Technology of equipment of wire of our country metal obtains major breakthrough

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Technology of equipment of wire of our country metal obtains grand of peaceful of major breakthrough Jiangsu 25 models intelligence changes drawbench of high speed cistern to pass appraisal of achievement of national science and technology the modern key equipment that wire of line of shade of Yu Gang of a kind of application and high accuracy, high-powered metal produces -- 25 models are muti_function intelligence changes drawbench of high speed cistern, by machinery of Jiangsu peaceful grand the group develops a success, passed appraisal of achievement of science and technology on April 9. Appraisal committee thinks, the development of this equipment makes technical progress to driving wire of metal of our country high end, turn round world of male crouch of crop of wire of our country metal the first and equipment technology however the passive situation of developed country of be enslaved to be enslaved to, have great and real sense. The appraisal committee chairman of achievement of this one technology is held the position of by Wu Hongxin of academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the authoritative expert of the place of scientific research courtyard that comes from university of university of aviation of spaceflight of university of sea of designing institute of metallurgy of group of Chinese spaceflight science and technology, China, river, Nanjing, Jiangsu to wait for national high-tech domain and college forms appraisal group. On data of the design program that expert group offers in group of machinery of grand of peaceful of serious and authorized Jiangsu, technology and the foundation of production working procedure, consulted the applied conclusion of user of key of international, home, maintain consistently, this achievement is used compositive change, structure of stereo type drive and odd side are active technology of 25 second drawing, linearity of steel wire drawing can be good, the mould is used up low, the efficiency that pull silk is tall; A variety of equipment functions such as ark of drawbench of market of only station equipment, machine receiving a line, tension, distribution ark at an organic whole, the structure is compact, saved metallic stuff, ship-fitter greatly foreword and use space; It is with frequency conversion technology rely on, use intelligence to change a technology to carry out dynamic sex to centralize control, rate of steel wire drawing rises 25m/s by 21m/s, effect raises nearly 20 % , precision raises 1 ‰ by original 3 ‰ , exact rate rises 3 % ; Cooling means is used " gush drenchs + immersion " whole sealing structure, reduced environmental pollution, maintain clean production. Its core technology " real time detects tension is controlled " , " structure of abnormity of sphere of finished product model " , " technology of the conformal plant that discharge a line " etc achieve international advanced level. Group of machinery of Jiangsu peaceful grand begins the development development of metallic wire equipment a few years ago, digest through be developed independently and be being introduced, form stage by stage pull layer of silk, high speed to circle from the metal, coil again, outside circle, the development that puts gas of line, CO2 to protect whole set of equipment of wire of welding wire and metal of of all kinds special type and production system, not only home market is had rate amount to 70 % above, and export 10 many countries and area. The enterprise becomes production of the throughout the country's biggest equipment of metallic wire products, sale and exit large family. Current, this group already had multinomial and own intellectual property and patent technology in the engineering technology respect of wire products equipment. The drawbench of cistern of 25 models high speed that passes technical achievement appraisal this already declared 7 patent. CNC Milling CNC Machining