Mould industry walks along out to produce the odd group that matchs oneself

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Refer manufacturing industry, have to say a mould, because the mould is the technology base with essential manufacturing industry, with the component that the mould produces, achieves high accuracy, Gao Fu is miscellaneous degree, tall consistency, tall productivity and low cost can, low cost material makes mould industry is in the position in manufacturing industry is more and more significant. The discretion of mould level, also mirrorred the on any account of manufacturing industry level directly, so, want to raise the level of manufacturing industry, the standard that the mould makes cannot be underestimated. Produce oneself deserve to lead industry of mould of exorbitant our country oneself development is very rapid in recent years, from 1996~2002 year, the production value of manufacturing industry of our country mould year all grow 14% to control, grew 25% to control 2003, achieve 45 billion yuan of RMBs, add up to 5 billion dollar about, rank the world the 3rd. But look with respect to the current situation of industry of our country mould, product construction is endless and reasonable, most product is low cost product, and the mould with technical high content still needs an import, our country imported a mould 2002 12.

7.2 billion dollar, although development is rapid,this shows industry of our country mould, but compare with demand bearing, still demand exceeds supply, main breach is to be in respect of pattern of nicety, large, complex, macrobian order. The concerned expert of association of Chinese mould industry produces to our country mould and used what is actually happening to make such characterization: Tell from the amount, production value of our country mould has ranked the world the 3rd, it is development very fast, but a lot of problems are worth to pay close attention to. One, mould gross demands exceeds supply, home deserves to lead oneself have 70% only, among them in low mould supply exceeds demand, high-grade mould deserves to lead oneself in have 50% only; 2, industry organization structure, product structure, technology structure and construction of imports and exports are endless and reasonable, the mould is produced and make, did not form an industry all the time, the mould just serves as auxiliary type of work, exist in the enterprise, producer type is it is dominant in order to have the benchwork master worker of experience and technology, a few machine tools undertake their have the aid of simple mould is produced and be made, die manufacturer the majority in the dot is to produce the mould workshop that matchs oneself or cent plant oneself, produce the proportion that matchs oneself to be as high as 60% oneself, and be in abroad 70% above are commodity mould; 3, mould development capacity is poor, economic benefits owes beautiful, every our country worker year all achieve mould production value 10 thousand dollar, and production value of average per capita of foreign mould developed country 10 thousand dollars of 200 thousand ~30; 4, the country that develops quite in auto industry, the mould occupies 50%~60% with what produce at the car, and our country is insufficient 30% , in the mould use rationality respect still remains to rise. Development needs to increase investment to producing change stage by stage in our country about the concept of the mould, mould industry already made technology intensive and investment concentrated model industry, want to obtain the mould that tall, function stabilizes quality is high additional cost nowadays, the expert thinks at least two conditions are indispensable: It is high investment; 2 it is to use new and high technology. High investment, it is the investment that points to pair of mould production facilities, this is the mould upgrades the foundation of replacement, because the mould produces horizontal on any account, majority reason relies on discretion of manufacturing facilities standard. Backward mould produces equipment, impossible production gives advanced pattern, this also decided the mould produces manufacturer, want to produce advanced pattern, want to do the business do greatly strong, undertake changing to producing equipment with respect to what must keep. The adventitious as a result of mould product sex, odd a production and the dependence to specific user, mould technology develops today, the characteristic of new and high technology already apparent with each passing day, this also is the technology with hi-tech equipment and the software that develop are inseparable. The enterprise uses the numerical control technology of accurate automation only, the software ability such as advanced CAE, CAD, CAM makes sure its craft asks. And introduce an advanced technique now, basic it is to already was in business taste the technology that changed, can have temporarily effect only, the effect is not apparent. Introducing a technology so while, capable enterprise, want to strengthen 2 development to introducing a technology, 2 development are OK 2 innovation, development can be enriched and raise technical content to be had more practical still can exercise a procession. Breed specialization enterprise bibcock industry is rising the belt of firm rock in midstream to move action in the industry, their perfect information system and technical level, assuring industry health to develop smoothly ahead. However, in the mould industry of our country, can be said what bibcock makes a company is really little little, because long-term since, the work out of our country enterprise accepts small and big and complete, full impact, enterprise interior sets a mould to produce a workshop, manufacturing mould serves for him enterprise, this caused mould major the factory is very few, although have professional mould plant, scale is not large also. But the manufacturing industry that is a delegate with auto industry, developing in high speed, the market is badly in need of the large pattern with nicety, steady performance again, although have the effort of the company of a few large patterns such as production company of one steam pattern, drive somewhat to the industry, but, undeniable, its real bibcock action, reflect very hard. The development of mould industry, can rely on course of study of one's own profession merely anything but, because it is involved,wait for a problem to data of mechanism of national policy, enterprise and production. But, in last few years the development enough of mould industry lets a person believe, the mould level of very fast China can dress with world mould level. CNC Milling CNC Machining