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The horizontal machining center that StarragHeckert company produces " HEC 500 D XXL " have very tall dynamic property. To complete the treatment of machine of gelatinize of high-power edge horn, a company that is located in Lemgo used the machining center that two StarragHeckert company produces. The automation system that these two machining center and Liebherr company provide is compositive for an organic whole, reduced cost significantly. The Brandt that comes from Lemgo cuts frontier technology limited company to devote oneself to to offer opportunity of edge horn gelatinize for medium and small businesses, already became in this domain worldwide the leader inside, its client covered handicraft industry and upholstery industry. The partner concern structure that enterprise interior such as relies on employee to participate in a model for a long time to wait develops in the company positive effect was produced in the process. Technical manager Mr Carsten Fuessel of Brandt company (graph 1) say: "Product suitable scope and the machine tool that are about to beg us to the extremely high level of quality respect must have the high quality process capability that contrasts economy. " end in November 2007, this company already provided two StarragHeckert company " CWK 400 " model machining center, configured library of knife of rotary table type for its. Mr Fuessel says: "So far, these two machining center still can satisfy the requirement of precision respect, but the standard that cannot continue to reach automation side however. " the treatment precision of efficiency of the maneuverability that producing flow considering these two machining center, production, be convinced making a person and the shorter dominant position that change the aspect such as knife time, fuessel company decides to continue to order two to StrarragHeckert company " HEC 500 D XXL " (the problem pursues) machine tool. Like their elder, these two machine tools can machine steel to solder character structural part and cast-iron spare parts (graph 2) . These two machine tools can satisfy a week a day of 5 day, 3 production are arranged. Mr Fuessel says: "Our target is additional arrangement an order has production. In addition, we still provided the rotary table system of an automation, the raw material that can end outfit clip is carried to machine tool tray, and treatment ending component is taken away. " production is in charge of Mr Manfred Kintzen (graph 1) compensatory say: "Because this covers automation solution to be able to reduce auxiliary time in order to reduce total cost, because this can improve manufacturing efficiency. " graph 1: The panel member that carries out automation solution successfully (right case) : Mr Kai Diekmann that origanization construction of socioeconomic of Kai Diekmann of program of Manfred Kintzen of director of CTO Carsten Fuessel, production, production is in charge of producing a program (graph 1) say: "The purpose that order produces is undertake edge horn gelatinize as far as possible directly on machining center the treatment of each component on machine and install beforehand. Demand of means of this kind of treatment is higher flexible, and the automation treatment technology that we use a kind of development is able to carry out. " Mr Fuessel says: "That is to say, we need a kind solid, the raw material that mounts clip and operation easily. " want raw material to mount clip, operation easily really only, so its outfit clip is put again on clamping apparatus go up in machine tool tray. Prepare ending machine tool tray to will put Liebherr company to offer so " PHS " the preparation in tray processing system is versed in (graph 3) classy wait for extraction. The automatic processing system of machine tool tray included a tray to carry a car (graph 4) . Graph 2: Edge orgnaization is cut in what install on machine of gelatinize of KDF-420 edge horn. The orgnaization that cut a margin completes treatment by the machining center of HEC 500 D XXL of StarragHeckert company. Mr Fuessel claims: "We decide to use " PHS-1500 " systematic reason is this system and us former methodical strategy special be identical. Liebherr company has very rich experience in automation technology respect, and they provided the tray processing system of an open mode. " advocate the stock that the server will be in charge of handling machining center of two HEC 500 D XXL and Liebherr tray processing system to go up in working station sheds control. What need if see,by Soflex manufacturing control limited company is offerred. This company is in charge of installing the name is Soflex-PCS (production controls a system) software. Mr Fuessel emphasizes saying: "This Soflex-PCS software came true modular. People needs to press only need to choose corresponding module, can organize thereby more optimize the pull current Cheng with economy. Soflex-PCS can offer the automation to produce flow to control the solution that unites continuously. Our system will be in charge of the carriage of workpiece, will manage existing machine tool tray according to already loading the clamping apparatus of clip, raw material and semi-manufactured goods at present. " of this system advocate the server is in charge of providing manufacturing data, to workpiece or clamping apparatus has an organization, and automation production begins on the machine tool. Farther function still includes order government to take up till the machine tool the imitate of rate and detailed program. Graph 3: Be versed in in preparation on, tray management system will finish pair of machine tool tray take put. Mr Fuessel emphasizes point out: "We did not encounter the problem of interface respect, because was located in the StrarragHeckert company of Chemnitz to consider the real case of average company when having investment,this basically is, and offerred the package solution such as machining center and system of Liebherr tray management. The outstanding project that the experts that what here I should emphasize is Chemnitz have carries out ability. This project is able to carry out according to the plan really. Installation process is very successful also. Actually, we experienced brief getaway only level. To November 2007 portion we are OK undertake when will be used in two machine tools of exchange selling. Finished what buy a machine tool newly to receive on November 19, 2007. To the end of March, we had finished many 500 treatment to control a process on this machine tool. Since April we begin to use machining center of these two HEC 500 D XXL to undertake the treatment of all sorts of spare partses is produced. " Nextpage pursues 4: Knife library car can come true to be taken automatically put machine tool bit. Even if deposit in the corner or the bit with very small position can be found by knife library car. Technology of efficient manufacturing technology automation can improve the manufacturing efficiency that machines flow effectively, can ensure the high quality that machines a process, and the diaphaneity that can improve whole technological process. The application of automation technology still can reduce production apparently space and be on the move of flow take up. The people of Lemgo passes the warehouse of knife of rotary table type that uses machining center of two HEC 500 D XXL and Liebherr to undertake transforming to processing unit, achieved above the achievement of these economy respects. The bracket of this machine tool is as long as 18.

