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Ba Suo company thinks, liquid cutting tool and cutting fluid manufacturer are product maker not just, should be the offer person of comprehensive solution more. Perforative product research and development, production goes to this one concept the whole process of field sale. A high grade cutting liquid product, should raising cutting parameter, reduce cutting tool to use up, prevent a machine tool rustily, improve workpiece quality, reduce maintain cost, tutelar system safety and reduce an environment the respect such as pollution provides significant measure for the user. Want to achieve these goals, must understand the newest trends of current treatment and material technology, again and the latest technology that uses physics, chemistry and biology science, research and development gives the product that applies to all sorts of treatment requirements, make afore-mentioned index achieve optimization combination. The product that put together of fluid of Ba Suo cutting synthesizes devoir analyse to compare Ba Suo is with oneself distinctive technology satisfies afore-mentioned each field requirements: 1) is super and lubricant, raise the key of cutting function: The oily drop of accept rice class distributings equably surface of point of a knife, reduce coefficient of friction, reduce quantity of heat to generate, improve exterior quality, prolong cutting tool life significantly. 2) exceeds strong stability, need to safeguard only, need not change: Self-regulation of hardness of small emulsification structure and the physico-chemical stability that fight the ability that waste oil to make sure high pressure falls, below correct maintenance, need not change. Technology of 3) microbial balance: Beardless any antiseptic, use former unripe bacterium to grow control technology, restrain harmful bacteria, the growth with fungus and microbial other. 4) healthy environmental protection, reduce waste liquid to process charge: Buy PH is worth stabilizing agent to assure abiding neutral inside, without antiseptic, do not contain the carcinogenic substance such as nitrite absolutely. Obtain environment, health and the highest grading that bring congruent side. 5) safeguards easily: Need not professional instrument, need not any additive. Eliminate wastes oil, maintaining chroma is the only requirement that upholds daily. In addition, the another substantial of liquid tool is major advisory service, include the option of the product, more important is experience of rich technology technology, each elements that integrated machine machines, put forward first-rate parameter to combine, make product function is developed adequately, maximize the use efficiency of machine tool and cutting tool, achieve the ultimate goal that reduces integrated cost thereby. CNC Milling CNC Machining