Injection Mold Tooling bilges modular metabolic is simple and easy means of settlement

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Summary: The article discussed exhaust undesirable reach pattern plate to bilge the model is out of shape pair of goods influences, put forward to distributing through changing runner amount to reach the thought that will control inject pressure to distributing, introduced to pass in detail with one example beforehand buy compresses aeriform space to eliminate pattern plate of Injection Mold Tooling to bilge modular metabolic method. Keyword: Exhaust; Bilge model;   of Injection Mold Tooling is in process of production of the goods that note model, after often can encountering a mould to be used for long, easy happening pattern plate is out of shape cause goods to produce the limitation such as flash burr. People adopts overhaul or the means that discard as useless to handle this kind of case normally. But not high to requirement of a few dimension products, this kind of means of settlement thes loss outweights the gain. The article bilges commonly with respect to Injection Mold Tooling the model is out of shape case put forward a kind handy the means of settlement of easy travel. 1 exhaust is undesirable reach pattern plate to bilge before the model is out of shape plastic to goods influence fuse-element charges a pattern, the mould fills air inside modular antrum, in injection process, plastic fuse-element also can produce a large number of gas. In process full a pattern, these gas will be driven out of modular antrum entirely, way of its gas eduction has the following kinds roughly: (1) the space that the mould sets insert and push rod clearance. (2) mould cent face. (3) the steam vent that opens technically, air discharge duct. The mould is when exhaust is undesirable, as plastic fuse-element antrum of ceaseless infuse model, model the gas inside antrum can be compressed in be driven stage by stage, press press shrinks degree heals big, the action that stops fuse-element advancement heals strong. As a result of,plastic fuse-element is in in process of going from place to place energy loss, temperature is reduced subsequently, cause fluidity to become poor, because reduce directly block the way of gas, its are sequential nothing more than the following two respects: It is fuse-element can't be broken through compress gas to tackle, be forced to stop advancement, cause goods short (short shoot) or goods scorchs; 2 it is fuse-element is broken through compress air to tackle, but because pressure is too great (moulds of a lot of runner of many bits of type especially such) cause bilge the model is out of shape. Mould (especially runner of many bits of type) after be being used for long, because its center is in runner to suffer the effect of pressure of inject of inject machine screw directly, bilge modular possibility is the largest, also be to bring about one of main factors with unqualified goods finally. 2 moulds bilge modular metabolic reason and countermeasure   2.

This example is 1 mould example one abalone dish mould, external diameter is 500mm, on its all cloth has the alveolus with hundreds equal diameter and for via, its product figure, if the graph is shown 1 times, mould gating system, if pursue,2 are shown. Graph 1 abalone dish goods pursues 2 gating system because this mould use time is longer (5 years) , manufacturing amount is very large (300 thousand) , its type pressed master piece to use next happening to bilge in inject all round runner of gating system center at 5 o'clock model, make goods via produces flash, bring about the rate that penetrate hole to have 70% only, affected the use function of this goods badly, and do not appear aperture part to be centered at central runner place. Nextpage     2.

Distance of flow of 2 case study brings about pressure to distributing than differring not all, because this mould is a center at 5 o'clock type runner, according to L of φ of P= of △ of   of buccal model formula... ... ... ... ... (1) P of △ of the   in   type, force of buccal mould pressing falls; φ , buccal model is invariable; L, buccal model length. By type (1) can see, the pressure that irrigate a dot falls to be apart from direct ratio with flow. Can derive central runner is more than cent of P of pressure of other runner runner in P of the pressure when shaping from this, namely cent of P of the > in P. Because this can conclude, pressure of central runner place is to bring about greatly too bilge modular prime cause. Its type runner mould shaped at 5 o'clock the process sees, if pursue,3 are shown. Namely central runner place is full of first, next outward augment, to make goods is full of completely, criterion products center part should have borne to fill greatly control pressure. Graph mould of runner of 35 bits of type shapes the process pursues mould of runner of 44 bits of type shapes process   2.

3 avoid pressure not all settling method and the simplest way that occurrence problem solves afore-mentioned problems is a dead center runner. By the graph 1 with the graph 2 in can see, stem after central runner, the △ P cost that 4 runner manage already was achieved consistent, put in pressure no longer not all phenomenon, but subsequently and will appear again a new issue, goods forms combustion place extremely easily after center part shapes, it is unallowed to goods, obvious question did not get be settlemented at all, if pursue,4 are shown. Then, we are occupied fact is right the mould after altering undertakes draw a design is analysed, the meeting after discovering goods shapes leaves one φ the combustion dot of 8mm of 3 ~ φ . 2.

4 beforehand buy compresses aeriform space to be based on afore-mentioned experiment and analysis, we are used beforehand the way that buy reduces air space will solve afore-mentioned problems, specific means, if pursue,5 are shown. Graph 5 beforehand buy compresses aeriform space (before A alters, after B alters)   is in in cavity of former center runner, it is with on its half diameter, taper accurate, the aluminous core of round stage shape that makes one length be 1/2 of original cavity length closes on central runner half, bottom gets bore with a reamer to give the straight opening of 6mm of a φ with broach, reamer. In noting model procedure so, the fuse-element that central place was not being injected to press strength effect to fall by the gas with only platoon is squeezed to beforehand buy compresses gas be compressed in cavity, fuse-element of part of part of union of bottom even fuse-element also is pressed among them, the pointed awl state that forms one height to make an appointment with 5mm is raised, pull place breakpoint mark with former center runner the diameter comparatives, do not affect goods exterior, if pursue,5 are shown. 1 compress gas 2 fuse-element assemble direction pursues 6 use beforehand buy compresses 3 last words of   of graph of aeriform space principle to apply this to plant beforehand the method that buy compresses aeriform space, because reduced the inject pressure of place of center of mould model antrum, solved bilge modular problem, make this mould is oning the edge of during discarding as useless, again bloom, at be being produced again in those days 5.

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