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The design service life of numerical control machine tool is 7 years commonly, the service life that basically is numerical control respect is accurate, so beautiful money and the scale relation that earn money will affect your business directly, so anatomize function undertakes type selecting is the requirement of significant investment. The name that there is vulture mill opportunity in foreign early (CNCengravingandmillingmachine) , tell the one part that vulture is mill strictly, it is to buy engraving tool to still buy type of numerical control mill machining center is the question that often should ask his. Additional, still have at present the machine tool of high speed cutting of be current (HSCMACHINE) . Still let us make clear 3 type of Hunan distinguish above all: 1, - - the treatment facilities   of the work that numerical control mill and machining center use at finishing bigger milling to measure 2, - - machine of mill of numerical control carve is used at completing lesser milling volume, or the treatment facilities   of soft metal 3, - - machine tool of high speed cutting is used at finishing medium milling to measure, the structure that and fall the burnish quantity after milling is treatment facilities of lowest to analyse afore-mentioned equipment deep can help us make right choice one, - - it is two parts from the mechanical cent of mechanical angle machine tool, mobile part and not mobile part: Workbench, slide, the cross spends a stage to wait for mobile part, bed, pillar to be not mobile part   1, - - numerical control mill machining center: Sex of steel of blame shift part asks sex of steel of first-rate mobile part asks first-rate advantage: Can have heavy cut; Defect: Because mobile share is same giant, sacrificed machine tool flexibility, helpless to tiny part and fast feed. 2, - - sex of steel of part of shift of blame of machine of mill of numerical control carve asks sex of steel of very mobile part wants with below the problem before be neatly, as far as possible a few lighter, maintain certain steel sex at the same time. Advantage: Can undertake comparative petty treatment, treatment precision is tall. Can undertake to soft metal high speed is machined; Defect: Because steel sex is poor,have heavy cut impossibly so. 3, - - it is good that machine tool of high speed cutting is not sex of mobile part steel to ask sex of steel of first-rate mobile part asks to compare, and as far as possible deft. Advantage: The cutting of the particle in can undertaking (the exemple is general φ the flat bottom knife of 10, to 45 steel (300) deep-felt deepness with 0.

75 had better) ; Defect: Use correctly below can develop efficient, low cost, make burnish quantitative change is few. Incorrect use, can make the reject accumulation of cutting tool is like hill immediately. How to accomplish from machinery above light, rigid very contradictory requirement, the key depends on the kongfu on rigid structure. 1, - - the meshy framework that bed body uses muscle of on any account to cooperate, some uses what connect honeycombly directly inside 6 horn are meshy structural   2, - - exceed wide pillar and beam, the symmetry that because its are wonderful,everybody knows the structure of dragon door type and admirable steel sex are done to head all the time by manufacturer of equipment of high speed cutting choose a structure. 3, - - as prominent as numerical control mill to moving to have partly different place is broaden the distance between a lot of slideway and slideway, in order to overcome the problem of undesirable moment of force. 4, - - tell from material used Mi Han commonly that is cast-iron, namely be pregnant with is cast-iron, be in pouring it is certain to be joined when molten iron proportional silicon (Si) the inner structure that changed iron thereby, those who make more be able to bear or endure punch, have on tigidity rise significantly. 5, - - the powerful concussion that the part moves to be not when the tigidity of the machine tool basically takes mobile part to move in high speed with Yu Ke, requirement of lever of slideway, silk is so a few thicker, and strengthen join part tigidity 2, - - analyse   from numerical control angle 1, - - machining center logarithm charges numerical control mill systematic requirement rate is average, 0~8000RPM of main shaft rotate speed controls   2, - - system of numerical control of high-speed of requirement of vulture mill machine, 3000~30000RPM of main shaft rotate speed controls   3, system of numerical control of high-speed of requirement of machine tool of high speed cutting and character of wonderful servo electric machinery, 1500~30000RPM of main shaft rotate speed is controlled 3, - - the analysis on process designing software is told from the angle of software, numerical control mill machining center, be like,machine of mill of carve of machine tool of high speed cutting can use CAD/CAM software of the standard: MasterCamCimatronPEUG. Milling machine thinks Cimatron cutter track is a bit better normally, the software of new edition observes and study adequately of cutting tool all the time the uniformity that cutting measures, especially the knife enters those who walk out of the job momently speed and pliable sex, and in inflection point follow poor algorithmic problem (FollowingError) , make result and blueprint form more stick into, CAD part just used intuitionistic three-dimensional and hypostatic modelling to wait for repass IGS like Solidworks in great quantities turn into CAM software to undertake machining. Need not worry nevertheless, the development speed of the develops speed outclass machine tool CNC of CAD/CAM. Carve those who machine the characteristic because of its cutting tool to have the petty angle control that comparative, with TYPE3 had better. 4, - - knife library changes Dao Hequan automatically to ask to the knife machining center is a decent name automatically, but I feel right to the requirement of knife library must be united in wedlock actual. Machining center is to complete a variety of process the numerical control equipment at automatic status, basically be the manufacturing operation to a few fixed big batch, if we machine the casing of an a lot of aperture, tooth, and should do every day about the same (one batch is the smallest 100 2 above) that chooses machining center certainly, produce an unit to must not go up easily to mould industry and small lot machining center, because had seen too much manufacturer buys machining center, will use when numerical control mill, use knife library is very simple to be told on the cost of numerical control system, but machine of main shaft and knife library, pneumatics and the meeting such as all sorts of knife handle raise cost, be more than 100 thousand yuan of RMBs to the price difference of an equipment so, and process designing personnel wants have one's head screwed on the right way. Otherwise tragedy can happen, the problem is opposite also grow in quantity many. On efficiency how, same to output breed is less than one, 200 workpiece does not use machining center as far as possible, efficiency is too low. What tweak improves efficiency, do not use knife warehouse, won't cause the factitious error that change a knife again, only full automatic to knife system, knife upgrade is installed, a pushbutton, the machine tool is opposite automatically knife, immediate treatment, the error is in 0.

