System of computerized numerical control of serial bus line

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1 preface is in all of computer science department, bus line interface has immediate effect to the function of whole system and function, concerned expert is forecasted, in below one century, serial bus line will replace collateral bus line gradually. In numerical control system, more and more close together ground combines PC technology and numerical control technology, from this and the system of has open sex PCNC numerical control of generation, replacing the numerical control system of traditional form, make the mainstream product of the market. Of structure of computer bus line change, be sure to affect the architecture of numerical control system, the application of serial bus line will change the configuration of system of existing conventional numerical control greatly. The advantage of 2 serial bus line is compared with photograph of collateral bus line, serial bus line has a lot of advantages. Serial bus line guides crural amount repeatedly little, join is simple, cost is inferior, systematic reliability is high. Serial bus line has major effect to systematic architecture, its application conduces to data shedding the implementation of computer architecture. To all of high speed computer science department, serial bus line is used more easily than collateral bus line. In collateral bus line, of transmission data individually must be in the same position inside cycle of a clock, frequency is taller, the transmission function to parts of an apparatus and circuit structure requirement are stricter, the system designs difficulty to increase, cause systematic cost to rise, dependability is reduced. Under photograph comparing, when using serial bus line, of data individually it is serial transmit. When serial bus line is designed, can embed clock signal serves as synchronous signal already, the clock that also can use Suo Xianghuan resumes pattern; Compare with photograph of collateral bus line, the transmission line effect of serial bus line allows manageability quite, reduce design difficulty and systematic cost thereby. Additional, with serial information the bag is fundamental system, do not need to write driver. Should disconnect any one interrelates line, when to complete information the bag undertakes decipher, serial bus line includes these information immigrant memory and interrupt processor, this is a kind be interrupted locally or incident. Subsequently microprocessor will examine these information packages, and do not need to have afore-mentioned jobs with driver. The system will become a kind of information to transfer a system, is not incident drive system. Periphery is serial bus line means, ) of if IEEE-1394/ front line and USB(are general serial bus line, already can apply successfully. Certain supplier prepares to use means of some kind of serial bus line to replace PCI(periphery parts of an apparatus to interrelate) systematic bus line. For example, intel company was announced Summer 1998, generation I/O(NGI/O) serial bus line can replace the PCI bus line in the PC below. To get used to the requirement of system of serial bus line, a few computer companies that pursue research of forward position technology, if MercuryComputerSystems company is studying,optical motherboard reachs the technology such as optical interface. Can expect, optical link will produce main effect in system of serial bus line. The development general situation of interface of bus line of system of 3 abroad numerical control is in industry of numerical control system, the system of 15i/16i/18i/21i series numerical control that the company of the biggest FANUC of Japan of manufacturer of numerical control system on the world rolls out recently, it is the numerical control system of configuration of a kind of serial bus line. System of this series numerical control caused attention with its unique structure, good performance. Provide 18i system among them auger cut a center to already was sold in our country. According to the data that Japanese FANUC company provides, we are with 15i system exemple undertake brief introducing. 15i system is the system of the most high-powered CNC numerical control on eye preexistence bound, can have 24 axle control at most, controallable be like,5 axes machine tool is finished aviation component, the high speed of the spare parts such as the mould, high accuracy is machined. Interpolation precision is called for 1nm(NANO interpolation) , improve add decelerate to control (FineHPCC) , get used to the requirement that high speed, high accuracy machines. System of conventional numerical control and every servo unit are joined to need a cable, systematic join is more complex. 15i system and unit of each axis servo are to pass high speed connective of serial bus line, need a cable to be able to join only 8 servo are unit. Pass a cable to be able to be linked together with I/O module additionally, i/O module is OK and patulous. Operation unit uses liquid crystal of 14 " color to display feeling screen, the machine tool operation of the user can be on feeling screen undertake, simplified greatly electric layout, whole system join is very simple, reduced cost and maintenance difficulty thereby, increased dependability and flexibility. This series product has very strong competition ability in the market, in in the near future in system of FANUCi series numerical control will replace system of FANUC0 series numerical control gradually, make the dominant product of this company. A few famous CNC systems mixed Germany 1990 servo manufacturer, for example the company such as SIEMENS, BOSCH, AMK, initiate jointly with scientific research orgnaization established SERCOS association, and formulate agreement of communication of serial real time (SerialRealTimeCommunicationSpecification) , so that be in Germany to establish a centralized CNC system and standard of digital servo interface, develop corresponding product. In April 1992, this agreement has been regarded as new German standard and international standard DIN/IEC44 by the proposal. At present this agreement has been accepted by system of European main CNC and servo manufacturer, cause what international is the same as an industry to take seriously. THOMSON company has obtained the manufacturing license of SERCOS interface hardware, production gives chip of SERCOS410AASIC of SERCOS interface controller, for CNC system and servo manufacturer the home is used. Japan also established SERCOS association 1997. Additional, a few companies of Europe already rolled out the servo that has interface of CAN bus line to control unit, throw actual application. The current situation of 4 our country and countermeasure are on our country market, system of foreign numerical control still takes regnant place, system of conventional numerical control still is holding the majority share of the market, chinese market becomes his the dumping ground of backward technology and inventory. Although China Ⅰ , spaceflight Ⅰ , China in Ⅰ wait for PCNC system to be rolled out in succession, but the frame that overall design still did not cast off system of conventional numerical control, cost is higher, still replace the market position of system of conventional numerical control hard at present. But apply mediumly in numerical control system as PC and network technology, system of conventional numerical control will be provided inevitably more system of competitive computerized numerical control of serial bus line (SCNC) place is replaced. System of computerized numerical control of serial bus line will make the way that future of numerical control system develops, the height that should cause us to the research of construction of system of serial bus line takes seriously. On the basics that learns digestive abroad advanced technique, study as soon as possible, establish concerned standard and agreement, select applicable real time operating system, develop chip of corresponding numerical control software, serial interface and servo, roll out the system of new generation numerical control of our country own copyright, to share an international market competition lays next good material foundations. 5 last words are serial system of bus line computerized numerical control (the development direction that SCNC) is numerical control system, we cannot count foreign import completely, should strengthen the research of pair of new technologies, new method. Domestic person of the same trade answers solidarity, joint efforts, combine relevant trade, seek progress, revitalize industry of system of our country numerical control. CNC Milling CNC Machining