Transducer of use high pressure solves the problem in production

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The sources of energy of second birth of Shanghai old harbor uses a center 3000t of rubbish of daily processing city life, the flue gas processing system with advanced form a complete set and generate electricity equipment, it is one of facilities of the Asia's oldest life rubbish processing, also be one of establishment with environmental protection top demand. Project in August 2010 start working is built, built in May 2013 and investment tries move. After project put into production, be in year of processing life rubbish 1 million T while, year electricenergy production can be achieved about 2.

500 million degrees, year online n makes an appointment with 200 million degrees. The slag after rubbish burns will undertake integrated recycle, if fill,bury enclothe material and make brick and shop roadbed wait. Craft of circular water pump is in system of circular water pump, circular water pump realizes the loop of water natural resources to use, the hot water that condenser exports enters cooling tower, after abide waterlocked quantity of heat delivers air temperature to reduce, condenser is entered to undertake low-pressure crock discharges steam cooling after having pressure via promotion of circular water pump again, because systematic water level is basic stable, the lift of reason loop water pump is stabilized basically also, circulate that is to say the power consumption that the volume that water pump water measures decided circular water pump. Because unit negative charge reachs external environment change, vacuum also is changing ceaselessly, because this needs to adjust circular water amount in time, make sure aircrew is safe and economic ground moves. When winter moves normally, low speed of water pump of a loop runs the cooling need of full contented already set; It is however below the case with the season with big change of difference in temperature and bear big change, although circular water pump has tall with low double fast adjust means, but unwarrantable aircrew moves below economic means, cause a factory to be led with report tall, generate electricity cost is high, because this is necessary,undertake frequency conversion adjust to water pump. Use high-pressured transducer basis to need actually to undertake timing to electromotor of circular water pump, adjust then the volume that water pump cooling water measures, can reduce the power of electromotor namely, can achieve goal of pilot of the most advantageous vacuum again, assure already thereby and improve generation set operating conditions, can achieve again energy-saving fall the effect of bad news. Use electric rate to reduce a plant, decrease generate electricity cost, the sources of energy of second birth of Shanghai old harbor uses a center to decide to the power plant water pump of a loop is added transducer of AS800 series high pressure is amounted to when outfit is new (graph 1) , in order to achieve the run mode with efficient economy. Used in this project new when amount to transducer of AS800 series high pressure 13, among them fan pump of 4 stage, water supply water pump of 6 stage, loops 3. Fission filled to reveal transducer of AS800 high pressure to go up in power industry fan, water pump in this project apply a characteristic. Graph 1 new when amount to system of transducer of transducer of AS800 series high pressure to configure the operating mode demand according to spot load, exit considering transducer production is not affected after moving, ensure the system works normally, the system needs to configure labour frequency bypass, when transducer occurrence breakdown, cast electromotor cut labour frequency next moving. Plan of one automatic bypass applies to lug requirement operation is convenient, or transducer moves in frequency conversion when, the lug that OK and automatic switch goes to labour frequency after breakdown one operating mode. 3 contactor installation is in bypass ark, do not output end to turn over power transmission to transducer to ensure, KM2 and KM3 realize lock of natural and mechanical each other. Close when KM1, KM2, when KM3 disconnects, electric machinery moves in frequency conversion condition; Disconnect when KM1, KM2, when KM3 closes, dynamoelectric mechanic frequency moves (graph 2) . Transducer of AS800 high pressure has characteristic of the following technology: The good momentum of ● machinery: The part of Gao Cixie wave that in exporting electricity, contains is extremely small, the consequence of the system of countershaft of pulsatile moment of force that produces from this is negligible not plan, reduced electromotor shake; A variety of ● curves choose a function: Transducer of AS800 series high pressure controls mode to fall in VF but the different character with laden basis, offer a variety of curve algorithm to ask in order to get used to different and laden craft; Frequency conversion of ● high pressure must satisfy load of spot water pump to ask, and the need that trends answers fast apply the brake to move; ● adjusts the rotate speed of electromotor to adjust water amount with transducer, the power that makes electromotor is outputted and water capacity demand basically concern into direct ratio, make electromotor efficient from beginning to end the job, in order to achieve clear section report result; ● system has automata bypass cabinet, can provide sufficient contact to configure the work station before furnace; ● system has frequency conversion and labour frequency 2 control loop, have function of odd module bypass, increase transducer redundant ability; ● makes electromotor starts with the electric current when to load gently rise, without any concussion; Can make electromotor implementation soft stop, avoid to give birth to the harm that electric current causes instead, be helpful for prolonging the service life of equipment; ● through moving photograph commutate transformer restrained net side to input harmonic electric current greatly, through unit of power of multistage H bridge the means of cascade realizes voltage overlay, get nearly perfect high-pressured sine wave is outputted, but electromotor of direct drive high pressure, need not add install any filter; ● is in as a result of electromotor efficient move below condition, power factor is higher, reduced without work loss, managing a large number of electric energy. Graph department of 2 frequency conversion unites loop application effect to analyse managing the sources of energy. Water pump of transducer pilot fan and water pump of traditional pilot fan are compared, managing the sources of energy is the most practical, according to spot raw material the quantity wants the rotate speed that begs water pump of circumstance adjustment fan is moving condition of economy. Moving cost is reduced. The moving cost of traditional fan water pump comprises by 3: Purchase cost, maintain cost and energy cost. Among them 60% what energy cost occupies fan water pump to run cost about. Pass energy cost reduce, the to equipment concussion after starting plus frequency conversion decreases, safeguard and maintain a quantity to also follow reduce, so moving cost will be reduced greatly. Prolong the service life of fan water pump. Transducer starts fan water pump from 0Hz, its start quicken time to be able to be adjusted, lessen the to fan water pump electric equipment component when starting and the impact that mechanical component causes thereby, enhance systematic dependability, make the service life of water pump is lengthened. In addition, the electric current when frequency conversion control can reduce aircrew to start is fluctuant, this one fluctuant electric current meets those who affect electrified wire netting and other facility use phone, transducer can reduce the peak value of starting electric current effectively lowermost rate. Reduce equipment noise. According to the operating mode requirement of fan water pump, after frequency control is transformed, speed of electric machinery movement is decelerated apparently, because this is effective,the ground reduced the noise when fan water pump moves. Energy-saving benefit explains. The moving circumstance according to the spot is analysed, the spot adds frequency conversion use n photograph to compare with what do not add frequency conversion with n, fractional energy savings is in 20% above, bring enormous economic benefits to the user. Article origin: New when amount to electric CNC Milling CNC Machining