Chinese Electromechanical industry manages elite 100 times to choose the job to be started in the round

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Combine popularity of content of association of Chinese mechanical workmanship, China by Electromechanical trade newspaper office carry of look forward to of trade association, Beijing comes business management is advisory before the Chinese Electromechanical trade that limited company conducts jointly manages elite 100 times to choose weekday, already started in the round, the country concerned a branch to give height to take seriously to working this, relevant leader makes important written instructions for many times, hope this the activity can make Electromechanical trade of the most influential force choose. It is reported, the selection object of this second activity is the controller of medium, high level in domestic Electromechanical industry, aim to commend excellent government person with ability, popularize its advanced management experience, with period enhance the actual strength, new condition that answers domestic international market to the enterprise, the smooth butt joint of industry of Electromechanical of the home that finish and international market, realize state-owned company to reorganization transform and build contemporary company system to produce active and far-reaching effect. To reflect the publicity of selection job, fair, justice, secret data mixes the whole blame experience in selection process to choose a result finally to will be in Electromechanical kind give on authoritative website announce. This second activity participates for the enterprise at the same time established advisory phone: 010-62963227. In the meantime, by above 4 units write written large reference book jointly " Chinese mechanical and electrical products is current total ancient bronze mirror " already also entered an editor to publish level, this book sets 20 in all, undertake professional classification actually according to Electromechanical industry, reflect a system adequately authority of accurate and complete, rigorous, information, practical wait for a characteristic by force, outstanding and main business is newest the high grade product that roll out, graph Wen Bingmao, be opposite for the market mechanical and electrical products is preferred purchase provide decision-making reference. This second activity will end on August 31, 2005, will hold Chinese Electromechanical industry in house of Diaoyutai state guest at the appointed time experience of 100 successful personages communicates industry of Electromechanical of 100 prize-giving ceremonies that manage elite, China meeting and " Chinese mechanical and electrical products is current total ancient bronze mirror " and " Chinese Electromechanical industry manages elite " head hairdo, national leader will visit congress to award prize, the still has relevant ministries and commissions leader that attends this second grand meeting at the same time and industry expert, scholar and social all circles are famous personage CNC Milling CNC Machining