15 meters, wide amount to 3.

20 meters, can hold 30 work. To avoid to a string of 1 with existing dragon door type brachial happening is interfered, be as high as 6.

1 meter, the tool carrier that can accommodate 3 cutting tool at the same time needs to deepen in bottom position 1.

25 meters (graph 4) . Of two machining center cover an area of an area to all do not exceed 20 square metre. Machining center of horizontal of these two HEC 500 D XXL has taller dynamic property, the diameter that defy a turn achieved 1000 millimeter, tray is the biggest load is 800 kilograms and can realize fast feed. All drive axes all deployed digital servo electric machinery, fast feed speed achieved 100 meters / cent, acceleration achieved 10 meters / second square. The power of electric machinery arbor achieved 37 kilowatt, and stock 60 kilowatt are optional. Accordingly, these two machining center can undertake to light qualitative metal, cast, steel structure and difficult cutting material high accuracy is machined. Highest the fixed position precision that can amount to 7 micron can ensure the precision of IT5 class asks. Mr Diekmann emphasizes saying: "Compare with the photograph of the diameter that defy a turn of the 300 millimeter of old model CWK400, the bigger diameter that defy a turn can increase the carrying capacity of tray and clamp capacity, can process greater work not only, still can install the clamping apparatus with bigger clip, also can hold clip at the same time more workpiece. Can win longer tray working hours and shorter auxiliary time from this. Our clamping apparatus is one-time can install clip to amount to 20 workpiece. " graph 5: Machining center provided 4 knives library, every knife library can deposit 80 cutting tool at most. Market manager Mr Kintzen says: "Besides high accuracy treatment, the stability of run mode of automation machine tool and reliability are very fundamental also. " the structure of machining center of HEC 500 D XXL can provide the evidence that has conviction very much. For example, cast-iron lathe bed can absorb vibration well. Two guide screw are used at drive Z axis. Coaxial decorates break bits implement and perpendicular those who move cut bits to guide groove ensured in wet with process of dry type cutting in that fast trouble-free eduction cuts bits. Clear besides cutting outside orgnaization and cooling orgnaization, machining center still deployed axis of snail of loop of slideway, ball and displacement coder, the horniness metal that and use need not maintain tries to protect. The cooling pipeline of machining center interior can bear the pressure of 80bar, can ensure work stands thereby taller cutting is laden, still can getting when cut and attacking whorl, seasonable eduction cuts bits. Automation moves in principal is workpiece and cutting tool are fast, reliable carry. Hydraulic pressure converter can be in 9.

The transition of tray is completed inside 5 seconds. Mr Fuessel says: "When tray run time is longer, especially the manufacturing number that unmanned value defends, we can be arranged beforehand in knife library 2 times even the cutting tool of 3 times. Accordingly, machining center of our HEC 500 D XXL provided library of 4 chain knife (graph 5) , every knife library can accommodate 80 cutting tool and its HSK-A63 blade holder. " among them adjacent of photograph of library of 3 chain knife is decorated. Library of the 4th knife and other 3 knives library is opposite, decorate in machining center on the right side of. Such decorating make its distance changes a knife implement Lu Jin is the the shortest, fastest. Differ somewhat with library of other chain knife, this knife library can provide requires cutting tool according to machining the requirement of craft. The different weight of tool cutting tool, the time holding clip of two machining center can be achieved 2.

2 to 3.

5 seconds. Mr Fuessel sums up: "The tray of two machining center and Liebherr company carried systematic PHS1500 to realize the demand that we make beforehand together, cost of the workpiece inside the limits that plans in implementation namely is reduced, return the manufacturing order that can implement unmanned value to defend in the future. Return the manufacturing order that can implement unmanned value to defend in the future.. CNC Milling CNC Machining