Machining center changes knife function and process designing automatically

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Machining center changes knife function automatically is to pass manipulator (change knife orgnaization automatically) with the concerned control of numerical control system the instruction is finished. Change knife course: Hold a knife, pick a knife, change a knife 1.

The process that change a knife (1) holds a knife: Cutting tool loads knife library optional means of knife of blade holder outfit. Cutting tool finds a place for inside the blade holder in random, need to be in this cutting tool blade holder date to be written down. Fixed blade holder fits knife pattern. Cutting tool finds a place for inside the blade holder in set. (2) chooses a knife to single out the operation that appoints cutting tool from inside knife library. 1) order picks a knife: The order that the means that pick a knife asks to press process (namely cutting tool uses order) find a place for cutting tool in blade holder, cutting tool presses when using find a place for ordinal one by one is taken with, in former blade holder of the replace after using. 2) picks a knife at will: Encode of ① blade holder picks a knife: To knife library each blade holder codes, put as corresponding as blade holder encode cutting tool into designation blade holder one by one, with the address T points out cutting tool is in blade holder encode when process designing. Inside the memory that ② computer recalls date of the cutting tool that pick a knife and memory of the position that put a knife or ground of correspondence of blade holder date to may make up Cheng controller in the memory of the computer, cutting tool deposits address change, computer memory also is changed subsequently. Detect of the position in knife library device, cutting tool can be taken out arbitrarily, random remands. (The cutting tool that 3) changes knife 1) main shaft to go up and knife library are waited for mediumly changing cutting tool is optional blade holder. Knife library → chooses knife → to arrive change a knife → manipulator takes out cutting tool → to load main shaft, the cutting tool that gets off main shaft at the same time is loaded need the blade holder that changes cutting tool. The cutting tool on 2) main shaft is put in fixed blade holder, wait for changing cutting tool is optional blade holder or fixed blade holder. The process that pick a knife is Alexandrine, cutting tool gets off to remand from main shaft when changing a knife when knife library, knife library should turn beforehand the seat that receives main shaft cutting tool. The cutting tool on 3) main shaft is optional blade holder, wait for changing cutting tool is fixed blade holder. Pick a knife Alexandrine, an empty knife that sends to recently from the cutting tool that main shaft gets off. 2.

The work out that changes knife course automatically (1) changes knife action (instruction) : Pick a knife (T × × ) ; Change a knife (M06) (2) choosing knife and change a knife to undertake apart normally. (3) is raise machine tool utilization rate, choose knife movement and coincide of movement of machine tool treatment. (Before 4) changes a knife to dictate M06 is having the block of cutting treatment with new cutting tool, and after the next chooses constant follow closely of knife instruction T to change a knife to dictate in this. (5) changes knife spot: Regulation of most machining center is in axis of machine tool Z at 0 o'clock (Z0) , before the requirement is changing a knife, with preparation the function dictates (G28) make main shaft returns Z0 dot automatically. (Does 6) change knife process: ? After × of the × that embrace Jian dictates pick a knife automatically instantly, make the cutting tool of pitch on is in the position that change a knife, receive movement of the manipulator after M06 dictates, the cutting tool that gets on main shaft on one hand gets off remand knife library, take the cutting tool of the position that change a knife an outfit to arrive on main shaft again on the other hand, implementation changes a knife. (7) changes a knife main shaft of 1) of to program method returns reference point and knife library to choose a knife to undertake at the same time, after choosing good cutting tool, undertake changing a knife. ... axis of N02 G28 Z0 T02 Z is answered 0, pick T02 date knife; N03 M06 changes T02 date knife... defect: When the time that pick a knife is more than a zero time, need holds machine choosing knife. 2) is answered in Z axis 0 good knife is picked before changing a knife... linear interpolation of N10 G01 X_ Y_ Z_ F_ T02, choose axis of N11 G28 Z0 M06 Z of T02 date knife to answer 0, change T02 date knife... linear interpolation of N20 G01 Z_ F_ T03, choose N30 G02 X_ Y_ I_ J_ F_ of T03 date knife to arrange machining center of some of 3) of circular arc interpolation (TH5632) the program that change a knife and go up to differ slightly... linear interpolation of N10 G01 X_ Y_ Z_ F_ T02, pick T02 date knife... axis of N30 G28 Z0 T03 M06 Z is answered 0, change T02 date knife, choose interpolation of circular arc of N40 G00 Z1N50 G02 X_ Y_ I_ J_ F_ of T03 date knife... note: To horizontal machining center, the G28 Z0 of the program should be G28 Y0 above. CNC Milling CNC Machining