. The fixed position surface that place of these fixed position form choose, design datum plane or assemble datum plane often be boring spare parts. Choose these surfaces to make fixed position fiducial, accord with fiducial coincide principle, fixed position error is small. Some spare partses use face of planar, slideway to wait for fixed position datum plane, still accord with fiducial and unified principle, make the mutual position precision between treatment surface taller, can reduce clamping apparatus amount, reduce cost. 3, the guiding of boring model which a few kinds of forms does device have? Summarize multiform characteristic. Answer: Before boring model dacron guides device to be able to divide the bearing that it is sheet, guide, guide before double bearing, double bearing around guides 3 kinds of forms. What can apparent ground guides to increase cantilever boring staff before applying odd bearing is rigid, rise thereby bore hole precision, but the tone full employment of boring axis center and bearing aperture center compares take time. Photograph comparing guides before the bearing that be the same as sheet guiding before double bearing, boring lever tigidity is better, rise more easily bore hole precision. Additional, because boring lever has two bearing to choose location, boring axis can use float connection between boring lever together, the outfit that can not affect work so is torn open, boring axis center also need not be adjusted constantly. Double bearing around guides is the mainest form in boring model. The structural tigidity of around guiding is best, the precision that bore hole is highest also. Bore hole precision basically suffers boring to cover, boring lever precision and the influence that its cooperate precision. Boring axis has the effect that transfers power only, to the whirl of boring axis precision does not have special requirement. This kind of method, can enlarge the treatment craft limits of machine tool of other metal cutting. 4, workpiece is when treatment of clip of boring model jacket, what is the main reason that causes the error that be spent by treatment aperture circularity, cylinder? Answer: Workpiece bores hole after boring model jacket is placed, the circularity of aperture, cylinder spends precision to basically be decided by the precision that leads unit. The circularity that covers when boring, cylinder is spent, coaxial spends an error bigger, and boring is covered with boring lever cooperate when gap is bigger, boring lever rotates the center will produce tiny displacement, make photograph of boring cutter point of a knife has little change to ideal cutting position, caused afore-mentioned machining error thereby. 5, Bao Bi kind what problem should note when spare parts clamp? Answer: Bao Bi kind the tigidity of the spare parts is poorer, after getting power, easy generation is out of shape. Accordingly, the thin cliff face that cannot make sex of perpendicular action Yu Gang needs clamping force commonly, and should action is in Bao Bi's end panel or flank. If want to regard clamp as the surface with thin cliff face, should nod next using in clamp adjustable bearing makes auxiliary bearing, so that reduce its as far as possible,clamp is out of shape. Additional, still can adopt add craft to build child fall with the premise that affecting spare parts structure, function, add strengthen the technology measure such as costal region, in order to reduce Bao Bi kind the clamp of the spare parts is out of shape. Designing Bao Bi kind when the clamping unit of spare parts clamping apparatus, should day increases the interface between clamping unit and surface of spare parts clamp, make workpiece is pressed the surface gets power evener, the pressure that gets on unit area is reduced, with reducing its clamp is out of shape. CNC Milling CNC Machining