The influence of concussion and vibration to spacing switch

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: Industrial spacing switch is used extensively at all sorts of detecting to apply with control. Spacing switch can be in the area that permits physical contact fact is existing / without detect. Should detect when an object, switch actuator movement, inside switch principal part often leave or often shut electric contact to be able to change position, realize communication thereby / of dc road connect. Arrive when installation heavy construction machinery, agricultural after equipment or solid trash handle a car to go up, the function of spacing switch will get the test of utmost. These application can produce very strong impact and vibration. These machinery and equipment want the job to be outdoor very astringent all the year round normally with dirty environment in, because this meeting gets the influence of all sorts of environment elements. Below these circumstances, the every time movement of spacing switch should maintain corresponding function and function effective and efficiently, have challenge sex very much actually. To spacing switch user, dependability, wear and security are 3 the most crucial factors. Huoniweierke offers product of rich switch of MICRO SWITCH® spacing (include burden and in carry) , in order to get used to diverse industrial application demand. These burden mechanical and electrical products can are not only astringent offer with industrial application of Yan Ke more high-powered, still can provide more safe work environment for the staff member. The impact that produces considering these machine place and oscillatory size, common spacing switch can encounter the following situation very likely: Exterior and mechanical join damages inside switch of L of breakdown of L switch contact or the pine takes off spare parts of L switch interior to produce abrasion powder to bring about switch life to shorten considerably, cause associated trouble even or switch of spacing of MICRO SWITCH® of Er of Huo Ni Wei is in the accident answer strong vibration, concussion and impact force respect to have very tall flexibility, the position that can install heavy machinery to go up to perhaps be close to very much directly normally (these positions are put in bigger power load) . These industrial spacing switch have extensive NEMA/IP to defend grade, can wait for environmental element to provide protection in the light of rain, humidity, hail and liquid splash. The design of these burden spacing switch makes its are in microtherm (freezing) fall to be able to work effectively with high temperature. Graph 1: Series of HDLS of switch of spacing of burden of MICRO SWITCH® of Er of Huo Ni Wei sees L collet and sunken head design without exception, can maintain the firm clip that carries principal part from the beginning to hold L to be used between switch principal part and electrical outlet increase model insert receive terminal to design, also can maintain electric successional L to promote type pressing plate terminal oneself below the condition such as extreme temperature, vibration and concussion, earthing terminal of L of economic wiring time (in-house) facilitate identify, every switch has the standard L that accords with relevant superintendency orgnaization 4 installing hole: Two are used at before the via that buy installs, the weather strip of double axis of whorl aperture L that the reverse side still has two to be used at postposition to install can provide additional protective function (optional carbonization matching fluorine adds up to content or weather strip of alkyl of fluorine silicon oxygen) the small chip design with unique L, ensure proper torque L uses diaphragm weather strip to regard additional safeguard L as hard usage and fight cankerous zincic head end and main body to pass phosphating, and the 303 stainless steel that have bearing of brass of agglomeration of L of annulus oxygen coating to go up operate an axis, can realize the switch of spacing of tracheal whorl burden with longer mechanical life and country of higher moving dependability L and general international to apply car of pump of cement of cement pump car to possess arm of very long join with a hinge or staff, can carry concrete common cement tank car or pump to send machine hard or the place that cannot reach. Switch of spacing of HDLS of Er of Huo Ni Wei is used at the position of bridge of check measuring staff. When lever bridge when proper take one's place, spacing switch can send a signal to operator. Heavy-duty dump truck matchs highway of blame of blame highway dump truck normally a bore with a reamer receives the n type railroad car with hind lorry or dump to fight. These lorries can encounter very strong vibration and concussion when regular job. In addition, these lorries still need to be below the extreme weather condition such as zephyr of broiling, freezing, much dirt, caustic chemical, rain the job. Switch of spacing of series of HDLS of Er of Huo Ni Wei can detect complete already perch perhaps does not have tipping bucket or packing box go up in lorry batholith. This signal can feedback to control a system, provide an instruction for lorry operator thereby. Switch of spacing of burden of Er of Huo Ni Wei (HDLS series) use modular structure, can offer head of rich actuator type, operation and circuit option. Insert form version to have very high movement rate, switch can be finished to change inside several seconds operation, can shorten considerably the shutdown of product line period. HDLS is Yan Ke indoor and / or of the ideal of a lot of application below the environment outdoor anthology. Nextpage is agricultural equipment drill is to pass a join that pull roller to arrive normally agricultural of the tractor behind, because this should bear,take the intense vibration that come and impact by tractor and dry, hard, rough whole wretched situation. Switch of spacing of industry of two GLE series can be used at monitoring drill to delimit row implement brachial position, switch of spacing of industry of another GLC series uses at monitoring pneumatic system / close position. In the process that carries drill another position from a position, ensure delimit row implement the arm is in unwanted position and shutting pneumatic system is crucial. These products passed CCC, CSA, CE and UL whole world to apply attestation. Bridge crane of harbour of harbour bridge crane is very costly equipment, once damage,cost exalted maintenance with respect to need or change charge. And, the business stop work that equipment breakdown creates also can cause the loss of on 1000 dollars. Accordingly, undertake detecting in the round appearing very important to each mechanical join of harbour bridge crane and accessory, such ability ensure efficient and accurate move with control. To the client of domain of port crane business, another important level is the security of integral dependability of the system and worker. Switch of spacing of burden of Er of Huo Ni Wei (HDLS) is usable at detecting crane cab is moving medium position. Switch of spacing of GLA series industry can be used at detecting the switch condition of all sorts of doors on crane and inside orbital runs state. Numerical control of numerical control machine tool (CNC) machine tool is tool of a kind of complex machine tool treatment, the specific task that will carry out need high accuracy and accuracy through the program that weaves beforehand (for instance spare parts and component are machined etc) . Series of 914CE of Er of Huo Ni Wei is compact model industrial spacing switch can be used at detecting all sorts of orgnaization positions inside CNC machine tool. Compact model spacing switch can be installed easily detect accordingly in order to finish in the limited space inside the machine tool the task. Switch of this series spacing offerred the actuator of whole set, include to make the same score force plunger, gyro wheel force plunger, flank to turn lever, much move an operation to wait to down-lead and hand. Conclusion is carried, the heavy equipment of processing of trash of agriculture, solid, building or industrial domain and mechanical metropolis are moved the influence with cruel ambient conditions by the extreme. We mix burden of Er of Huo Ni Wei in in carrying the vibration with spacing switch strict park and concussion to check device and regulations, the influence that its get and special when true moving condition likeness. Vibration and concussion test condition are close to real environment very much. The each part of switch of spacing of industry of Er of Huo Ni Wei or structural design are natural have taller precision, but metric sex and wear, get power with rising to function is outputted and be able to bear or endure. Huoniweier passes feeling and control solution also is very agile, can be aimed at specific norms and measure a body custom-built – provides stronger performance and longer service life for instance, be cost in order to decrease and run cost. 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