001~ .

Inside 0003 μ M, with change time automatically to compare, slow not a bit efficiency. If be machining center is not had again,be opposite automatically knife device machine tool and do not take knife library, but compare automatically to the machine tool photograph of the knife, the efficiency latter outclass in practice is former. Good ask you to notice to be opposite automatically the price of best brand of Dao Yi if (Marposs) control 10 thousand yuan nevertheless, and damage unlikelily, analyse big to labour force home mould to machine so, and if the treatment of spare parts of small lot industry is mature of capital use value scarcely to should use machining center device, additional, the knife library of domestic manufacturer basically returns a lot of problems. Of the entrance quite expensive also. (the 10 knives library of BT40 won't under 100 thousand RMB) . 5, the loss that the treatment businessman with the shrewd view of equipment of high speed cutting meets the person of the preparative time of machine tool of many time consideration and personnel to be element place to cause certainly, we remember need not reminding them in this respect forever. And what we should do is how to come to their taller treatment efficiency from the handling time of the machine tool, and the reduces them burnish time that takes a likelihood. Even 0 burnish. Of equipment of high speed cutting ablaze coming on stage is the incident that makes treatment business slam-bang enchanted. Do not consider its high cost first (1.5 million the left and right sides) , odd from use on telling me to think is that adage certainly: It is to some of person will tell together sweet sweet flesh, will tell to additionally a few people is virulent bane, the publicizes high speed cutting benefit of Japanese and European do one's best and the equipment that lets a person use them. Have some of unpractical way of course. The cost that in industry of numerical control machine tool experience of the actual combat inside 8 years tells me them should be in 60~70 10 thousand the left and right sides. Such high profit margin is the essence that let me see them. The gross profit of numerical control machine tool of home should is (30~40% ) between. This is reasonable, straight gain. If you are willing,safeguard them I think usury embellish to make more money impossibly in same time. Should consider after service is waited a moment more. I dare not believe their service to be able to solve all problems inside 1~2 day. Because we show some science and technology,still cannot come true " solid is faxed " . See the progress that should support factory of domestic machine tool from the angle that revitalizes ethical industry. The walk length that the essence of high speed cutting is a cutting tool goes inside short time. The specification that everybody knows to be apart from cutting tool of time of = speed × has secured a country the means of cutting decided to grow to be meant profitless raise speed to be equal to a time to shorten. It is good that the limitation of high speed cutting because of the main shaft of current machine tool itself and adoption cutting tool decided it cannot be certain, abroad's at present current practice is the first equipment does not use high speed cutting, and the 2nd stage or the 3rd can consider this kind of equipment. Successful practice for example: Mill of a profile modeling completes major cutting volume (heavy cut) and the mental allowance of excess 2~3mm measures the rest cutting on high speed machine tool to be finished quickly, such doing have a lot of profit: 1)- - heavy cut machine tool is very much, treatment expends very low   2)- - treatment amount is large, precision demand is amounted to easily not extremely high to   3)- -   of cutting tool petty gain 4)- - after turning into high speed cutting, because machine an object to already was close to figuration, so the cutting of the first knife measures very even   5)- - figuration is fast and accurate   6)- - avoid too much burnish, coordinate measure accurate   7)- - although cutting tool is expensive, but time is short, cutting amount is not large, performance/price ratio leads very good   8)- - a lot of fine point, if small angle guides,spend etc, meticulous treatment is finished and need not electric spark side is fast, 9)- - wonderful surface is bright and clean degree (lens side effect)   looks so, of equipment assist the path that is get victory originally, because its surplus surplus has 2~3 Mm is in so on workbench on XY the issue that the plate washer that does two calibration G54 holds clip with respect to the workpiece that finish, and not great to cutting quantity work was finished in high speed machine tool directly. 6, the problem that still a problem wants to discuss is main shaft is mixed to numerical control mill because machining center asks low rotate speed is twisted greatly according to, the rotate speed with the more torsional than promote decelerate that so gear-box of certain need main shaft comes to is low and precision difference is inevitable, use cutting tool of smaller part diameter unlikely so. To main shaft wanting for vulture mill machine the job is in 10 thousand RPM of 2~3 just can work, circumgyrate precision is general 2 μ left and right sides, break knife phenomenon otherwise complete very serious, must use electric main shaft so, namely electric machinery and main shaft are an organic whole. Will tell to equipment of high speed cutting, form report main shaft hides inside the requirement, and the torque with also should be used certain when low rotate speed should have grease refrigeration machine to maintain main shaft working temperature is constant main shaft power should be in 7.

5~8KW above, rotate speed should exceed 25000RPM. CNC Milling CNC Machining