Manufacturing industry competition ability comes from a technology to span the gender develops

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The core element that North America manufacturing industry carried 25 years successful in the past is the pattern that be famous in the world and has outstanding craft design and make industry. However, the company is faced with these moulds to come from OEM to bring to bear on nowadays the new market pressure at each industries, include to come from abroad low competition. K&K pattern company (St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, quebed) , a model that note model and special moulding build a firm, realised this trend early, span level of type promotion technology will get used to this kind of circumstance and gain a success. Had Solid Edge, k&K owns the CAD system of a mainstream now, it can process all data input, arrange, design, file is changed and other and relevant applying.

This graph is toy mould, acknowledgment K&K company provides a picture. The design technology that straight face challenged K&K company to analyse a client and commercialize demand, want clearly to satisfy the capacity that these demand oneself place must have, with promoting the design of oneself and engineering capability greatly. The problem that K&K company faces includes: ● OEM needs more mixed pattern to make client of beautiful, high-powered spare parts ● already designed the part software to upgrade to 3-D, make the die manufacturer that still uses 2-D software too difficult when the design, and the data ● with the more accurate need when costing manufacturer of long ● die to must accelerate production to use CNC equipment in order to catch up with the manufacturing schedule ● of OEM to undertake machining comes from abroad competition " our OEM client hopes can the product that bringing innovation for a short while enters the market. This requirement is more beautiful with complex products plan, then we must create a likewise mixed pattern, " manager of K&K company project Mr Jean-Pierre Bernhard explains, "The tooth brush with past simple style already not answer exist. They acquired more interests on the tooth brush of new form, but to us, design and make what this means a mould also become more and more complex. " additional, in 5 years of in the past, the clients of K&K used the design system of 3-D parameter without an other place. In the past, the mould makes a manufacturer more time are machined, because OEM is manual plot, also be to use 2-D CAD software to undertake relevant and simple design nevertheless at most. After the new 3-D CAD system on equipment, the spare parts of OEM designs speed to get breathtaking promotion. They are accordingly traditional to be being relied on in former days the mould of 2-D design system makes a firm people also put forward to expect newly and ask. "Our client is editing everyday now spare parts version, so we need to find method to be planted in order to deal with this circumstance, and ground of as same as their products plan rate is safeguarded update our mould to design, this is one takes the lead in the decisive factor of market of race to control, " Bernhard says, "Shorten the cycle of sophisticated treatment makes when 2-D design already was passed, we must explore more advanced 3-D CAD and mould design system. " this method must include Nextpage the following measure: The competitive dominant position that the 3-D data ● that ● obtains synchronous ● to accelerate n/arc drafting craft to make time ● in order to shorten offer standard form for CNC as far as possible in 3-D design respect and OEM holds mixed pattern to design respect oneself seeks a solution to pass pair of 3-D to be evaluated of the system in the round, k&K replaces his 2-D system for UGS (Plano, TX) manufacturing Solid Edge system. "Solid Edge has us the specific function that this industry should use everyday, and do not have in other system, these functions include technology of Rapid Blue modelling and systematic database, " Bernhard explains. "Solid Edge is direct and compositive the mould machines module, this is the assurance of the industry to be like for us, NX of no less than and MoldWizard try the place of product of UGS high end of illustrate is shown, " Bernhard explanation says, "Begin to use new compositive pattern to machine software when me, I can expect productivity can get buildup further. Rapid Blue is very agile and practical, can make we found spare parts curve easily, this is very important in mould design. " K&K company from OEM IGES and STEP data are accepted over there the client, very guide conveniently and undertake arranging in Solid Edge. Bernhard is stated, "We receive much Parasolid data likewise, use Solid Edge is best perhaps the product that is the owner UGS that it is Parasolid mould kernel, UGS has Solid Edge, also have Parasolid. We feel special to this set one's mind at. " after upgrading to 3-D Solid Edge, the time that in making, is used at amending CNC order to specific facility decreased. 3-D sets what computation occupies to repeat use make K&K rises greatly in the economic side of precision and time, this is unthinkable to old 2-D data. Had Solid Edge, k&K owns the CAD system of a mainstream now, it can process all data input, arrange, design, file is changed and other and relevant applying. "Direct and integrated mould machines module to have the latent capacity that be won further and maintains OEM client mould to process business likewise, " Bernhard says. Although the complex product requirement of splitting growth makes,K&K company must design the sophisticated plant that matchs to it, but after whole pattern uses Solid Edge in design process, productivity still gets buildup. K&K company uses the achievement of Solid Edge to include: All around inside create a finished product pattern; Halve of n/arc drafting time; Strengthen the data between stylist to transmit chime to make; The mould design that delivers everyday with OEM is revised keep synchronous. Ana: As a result of the demand of speed, increasing sophisticated mould treatment uses 3-D CAD and mould design system. CNC Milling CNC Machining